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prometheus-xmpp-alerts: 0.4.2 -> 0.5.1; apply RFC 42 #100274

merged 2 commits into from May 18, 2021


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@hax404 hax404 commented Oct 11, 2020

Motivation for this change

Fix 500s that come back when the alertmanager sends alerts

prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]: ERROR    Error handling request
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]: Traceback (most recent call last):
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]:   File "/nix/store/nlvjjvb9471dbpdj8fhdih0ak90cq9d9-python3.8-aiohttp-3.6.2/lib/python3.8/site-packages/aiohttp/", line 418, in start
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]:     resp = await task
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]:   File "/nix/store/nlvjjvb9471dbpdj8fhdih0ak90cq9d9-python3.8-aiohttp-3.6.2/lib/python3.8/site-packages/aiohttp/", line 458, in _handle
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]:     resp = await handler(request)
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]:   File "/nix/store/n2axls35979gx2aqdfnl0yafnrffl100-prometheus-xmpp-alerts-0.4.2/bin/.prometheus-xmpp-alerts-wrapped", line 141, in serve_alert
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]:     text = '\n--\n'.join(create_message_full(alert))
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]:   File "/nix/store/n2axls35979gx2aqdfnl0yafnrffl100-prometheus-xmpp-alerts-0.4.2/lib/python3.8/site-packages/prometheus_xmpp/", line 57, in create_message_full
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]:     alert['annotations']['summary'],
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]: KeyError: 'summary'
prometheus-xmpp-alerts[30888]: INFO     ::1 [11/Oct/2020:20:18:38 +0000] "POST /alert HTTP/1.1" 500 244 "-" "Alertmanager/0.21.0"
Things done
  • Tested using sandboxing (nix.useSandbox on NixOS, or option sandbox in nix.conf on non-NixOS linux)
  • Built on platform(s)
    • NixOS
    • macOS
    • other Linux distributions
  • Tested via one or more NixOS test(s) if existing and applicable for the change (look inside nixos/tests)
  • Tested compilation of all pkgs that depend on this change using nix-shell -p nixpkgs-review --run "nixpkgs-review wip"
  • Tested execution of all binary files (usually in ./result/bin/)
  • Determined the impact on package closure size (by running nix path-info -S before and after)
  • Ensured that relevant documentation is up to date
  • Fits
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@maralorn maralorn commented Oct 11, 2020

Result of nixpkgs-review pr 100274 1

1 package built:
  • prometheus-xmpp-alerts

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@maralorn maralorn commented Oct 11, 2020

The fix is apparently in this commit: jelmer/prometheus-xmpp-alerts@8b4c2f7 but I see no harm in just bumping to the newest commit. It includes a commit by @andir ;-) I saw.

This looks fine by me. I am just not sure if there is some other convention for the version name that we should use.

I would like a second opinion on that last point, but ping me, if you don‘t get any more reactions.

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@mweinelt mweinelt left a comment

Please report this issue upstream and have them issue a fixed release.

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@maralorn maralorn commented Oct 12, 2020

@mweinelt The issue is already fixed upstream. (As I pointed to in the commit I linked.)

Do you want to wait with this PR until they have made the next release?

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@mweinelt mweinelt commented Oct 12, 2020

I'm saying let's apply the patch and wait for upstream to do a new release. Let's not start doing releases downstream.

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@maralorn maralorn commented Oct 12, 2020

Fair enough.

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@andir andir commented Oct 12, 2020

You want at least 0f54da76ecd200887e7f267113b7c6a9cfae43d4 & 500a316a83b5d72c490cb62c3e7f5aa5efc7f5bf from my fork in order to actually be able to use the amtool integration of this. I filed a PR for those just now: jelmer/prometheus-xmpp-alerts#19

pkgs/servers/monitoring/prometheus/xmpp-alerts.nix Outdated Show resolved Hide resolved
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@andir andir commented Oct 24, 2020

While we are waiting for upstream and/or the required fixes you can probably start adding a nixos module based on

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@andir andir commented Oct 29, 2020

Please update to the latest release: jelmer/prometheus-xmpp-alerts@1620e9e

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@SuperSandro2000 SuperSandro2000 commented Nov 26, 2020

@hax404 ping

@hax404 hax404 force-pushed the prometheus-xmpp-alerts branch from b1ed827 to e74c258 Apr 29, 2021
@hax404 hax404 changed the title prometheus-xmpp-alerts: 0.4.2 -> 0.4.2 + fixes prometheus-xmpp-alerts: 0.4.2 -> 0.5.1 Apr 29, 2021
@hax404 hax404 force-pushed the prometheus-xmpp-alerts branch from e74c258 to cc94465 Apr 29, 2021
@hax404 hax404 changed the title prometheus-xmpp-alerts: 0.4.2 -> 0.5.1 prometheus-xmpp-alerts: 0.4.2 -> 0.5.1; apply RFC 42 Apr 29, 2021
@hax404 hax404 force-pushed the prometheus-xmpp-alerts branch from cc94465 to 0261c3f Apr 29, 2021
@hax404 hax404 force-pushed the prometheus-xmpp-alerts branch from 0261c3f to 2cac7d6 May 13, 2021
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@maralorn maralorn commented May 13, 2021

LGTM, but other people in this thread are more familiar with these parts of nixpkgs.

