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rPackages.littler: fix build (#51282)

littler gives a wrapped called `r` (or `lr` for non-case-preserving
systems like Darwin) which works as shebang or pipe target.

The build was completely broken before (missing deps).

Symlink executables and manpage into standard locations so that this
packages also works in `environment.systemPackages`.
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ckauhaus authored and peti committed Dec 6, 2018
1 parent 015b2b1 commit 3b445042ac00fb28aa0a74568a2c30f65afde807
Showing with 12 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +12 −0 pkgs/development/r-modules/default.nix
@@ -950,6 +950,18 @@ let
preConfigure = "patchShebangs configure";
littler = old.littler.overrideAttrs (attrs: with pkgs; {
buildInputs = [ pcre lzma zlib bzip2 icu which ] ++ attrs.buildInputs;
postInstall = ''
install -d $out/bin $out/share/man/man1
ln -s ../library/littler/bin/r $out/bin/r
ln -s ../library/littler/bin/r $out/bin/lr
ln -s ../../../library/littler/man-page/r.1 $out/share/man/man1
# these won't run without special provisions, so better remove them
rm -r $out/library/littler/script-tests

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