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Python batch upgrade

Updated Jan 15, 2021

Project to keep track of PR's that should be included in the next batch update.

CommonMark Docs

Updated Jan 19, 2021

Tracking work on converting the manual to Commonmark per RFC 72.


Updated Jan 4, 2021

Our effort to make Nix reproducible.



Updated Nov 16, 2020

This is meant to track progress of large rebuild changes which affect the stable release.

CMake breakage

Updated Dec 22, 2020

Track broken packages from misuse of CMake. Especially broken paths in config files. See


Updated May 12, 2020

No description

GNOME 3.38

Updated Dec 4, 2020

Tasks needed to be completed/tracked to integrate GNOME 3.38.

Static builds

Updated Mar 29, 2020

No description

Python 2 deprecation

Updated Jan 21, 2021

Tasks related to the Python 2.7 EOL

This typically entails:

  • 2 to 3 migration
  • dropping of expressions

Staging (stable)

Updated Jan 21, 2021

Board to manage PR's that target staging branch of a stable release.

For example


Updated Jan 23, 2021

Board to manage PR's that target staging and/or staging-next.

NixOS on ARM

Updated Aug 19, 2019

AArch64, armv7l and armv6l issues tracking.

Track platform integration issues, and native build issues. Track cross-compilation elsewhere, please. Thanks.


Updated Jan 6, 2021

Moving from some homegrown things to native systemd features, and tracking of systemd-specific bugs in NixOS


Updated Oct 24, 2020

Tracking PRs and issues that effect Pantheon.

Contact points are @worldofpeace and GNOME maintainers where there's crossover.

Meson breakages

Updated Aug 22, 2020

No description

Picking up garbage

Updated Sep 10, 2020

Let’s get rid of old and unmaintained software


Updated Apr 29, 2019

Accessibility project


Updated Feb 19, 2018

riscv support for nixpkgs/NixOS


Updated Dec 29, 2020

Tracking PRs and issues that effect GNOME.

Contact point is @NixOS/gnome


Updated Dec 26, 2018

All things needed to make Wayland a first class citizen on NixOS.

Deterministic builds

Updated Oct 14, 2019

Let's get more of our builds producing bit-for-bit identical outputs

Progress reporting

Updated Feb 27, 2018

Nix 2.0 has amazing new progress reporting support. In this project we track issues to support it.

Cross compilation

Updated Sep 18, 2018

There's already a label for cross-compilation, and a milestone for 18.03, and I've triaged which issues I hope to see fixed by then. But left unwritten in a centralized manner is how I hope those issues will be resolved.

Issues relating to converting a binary build into a source build. Generally because source builds tend to require a bootstrap or be somewhat gnarly.

Amazing images

Updated Dec 31, 2017

Revamping and consolidating all our various image-building machinery to minimize duplication and spread benefits.


Updated Dec 17, 2020

Make Nix awesome on Darwin! Our goal is to make macOS and iOS systems (collectively referred to as Darwin) a first-class citizen on Nixpkgs.


Updated Oct 29, 2020

No description