@hax404 hax404 force-pushed the prometheus-xmpp-alerts branch from 2cac7d6 to daff272 May 13, 2021
@hax404 hax404 force-pushed the prometheus-xmpp-alerts branch from daff272 to 0eaae2b May 13, 2021
@hax404 hax404 requested a review from SuperSandro2000 May 15, 2021
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@mweinelt mweinelt left a comment

The package looks fine, the module can be migrated further to RFC 42 still, also in a backward compatible way.

@hax404 hax404 force-pushed the prometheus-xmpp-alerts branch from 0eaae2b to 03c0925 May 18, 2021
@mweinelt mweinelt merged commit 4c79885 into NixOS:master May 18, 2021
22 of 23 checks passed
luigy added a commit to luigy/nixpkgs that referenced this issue Jun 7, 2021
eaba7870ffc Merge pull request #125338 from NixOS/backport-124494-to-release-21.05
fb8409427c2 dockerTools: Allow omitting all store paths
2e0ff58c766 dockerTools: Format
bb8a5e54845 Merge pull request #125305 from NixOS/backport-125300-to-release-21.05
4a2d2ac6f1a botamusique: unstable-2021-05-19 -> unstable-2021-06-01
1c1eefa5e63 Merge pull request #125219 from NixOS/backport-125178-to-release-21.05
adfdebe96c8 Merge pull request #125277 from NixOS/backport-125148-to-release-21.05
5237039cc1e Merge pull request #125230 from NixOS/backport-124603-to-release-21.05
1e157573849 stagit: 0.9.5 → 0.9.6
3e45cf0eec5 Merge pull request #125269 from NixOS/backport-125245-to-release-21.05
7c1d76fbeb3 Merge pull request #125126 from NixOS/backport-125111-to-release-21.05
0c988f04d7e Merge pull request #125249 from NixOS/backport-124995-to-release-21.05
6f38e99a9e9 Merge pull request #125248 from NixOS/backport-124986-to-release-21.05
047b146b74c warzone2100: fix build
dbfaab83a8b Merge pull request #125247 from NixOS/backport-124996-to-release-21.05
cd3aba49e91 ijq: 0.2.3 → 0.3.4
8c6a3a60e5e libccd: fix pkgconfig file paths
0121624e3b5 schismtracker: 20200412 -> 20210525
e2e4a347179 Merge pull request #125229 from NixOS/backport-125225-to-release-21.05
71de7777c2b Merge pull request #125164 from NixOS/backport-125160-to-release-21.05
89e61ccf696 php.buildPecl: Add checkPhase
d7903953935 changelog: fix typo
37b13b3d08b Merge pull request #125226 from NixOS/backport-124892-to-release-21.05
9660a9f481b Merge #125185: zstd: patch test flakiness on i686
cf0f4ade632 Merge branch 'discord-backport' into release-21.05
abc7f8ee129 yara: add enableStatic mode
529b6eee47e yara: 4.0.5 -> 4.1.1
79b73482943 Merge pull request #124818 from NixOS/backport-124200-to-release-21.05
0462a6da7a2 deno: 1.10.2 -> 1.10.3
705afa0294a haskellPackages.webify: unbreak, jailbreak, as patches are not upstreamable atm
a87958a49d7 haskellPackages.hakyll: unbreak, jailbreak, patch for pandoc version
a1d551b23b2 discord: fix runtime linking
803502aaae5 discord: 0.0.14 -> 0.0.15
3182caa035a Merge pull request #125173 from NixOS/backport-125158-to-release-21.05
cb58ba1c551 zstd: patch test flakiness on i686
4eb41db7d8f Merge pull request #124595 from mohe2015/backport-124347-21.05
9d541e4a1ee Merge pull request #125175 from NixOS/backport-125174-to-release-21.05
4718cb50f55 nginx: fix link to discussion explaining why "with" is not used
25ffebcb625 radare2: 5.2.1 -> 5.3.0
739359e2c6f Merge pull request #125055 from NixOS/backport-124544-to-release-21.05
c5a8c128665 Update pkgs/development/tools/delve/default.nix
58301adb35f delve: disable source fortify at runtime
7e9b0dff974 nixos/release-notes: move non-highlights to other mentions
a8eeea419e9 nixos/release-notes: Initial grooming of release notes
9e2c334e52c nixos/doc/releases: update stable release info to 21.05
3a2e0c36e79 Merge pull request #125134 from NixOS/backport-124950-to-release-21.05
cbe0e663ece nixos/acme: don't use --reuse-key
75f90eedcf9 Merge pull request #124341 from NixOS/staging-next-21.05
f2cabb18e03 lua5_4: 5.4.2 -> 5.4.3
7b601ada77d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-21.05' into staging-next-21.05
0c2e856ea09 Merge pull request #125094 from NixOS/backport-124446-to-release-21.05
