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{ fetchurl, stdenv }:
stdenv.mkDerivation rec {
name = "libiconv-1.13.1";
src = fetchurl {
url = "mirror://gnu/libiconv/${name}.tar.gz";
sha256 = "0jcsjk2g28bq20yh7rvbn8xgq6q42g8dkkac0nfh12b061l638sm";
# On Cygwin, Libtool produces a `.dll.a', which is not a "real" DLL
# (Windows' linker would need to be used somehow to produce an actual
# DLL.) Thus, build the static library too, and this is what Gettext
# will actually use.
configureFlags = stdenv.lib.optional stdenv.isCygwin [ "--enable-static" ];
meta = {
description = "GNU libiconv, an iconv(3) implementation";
longDescription = ''
Some programs, like mailers and web browsers, must be able to convert
between a given text encoding and the user's encoding. Other programs
internally store strings in Unicode, to facilitate internal processing,
and need to convert between internal string representation (Unicode)
and external string representation (a traditional encoding) when they
are doing I/O. GNU libiconv is a conversion library for both kinds of
homepage =;
license = "LGPLv2+";
maintainers = [ stdenv.lib.maintainers.ludo ];
# This library is not needed on GNU platforms.
platforms = [ "i686-cygwin" ];
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