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Issue description

I would like to use gnome-setings-daemon under i3. I have the full gnome environment installed, but when I run gnome-settings-daemon, I get a command not found error. Why is this binary not on the PATH? In other distributions it is on the non-standard path /usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon, might this have something to do with it?

Steps to reproduce

Install gnome-settings-daemon and try running it from a terminal.

Technical details

  • System: 17.03pre98383.7ee897a (Gorilla)
rvl commented Jan 21, 2017

I use the xmonad window manager, and the way I get gnome-settings-daemon to start is by selecting the "gnome3 + xmonad" session in slim display manager.

You may be able to achieve a similar result with i3.

I have these settings:

services.xserver = {
  windowManager.xmonad.enable = true;
  windowManager.default = "xmonad";
  desktopManager.default = "none";
  desktopManager.gnome3.enable = true;

At login time, I press F1 to cycle through sessions and make sure "gnome3 + xmonad" is selected.

Furthermore, in my xmonad.hs I must make a DBus call to register with the GNOME Session Manager. i3 may already do this however.

siddharthist commented Jan 21, 2017 edited

@rvl Thank you for the tips! I've figured out a good workflow with xfce + i3, but I appreciate your advice.

I'll leave this open since the original question is still valid, although my use case has been satisfied.

rvl commented Jan 21, 2017

If you need gnome-settings-daemon, setup your xsession startup script with nix (pkgs.writeScriptBin) and refer to it as ${pkgs.gnome3.gnome_settings_daemon}/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon.

I would consider gnome-settings-daemon to be an internal component of GNOME, not a user program.


@rvl Fair enough!

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