1c27669feae Merge pull request #125045 from NixOS/backport-124802-to-release-21.05
ab98a6e1091 Merge pull request #125057 from NixOS/backport-124730-to-release-21.05
1293a26299e Merge pull request #125058 from NixOS/backport-124762-to-release-21.05
cdf6c6106bc Merge pull request #125056 from NixOS/backport-124702-to-release-21.05
9bbf2ec131a weechatScripts.wee-slack: 2.7.0 -> 2.8.0
9130b8c465d Merge pull request #125085 from NixOS/backport-125066-to-release-21.05
aa9f441226e radare2: add patch for CVE-2021-32613
ef423b1205d Merge pull request #125060 from NixOS/backport-124791-to-release-21.05
c87afd25535 Merge pull request #125061 from NixOS/backport-124771-to-release-21.05
a8b758696cc Merge pull request #125064 from NixOS/backport-125007-to-release-21.05
9ad5d4d363e postgresqlPackages.pg_partman: 4.4.1 -> 4.5.1
cbd00766e4b Merge pull request #125054 from NixOS/backport-124957-to-release-21.05
6cac8dd5d9a libxlsxwriter: 1.0.5 -> 1.0.6
41734b6851f v2ray: 4.38.3 -> 4.39.2
8479c43fa23 tailscale: 1.8.3 -> 1.8.5
556951a923c Merge pull request #124796 from risicle/ris-hdbscan-disable-another-flaky-test-r21.05
b9fd21fe40f morph: 1.5.0 -> 1.6.0
7ca8def3b94 fioctl: 0.16 -> 0.17
81136a1c969 vmTools: update current maintained debian versions
11cd670ca02 vmTools: update current lts versions of ubuntu
2127c48d064 ungoogled-chromium: 90.0.4430.212 -> 91.0.4472.77
d25ea6a0d2a Merge pull request #125048 from NixOS/backport-124960-to-release-21.05
ad8e636a3e7 neomutt: add patch for CVE-2021-32055
a30a33bbff4 tilt: 0.18.10 -> 0.20.5
3b7c8201734 Merge pull request #124927 from NixOS/backport-124211-to-release-21.05
91efaf3393c libiio: fix build with wrong libxml2 find_package
3018bf4b9ea Merge pull request #125015 from NixOS/backport-94881-to-release-21.05
aa2efdf9011 Update pkgs/applications/networking/mailreaders/mblaze/default.nix
ebdf00f038b Update pkgs/applications/networking/mailreaders/mblaze/default.nix
7f016e24c7e Wrap mcom to add dependencies to PATH.
a2e86da944f Merge pull request #124984 from NixOS/backport-124980-to-release-21.05
0a28f8dc51a Merge pull request #125009 from NixOS/backport-124851-to-release-21.05
b0e7f010809 arrow-cpp: 4.0.0 -> 4.0.1
fc924fc34e5 xfitter: remove `hardeningDisable = [ "format" ];` (#125001)
478f5d49f63 Merge pull request #124994 from NixOS/backport-124455-to-release-21.05
c91f853b0df Merge pull request #124998 from NixOS/backport-124111-to-release-21.05
76fcaa085fb python3Packages.drf-jwt: 1.19.0 -> 1.19.1
a2f6fc7092e schismtracker: fix darwin build
07ca3a021f0 Merge pull request #124953 from NixOS/backport-124732-to-release-21.05
ec2d3871f73 Merge pull request #124970 from NixOS/backport-124457-to-release-21.05
a027e1fa05b Merge pull request #124985 from NixOS/backport-124952-to-release-21.05
cd8efe13e0a halide: Fix build
1834af74e38 sageWithDoc: fix documentation symlinks
0e2b7ebddee Merge pull request #124822 from NixOS/backport-124792-to-release-21.05
a74605831ec Merge pull request #124830 from NixOS/backport-124065-to-release-21.05
439b6d5c2c3 Merge pull request #124825 from NixOS/backport-124784-to-release-21.05
4cd3fd238de Merge pull request #124968 from NixOS/backport-124947-to-release-21.05
95d4bdbaae6 Merge pull request #124832 from NixOS/backport-124109-to-release-21.05
e3a1e350baa ocamlPackages.tyxml: 4.4.0 → 4.5.0
4f9eadefdcd Update nixos/modules/virtualisation/libvirtd.nix
c072a187973 nixos/libvirtd: Take ethertypes from iptables-nftables-compat
0c39e877ecc Merge pull request #124908 from NixOS/backport-124859-to-release-21.05
ab9f3f2f9ee Merge pull request #124922 from NixOS/backport-124911-to-release-21.05
9fd05bb58fc Merge pull request #124937 from NixOS/backport-124066-to-release-21.05
d9df705215c Merge pull request #124933 from NixOS/backport-124575-to-release-21.05
6ca456a1c94 Merge pull request #124934 from NixOS/backport-124325-to-release-21.05
2afcd85748b icinga2: 2.12.3 -> 2.12.4
a33878b6876 Merge pull request #124930 from NixOS/backport-124222-to-release-21.05
07796133d49 Merge pull request #124931 from NixOS/backport-124904-to-release-21.05
