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release-notes: document buildGoModule changes better.

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Mic92 committed May 20, 2020
1 parent f26e514 commit a4096f57b30162450468803322a98ad4b678efd3
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@@ -128,8 +128,16 @@ services.mysql.initialScript = pkgs.writeText "mariadb-init.sql" ''
The go-modules builder now uses vendorSha256 instead of modSha256 to pin
fetched version data. This is currently a warning, but will be removed in the next release.
<literal>buildGoModule</literal> now internally creates a vendor directory
in the source tree for downloaded modules instead of using go's <link
proxy protocol</link>. This storage format is simpler and therefore less
likekly to break with future versions of go. As a result
<literal>buildGoModule</literal> switched from
<literal>vendorSha256</literal> to the <literal>modSha256</literal>
attribute to pin fetched version data. <literal>buildGoModule</literal>
still accepts <literal>modSha256</literal> with a warning, but support will
be removed in the next release.

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