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{ stdenv, fetchurl, gettext, emacs }:
stdenv.mkDerivation rec {
name = "cflow-1.4";
src = fetchurl {
url = "mirror://gnu/cflow/${name}.tar.bz2";
sha256 = "1jkbq97ajcf834z68hbn3xfhiz921zhn39gklml1racf0kb3jzh3";
patchPhase = ''
substituteInPlace "src/cflow.h" \
--replace "/usr/bin/cpp" \
"$(cat ${stdenv.gcc}/nix-support/orig-gcc)/bin/cpp"
buildInputs = [ gettext ] ++
# We don't have Emacs/GTK/etc. on {Dar,Cyg}win.
(! (stdenv.lib.lists.any (x: stdenv.system == x)
[ "i686-cygwin" ]))
doCheck = true;
meta = {
description = "GNU cflow, a tool to analyze the control flow of C programs";
longDescription = ''
GNU cflow analyzes a collection of C source files and prints a
graph, charting control flow within the program.
GNU cflow is able to produce both direct and inverted flowgraphs
for C sources. Optionally a cross-reference listing can be
generated. Two output formats are implemented: POSIX and GNU
The package also provides Emacs major mode for examining the
produced flowcharts in Emacs.
license = "GPLv3+";
homepage =;
maintainers = [ stdenv.lib.maintainers.ludo ];
/* On Darwin, build fails with:
Undefined symbols:
"_argp_program_version", referenced from:
_argp_program_version$non_lazy_ptr in libcflow.a(argp-parse.o)
ld: symbol(s) not found
platforms = stdenv.lib.platforms.linux;
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