bae3f3be2a8 Merge pull request #124928 from NixOS/backport-124713-to-release-21.05
60c22bd341d Merge pull request #124929 from NixOS/backport-124918-to-release-21.05
2063939edda Merge pull request #124940 from NixOS/backport-124351-to-release-21.05
c399b0f178a Merge pull request #124946 from NixOS/backport-123253-to-release-21.05
4c4a45e284c Merge pull request #124945 from NixOS/backport-124472-to-release-21.05
f63370194e8 Merge pull request #124926 from NixOS/backport-124874-to-release-21.05
3d7ced7b59a Merge pull request #124923 from NixOS/backport-124893-to-release-21.05
bad208a3e6f vapoursynth: improve plugin dependency resolution
b3197b13342 keycloak: 13.0.0 -> 13.0.1
e3ddcfdf2c7 capture: use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3
2a0ab9f511c Merge pull request #124924 from NixOS/backport-124898-to-release-21.05
0659aeb14f0 sacad: 2.3.4 -> 2.4.0
04d804d0ab1 Merge pull request #124932 from NixOS/backport-124920-to-release-21.05
9b98f808298 Gxplugins-Lv2: 0.8 -> 0.9
e04a17a37e0 babashka: add thiagokokada as maintainer
20387998ce9 babashka: 0.4.1 -> 0.4.3
0557b7bfb10 goattracker,goattracker-stereo: 2.75 -> 2.76, 2.76 -> 2.77
52223c3d1d4 Merge pull request #124827 from NixOS/backport-124685-to-release-21.05
c99249df0f2 twine: add top-level entry
1f6295e5558 gitRepo: Add updateScript support for easier upgrade in future
042c54b758b gitRepo: add missing preInstall and postInstall hooks calls
a5a6efd9b4f gitRepo: Drop unnecessary patch
6eac23ff6aa gitRepo: add myself as maintainer
a51efd1bb47 gitRepo: 2.14.5 -> 2.15.3
8a6d0863c50 kooha: 1.1.3 -> 1.2.1
4a4105f069f newsflash: fix build
4330bdd2447 Update pkgs/development/libraries/getdata/default.nix
81c84a91942 getdata: add security patch from Debian
9cab6e0dd4a betterdiscordctl: 1.7.1 -> 2.0.0
d27b376262f pika-backup: 0.3.1 -> 0.3.2
725af5376fb gotty: 2.0.0-alpha.3 -> 1.2.0
a217eed6b8c welle-io: 2.2 -> 2.3
e57ea488f9a catgirl: 1.7 -> 1.8
efbb010dfb1 python3Packages.smhi-pkg: 1.0.14 -> 1.0.15
fb75a2a13fa python3Packages.pyrituals: 0.0.2 -> 0.0.3
6460c5ce33c openvpn-auth-ldap: 2.0.3+deb6.1 -> 2.0.4
c1757ad15ac Merge pull request #124895 from NixOS/backport-124839-to-release-21.05
7198e20169c webkitgtk: fix on darwin
fb64e7de786 Merge pull request #124896 from NixOS/backport-124890-to-release-21.05
8dc1b48597e cargo-raze: fix darwin (#124343)
58ba40336c7 mpich: 3.4.1 -> 3.4.2
f4d6d51a097 nixos/wordpress: regenerate secret keys if misspelled key name is found
e7f90ce89ce Merge pull request #124821 from NixOS/backport-124408-to-release-21.05
1166a744e3c Merge pull request #124130 from prusnak/cocotb-21.05
c30d29421ba Merge pull request #124879 from NixOS/backport-124798-to-release-21.05
78268a73a15 paperwork: 2.0.2 -> 2.0.3 and compile user manual
c258bb29a37 Merge pull request #124759 from dotlambda/whipper-fix
42a8ab0dbe6 step-ca: use latest buildGoModule
08e23c65c1b step-cli: 0.15.3-22 -> 0.15.16
f6db4eba257 step-ca: 0.15.11 -> 0.15.15
6eba0527122 Merge pull request #124275 from lunik1/libretro-ppsspp-ffmpeg4-backport
417b79b504c samba: 4.13.7 -> 4.14.4
a68c14446be python3Packages.cssutils: 2.2.0 -> 2.3.0
0bfc2cc9ea6 spotdl: 3.5.2 -> 3.6.1
b423efaeeba nixos/discourse: Assert deployed PostgreSQL version
4594e540636 nixos/discourse: Add rsync dependency
ce5587e7bbe discourse: 2.6.5 -> 2.7.0
c892433d7b6 softmaker-office: 1030 -> 1032
6ca6be2bbf2 Merge pull request #124835 from NixOS/backport-124819-to-release-21.05
25115a31d70 xpra: Add NVENC support
a5cbb1a4366 nv-codec-headers-10: init at
fa5915bebb5 rl-2105: mention linux_latest and potential zfs issues
c50592961a8 linuxPackages_latest: update to 5.12
53ad00cfc3b 0.7.1 -> 0.8.0
b73e47d3d77 nixos/wireguard: Remove .path systemd unit for privkey. Fixes #123203
36f8feac817 tellico: 3.4 -> 3.4.1
8d914c11578 bjumblr: 1.4.2 -> 1.6.6
7b1072b4ff8 terraria-server: ->
d9819997802 corerad: 0.3.0 -> 0.3.1
ad947d5fa66 b3sum: 0.3.7 -> 0.3.8
b08b7cd9b74 Apply suggestions from code review
84fd8586338 virt-manager: fix missing cdrtools
b9c25438fd2 mx-puppet-discord: set pname
684d2e79242 matrix-appservice-slack: set pname
