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# This jobset defines the main NixOS channels (such as nixos-unstable
# and nixos-14.04). The channel is updated every time the ‘tested’ job
# succeeds, and all other jobs have finished (they may fail).
{ nixpkgs ? { outPath = (import ../lib).cleanSource ./..; revCount = 56789; shortRev = "gfedcba"; }
, stableBranch ? false
, supportedSystems ? [ "x86_64-linux" ]
, limitedSupportedSystems ? [ "i686-linux" "aarch64-linux" ]
nixpkgsSrc = nixpkgs; # urgh
pkgs = import ./.. {};
removeMaintainers = set: if builtins.isAttrs set
then if (set.type or "") == "derivation"
then set // { meta = builtins.removeAttrs (set.meta or {}) [ "maintainers" ]; }
else pkgs.lib.mapAttrs (n: v: removeMaintainers v) set
else set;
allSupportedNixpkgs = builtins.removeAttrs (removeMaintainers (import ../pkgs/top-level/release.nix {
supportedSystems = supportedSystems ++ limitedSupportedSystems;
nixpkgs = nixpkgsSrc;
})) [ "unstable" ];
in rec {
nixos = removeMaintainers (import ./release.nix {
inherit stableBranch;
supportedSystems = supportedSystems ++ limitedSupportedSystems;
nixpkgs = nixpkgsSrc;
nixpkgs = builtins.removeAttrs (removeMaintainers (import ../pkgs/top-level/release.nix {
inherit supportedSystems;
nixpkgs = nixpkgsSrc;
})) [ "unstable" ];
tested = pkgs.lib.hydraJob (pkgs.releaseTools.aggregate {
name = "nixos-${}";
meta = {
description = "Release-critical builds for the NixOS channel";
maintainers = with pkgs.lib.maintainers; [ eelco fpletz ];
constituents =
# Except for the given systems, return the system-specific constituent
except = systems: x: map (system: x.${system}) (pkgs.lib.subtractLists systems supportedSystems);
all = x: except [] x;
in [
(all nixos.dummy)
(all nixos.manual)
nixos.iso_graphical.x86_64-linux or []
nixos.iso_minimal.aarch64-linux or []
nixos.iso_minimal.i686-linux or []
nixos.iso_minimal.x86_64-linux or []
nixos.ova.x86_64-linux or []
nixos.sd_image.aarch64-linux or []
#(all nixos.tests.containers)
(all nixos.tests.containers-imperative)
(all nixos.tests.containers-ip)
nixos.tests.chromium.x86_64-linux or []
(all nixos.tests.firefox)
(all nixos.tests.firewall)
(all nixos.tests.fontconfig-default-fonts)
(all nixos.tests.gnome3-xorg)
(all nixos.tests.gnome3)
(all nixos.tests.pantheon)
nixos.tests.installer.zfsroot.x86_64-linux or [] # ZFS is 64bit only
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.lvm)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.luksroot)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.separateBoot)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.separateBootFat)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.simple)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.simpleLabels)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.simpleProvided)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.simpleUefiSystemdBoot)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.swraid)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.btrfsSimple)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.btrfsSubvols)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.installer.btrfsSubvolDefault)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.boot.biosCdrom)
#(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.boot.biosUsb) # disabled due to issue #15690
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.boot.uefiCdrom)
(except ["aarch64-linux"] nixos.tests.boot.uefiUsb)
(all nixos.tests.boot-stage1)
(all nixos.tests.hibernate)
nixos.tests.docker.x86_64-linux or []
(all nixos.tests.ecryptfs)
(all nixos.tests.env)
(all nixos.tests.ipv6)
(all nixos.tests.i3wm)
# 2018-06-06: keymap tests temporarily removed from tested job
# since non-deterministic failure are blocking the channel (#41538)
#(all nixos.tests.keymap.azerty)
#(all nixos.tests.keymap.colemak)
#(all nixos.tests.keymap.dvorak)
#(all nixos.tests.keymap.dvp)
#(all nixos.tests.keymap.neo)
#(all nixos.tests.keymap.qwertz)
(all nixos.tests.plasma5)
(all nixos.tests.lightdm)
(all nixos.tests.login)
(all nixos.tests.misc)
(all nixos.tests.mutableUsers)
(all nixos.tests.nat.firewall)
(all nixos.tests.nat.firewall-conntrack)
(all nixos.tests.nat.standalone)
(all nixos.tests.networking.scripted.loopback)
(all nixos.tests.networking.scripted.static)
(all nixos.tests.networking.scripted.dhcpSimple)
(all nixos.tests.networking.scripted.dhcpOneIf)
(all nixos.tests.networking.scripted.bridge)
(all nixos.tests.networking.scripted.macvlan)
(all nixos.tests.networking.scripted.sit)
(all nixos.tests.networking.scripted.vlan)
(all nixos.tests.nfs3.simple)
(all nixos.tests.nfs4.simple)
(all nixos.tests.openssh)
(all nixos.tests.php-pcre)
(all nixos.tests.predictable-interface-names.predictable)
(all nixos.tests.predictable-interface-names.unpredictable)
(all nixos.tests.predictable-interface-names.predictableNetworkd)
(all nixos.tests.predictable-interface-names.unpredictableNetworkd)
(all nixos.tests.printing)
(all nixos.tests.proxy)
(all nixos.tests.sddm.default)
(all nixos.tests.simple)
(all nixos.tests.switchTest)
(all nixos.tests.udisks2)
(all nixos.tests.xfce)
(all allSupportedNixpkgs.emacs)
# The currently available aarch64 JDK is unfree
(except ["aarch64-linux"] allSupportedNixpkgs.jdk)
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