c444b9f55bd matrix-appservice-irc: set pname
d5d73124268 Merge pull request #124805 from prusnak/electron-21.05
8a5ec66c40a patray: Yet another tray pulseaudio frontend
5b3858527fc 2.0.2 -> 2.6.0
b1a828fa566 fetchutils: remove DESTDIR, use PREFIX, change owner
75d84510e1c Merge pull request #124787 from mohe2015/backport-124516
18cd14175f4 doc/coding-conventions: Add documentation for fetchpatch optional arguments
5b52f151e13 feedgnuplot: 1.51 -> 1.58
831bf15565a feedgnuplot: fix perl shebang
47ed6843801 Merge pull request #124801 from dotlambda/CVE-2020-18032
d77e68bedfe Merge pull request #124793 from NixOS/backport-124121-to-release-21.05
04fcd9e1075 electron_10: 10.4.5 -> 10.4.7
836e34d53a9 electron_11: 11.4.6 -> 11.4.7
361dbda2caf electron_12: 12.0.7 -> 12.0.9
2899292e074 graphviz: patch CVE-2020-18032
9588f49304c Merge pull request #124794 from NixOS/backport-124703-to-release-21.05
eff32c36263 Merge pull request #124797 from NixOS/backport-124790-to-release-21.05
4e172daaa65 diffoscope: 175 -> 176
5621b77a7e0 python3Packages.hdbscan: disable another flaky test
6350467e7bc Revert "element-desktop: set dbus default for firefox"
7e7e91f8e24 libreoffice-still: ->
02daee80bcf nixos/bitwarden_rs: fix startup on 32 thread machines
fcddce0f10b wordpress: 5.7.1 -> 5.7.2
79c5dbb5497 pgsync: 0.6.6 → 0.6.7
80df101aa86 mediatomb/gerbera: Add release note information for 21.03
377de4787e4 Merge pull request #124757 from dotlambda/mediatomb-ffmpeg
078af612329 whipper: fix
989c0342061 mediatomb: use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3 (#123487)
8d31a9d6449 rebar3: 3.16.0 -> 3.16.1
1c212ecbb86 Merge pull request #124707 from dotlambda/openvpn-2.5.2
88144f9b91f openvpn_24: 2.4.9 -> 2.4.11
6929dd4f0ba openvpn: 2.5.0 -> 2.5.2
2371e028f69 Merge pull request #124701 from jchw-forks/lightspark-ffmpeg-backport
47c51cc3bf9 lightspark: ffmpeg_3 -> ffmpeg
46a5d32fc95 qhull: add fixDarwinDylibNames
6029acc0199 Merge pull request #124598 from primeos/backports
5e74829b72f nixos/tests/{sway,cagebreak}: Disable on aarch64-linux
676ddafd3db nixos/dendrite: remove (#124524)
611cedc127e poppler: build with nss by default for signature support
ff00b8c0d12 Merge pull request #124565 from nbren12/jupyterlab-backport
17293ccdfcf Merge pull request #124448 from mweinelt/21.05/home-assistant
c8a75ccf743 python3Packages.nbclassic: allow darwin network tests
a0011e1118a python3Packages.jupyterlab_server: allow darwin networking
a2547d21ebb python3Packages.jupyter_server: allow local networking
e7e53babb62 Merge pull request #124515 from primeos/signal-desktop-backport
0a086ee3426 Merge pull request #124509 from dotlambda/backport-124391
837f80023da Merge pull request #124526 from risicle/ris-devpi-client-server-darwin-allow-local-networking-r21.05
83fb69d685f Merge pull request #124527 from risicle/ris-python-xgboost-darwin-fix-r21.05
51cf39407b8 Merge pull request #124555 from hrhino/backport/fix/python3Packages/acoustics
deb0a4259f0 python3Packages.mat2: fix tests against ffmpeg 4.4
5369265a53e acoustics: fix
84a08eb98d2 stellar-core: 0.5.1 -> 17.0.0 (#123294)
95f6c0b7e06 nixos/release-notes: fix `slaptest` command for openldap section
25eaf1083fe diffoscope: fix build
4a408360974 Merge pull request #124533 from DeterminateSystems/tf-provider-hydra-21.05
573cdf2df25 terraform-providers.hydra: 0.1.1 -> 0.1.2
169371366d6 Merge pull request #124477 from LeSuisse/sssd-1.16.5-21.05
ed35898dd19 Merge pull request #124529 from rnhmjoj/openconnect-21.05
8ac5876aac9 python3Packages.xgboost: fix tests for darwin
2c8139ee6bb devpi-server: set __darwinAllowLocalNetworking
828cf19e1e0 devpi-client: set __darwinAllowLocalNetworking
b6f4ae45b79 openconnect: fix license information
fc8280a67c0 openconnect-head: init at 2021-05-05
84ad09b57bb Merge pull request #124518 from collares/olean-backport
97eba634e44 lean: substitute release commit sha1
8eb8032b1d9 signal-desktop: 5.2.1 -> 5.3.0
0b4994f714e nixos/kresd: tell resolveconf to use local resolver
6ac38da61be pinball: fix
d2920be3681 darwin/make-bootstrap-tools: move "lib" from install name to rpath
677fab12a91 Merge pull request #124488 from rnhmjoj/mpl-21.05
6aa537a98dc pythonPackages.matplotlib: add licenses
a6ac81209b5 pythonPackages.matplotlib: remove unsused arguments
b7ce7d761c3 pythonPackages.matplotlib: fix headless detection
feff71106d6 sssd: 1.16.4 -> 1.16.5
97fc742ae64 scikit-learn: disable some tests for darwin
ff776b403a9 python3Packages.scikitlearn: disable flaky tests
813b3b2a0c7 Revert "python3Packages.pywemo: disable failing test"
af053d10fbf Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-21.05' into staging-next-21.05
66fdd3939db home-assistant: disable flaky test in prometheus component
65d4fff84db nginxMainline: 1.20.0 -> 1.21.0
6e4f30b5a06 nginxStable: 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
f75079b0726 chromium: 90.0.4430.212 -> 91.0.4472.77
0a1ddb21f2c Merge pull request #124395 from mweinelt/21.05/python/pywemo
a555872f041 gitlab: 13.11.2 -> 13.12.0
8418b1397c3 gitlab: add Gemfile fix to update script
e3f7168d866 libretro.ppsspp: update to v1.11 and fix build againt ffmpeg 4.4
92e46f3619f navidrome: 0.42.1 -> 0.43.0
ab28c480e2c Merge pull request #124326 from sumnerevans/element-1.7.29-backport-21.05
60c98baf170 python3Packages.pywemo: disable failing test
c2e9a51cdc7 element: 1.7.28 -> 1.7.29
bc71efad3ea Merge pull request #124312 from tomfitzhenry/backport-serial-port-docs
3f0d62871ef girara: fix build on darwin (#124337)
7e49e3ea89e Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-21.05' into staging-next-21.05
1b1608a7b8a libxml2: Work around lxml API misuse
befda3568c5 exempi: disable tests for i686
76e136bb5ee rustc: 1_52, use correct llvm version
b3a9a3e19f1 terraform-providers.hydra: 0.1.0 -> 0.1.1
3c0ee5ac102 nixos/manual: document how to install over a serial port
0ef2fe6f772 Merge pull request #124180 from Atemu/backport/minimalIso-remove-ruby2.7
b7f77e07b21 Merge pull request #124272 from gebner/ccls-headers-2105
baedf2c7854 ccls: fix libc++ header path
0ae53091119 Merge pull request #124258 from domenkozar/revert-sandbox-path-21.05
0cebbdf687b Revert "nixos/nix-daemon: fix sandbox-paths option"
97b94af4eb9 Merge pull request #124182 from primeos/signal-desktop-backport
3cb8557ce19 Merge pull request #124229 from LeSuisse/redis-6.2.3-21.05
a4b270df3a0 Merge pull request #124231 from talyz/21.05-php-dom
2bffd5fef9d phpExtensions.dom: fix build
0c67f4a204d odp-dpdk: ->
c443ac73f23 pktgen: 19.12.0 -> 21.05.0
ee76949241d spdk: 20.04.1 -> 21.04
40b3403d595 dpdk: 20.05 -> 21.02
35f631618fb redis: 6.2.1 -> 6.2.3
d77ece7e273 Revert "git: Use asciidoctor instead of asciidoc for manpages"
036b557bd9f libndctl: build docs with asciidoc instead of asciidoctor
ecff4216d5c imagemagick: 7.0.11-12 ->
b0eb9dfebbc imagemagick: 7.0.11-9 -> 7.0.11-12
62f3f8954ca Merge pull request #124149 from sternenseemann/pkg-config-mangling-21.05
e3dc52bcb28 Merge pull request #124150 from sternenseemann/clang-fix-llvmgold-path-21.05
df25a8867f5 Merge pull request #124138 from talyz/21.05-php-iconv-errno
0548d93697d Merge pull request #124145 from dotlambda/igraph-arpack-darwin-blas-paths
bfa9bc365dd Merge pull request #124148 from hyperfekt/mount-pstore-quiet
1c1e5094d95 Merge pull request #123902 from hyperfekt/mount-pstore-quiet
3a165fda925 llvmPackages*.clang: fix linker invocation with LLVMgold plugin
771d69953d4 pkg-config-wrapper: mangle PKG_CONFIG_PATH{,_FOR_BUILD} correctly
7375cb1c0ed neovide: Fix build caused by llvm multi output
b7e6b86c749 igraph: fix libblas.dylib's path on darwin
6514fc8f6b6 arpack: fix libblas.dylib's path on darwin
b39ac7cf2ba php74.extensions.iconv: fix error signalling
1de0b0e5eb8 python3Packages.cocotb: 1.5.1 -> 1.5.2
fadd5dd5ae5 python3Packages.cocotb-bus: init at 0.1.1
075ab49dc24 qtwebengine: only set -webengine-webrtc-pipewire with qt >= 5.15
13e13349bd9 Revert "signal-desktop: Add a Python wrapper to re-encrypt DBs"
ddc60bec557 Merge #123133: curlftpfs: fix sandboxed builds on darwin
11f5b3279df Merge pull request #124090 from jonringer/backport-staging-next
8e7956833a2 Revert "21.11 is Porcupine!"
d547493e0c5 Revert "nixos/doc: add, convert "Building Your Own NixOS CD" to CommonMark"
f05e41b6f4e Revert "CODEOWNERS: add ryantm to /nixos/doc"
4a974e66956 Revert "nixos/doc: convert "Contributing to this manual" to CommonMark"
c294c2fb403 Revert "nixos/doc: add 21.11 release notes stub"
c2bb4bad68b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into backport-staging-next
d9de79194aa Merge pull request #123279 from NixOS/staging-next
c9fd31e5914 Merge pull request #123988 from r-ryantm/auto-update/actor-framework
11a9ac00fc3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging-next
6543c61311c nixos/doc: add 21.11 release notes stub
7501467903f nixos/doc: convert "Contributing to this manual" to CommonMark
a67febac45f CODEOWNERS: add ryantm to /nixos/doc
6c14851943f nixos/doc: add, convert "Building Your Own NixOS CD" to CommonMark
ff1ded3e204 21.11 is Porcupine!
12c5acf3760 21.05 beta release
900115a4f7f Merge pull request #124038 from r-ryantm/auto-update/glibmm
ad4b24a802e Merge pull request #123684 from netcrns/netcrns/bunyan
84f649f6935 Merge pull request #121626 from mweinelt/botamusique
3ac63fbb09e Merge pull request #123425 from erictapen/osrm-backend-5.25.0
037b7e28343 Merge pull request #123387 from bjornfor/update-whipper
1693374dbdc synergy: 1.11.1 -> (#123359)
117a632169c Merge pull request #123987 from LeSuisse/htmldoc-1.9.12
31601a5977f python3Packages.aiohomekit: 0.2.61 -> 0.2.62
bd441a13398 liblinphone: 4.5.15 -> 4.5.17
bafd6631da8 python3Packages.pymumble: 1.6 -> 1.6.1
f05a2c22cf7 botamusique: unstable-2021-03-13 -> unstable-2021-05-19
f79c1d1c3e8 botamusique: add passthru test
d210ed99c44 nixos/tests/botamusique: init
59e5ff4b29a nixos/botamusique: init
5b511ca6f33 python3Packages.pyvex: fix build for darwin
ea5726aefeb lite: fix build error
aea7b5f08e3 Merge pull request #124073 from mkg20001/cinnamonpolkit
141e85cc697 Merge pull request #124056 from mkg20001/cinnamonlocale
939c4c1cbd7 python-packages: add aliases for google_api_python_client, googleapis_common_protos
d6ff646b3f4 pythonPackages.smart_open: rename to smart-open
0197f1dc419 pythonPackages: Add aliases :tada:
56dbdba0cc9 cinnamon.nemo: use cinnamon-translations
4a365124312 cinnamon.cinnamon-settings-daemon: use cinnamon-translations
77c27b67155 cinnamon.cinnamon-session: use cinnamon-translations
eac85651a3a cinnamon.cinnamon-control-center: use cinnamon-translations
425ac82c146 cinnamon.cinnamon-common: use cinnamon-translations
eca2b053544 nixos/cinnamon: add cinnamon-translations to systemPackages
8664c2c7431 nixos/cinnamon: add polkit_gnome to fix #124062
9d6f7c10804 Merge pull request #122000 from r-ryantm/auto-update/ceph
aec6be52dd5 Merge pull request #124044 from mweinelt/pinnwand
ef997835052 Merge pull request #122248 from aszlig/hocker-fetchdocker-eval-error
fb0594026a4 Merge pull request #124048 from kira-bruneau/vdf
9cab80ce4d0 Merge pull request #122203 from mohe2015/imperative-nixos-container-timeout
278bcdce1f0 Merge pull request #123941 from mweinelt/matrix-synapse
bec3a445b2a Merge pull request #124060 from stephank/fix-reproxy-darwin
6f8af15166a Merge pull request #124058 from stephank/fix-sambamba-darwin
25570942026 nyxt: v2_pre-release-7 -> 2.0.0 (#124024)
9201ef9749a texlab: 3.0.0 → 3.0.1 (#124053)
18e4425e23f reproxy: fix darwin build
c47425a2305 sambamba: fix darwin build
2d9558b33be pinnwand: 1.2.3 -> 1.3.0
217b14cb2fd python3Packages.token-bucket: init at 0.2.0
79e675444ca nixos/matrix-synapse: protect created files
91f69cd0ad4 Merge pull request #123445 from jnetod/zhf-ruby-libvirt
fc9a86afb02 Merge pull request #124030 from gebner/abseil202103241
119a3e6a351 bunyan-rs: init at 0.1.2
388a1962470 pythonPackages.vdf: 3.3 → 3.4
c912d30f650 gnome.tali: 40.0 → 40.1
8fb12deae50 gnome.quadrapassel: 3.38.1 → 40.1
7be85b50907 Merge pull request #104420 from danielfullmer/syncoid-perm-fix
5cf7cfccf0d Merge pull request #123624 from ben0x539/wtf
c6bf23a12ea glibmm_2_68: 2.68.0 -> 2.68.1
128f0ad2f4c Merge pull request #123801 from romildo/upd.matcha-gtk-theme
832d804bbc6 Merge pull request #123710 from JamieMagee/wslu
e5c6f350303 Merge pull request #120850 from fortuneteller2k/update-xanmod-512
7c6c48ab9c0 gitlab-runner: fix wrong hash (#124033)
a86a9dab243 Merge pull request #124036 from fortuneteller2k/i3
35bd60eadd1 Merge pull request #122927 from samuela/upkeep-bot/vscodium-1.56.2-1620952608
28cfb72f559 Merge pull request #115608 from r-ryantm/auto-update/suricata
7f9269e2415 Merge pull request #123852 from marsam/update-sudo-font
8f0f1926a9b Merge pull request #123123 from trobert/remove-openconnect_pa
7c1d8636dd9 st: support cross-compilation (#123722)
5fe63fc3fbf rippled: fix hashes
a6d48f9c2a8 or-tools: 8.1 -> 9.0
fc4f549d394 abseil-cpp: 20200923.3 -> 20210324.1
31aab8c9802 cairomm_1_16: 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1
a4e7e8f1db8 Merge pull request #123865 from jonringer/bump-azure-pkgs
dc50511ad1a i3-gaps: use pname and version, fetchFromGitHub, cleanup
49eaf7eead6 Merge pull request #124034 from remedialchaos/xh
fc3ba6bd8ba Merge pull request #123920 from RonanMacF/master
cd4780fab4f maintainers: rename metadark -> kira-bruneau (#124035)
dcd5d9a8e5c Merge pull request #123966 from marsam/update-flexget
62c7925218d Merge pull request #123977 from fortuneteller2k/bfetch
f8818b9aed0 Merge pull request #123983 from LeSuisse/vault-1.7.2
34566ec1b9b Merge pull request #124009 from lourkeur/init/git-aggregator
6187a1f53b7 Update pkgs/misc/vim-plugins/generated.nix
741f33da138 xh: 0.9.2 -> 0.10.0
2b5910ac631 Merge pull request #123802 from superherointj/package-virtmanager-bugfix
cc345ca4d9f Merge pull request #123980 from r-ryantm/auto-update/kustomize
562bc71c802 Merge #123423: rubyPackages.ruby-terminfo: 0.1.1 -> 0.2
68ec6295ca1 Merge #123418: cmake-language-server: disable test timeouts
7f651d15e2a Merge #122696: cmakeWithQt4Gui: drop
1fc45b39259 Merge pull request #123982 from zowoq/fzf
573752b6cf9 Merge pull request #122754 from zaninime/opentrack
4afc75ff555 Merge pull request #124027 from risicle/ris-jupyter-server-darwin-fix
55aa5e870c4 Merge pull request #123226 from pacien/ldgallery-fix-darwin-build
20f595774df cmakeWithQt4Gui: add a throw-alias
f29969988d2 eid-mw: 4.4.27 -> 5.0.21 (#122247)
ca0f0212c26 Merge pull request #121042 from gebner/diffoscope-bloat
08134c2e8ac Merge #122689: python3Packages.flufl_lock
cc26a61f378 Merge pull request #123901 from mvnetbiz/update-xpra
de833537c1a Merge pull request #110560 from LeSuisse/libcgroup-0.42.2
3ddabfb9c35 influxdb: 1.8.5 -> 1.8.6 (#123973)
eb01e519386 ldgallery: fix darwin build
7a28fcef845 python3Packages.jupyter_server: disable failing tests on darwin
32faecd2dc2 Merge pull request #123961 from wizardwatch/master
4509181d6c3 cereal: add patch for CVE-2020-11105 (#121574)
32fdb916a12 libcgroup: 0.41 -> 0.42.2
fdd42cb68c3 Merge pull request #123211 from mdevlamynck/pipewire-plasma-pa
b1826099523 Merge pull request #114692 from r-ryantm/auto-update/chessx
b1f2a70d9e7 Merge pull request #123676 from romildo/upd.zuki-themes
a60df8832de Merge pull request #123539 from 06kellyjac/starboard-octant-plugin
fbe3209ba3b Merge pull request #123527 from sikmir/goldendict
3147a7104d1 xpra: 4.1.3 -> 4.2
f1452b89786 Merge pull request #123829 from LogicalOverflow/master
563389a7fdd Merge master into staging-next
1941e7c9968 vimPlugins.conflict-marker-vim: init at 2020-09-23
fdaf66b6f01 vimPlugins.hiPairs: init at 2020-12-10
9b0fca29f9d vimPlugins.nvim-treesitter-pyfold: init at 2021-05-20
8c2a60ad5af vimPlugins.pears-nvim: init at 2021-05-21
0eb12af2794 vimPlugins.nvim-dap-ui: init at 2021-05-21
757de5a432a vimPlugins.scrollbar-nvim: init at 2020-09-28
dcc83cd07ac vimPlugins.telescope-dap-nvim: init at 2021-03-26
e54c43f8f15 vimPlugins: update
ae5268b96e3 Merge pull request #124020 from primeos/signal-desktop
957272c5ad0 Merge pull request #124011 from r-ryantm/auto-update/bootstrap
72f225cad42 git-aggregator: init at 1.8.1
44d37143c8d Merge pull request #123990 from expipiplus1/joe-unf
97388f8683d Merge pull request #123994 from fortuneteller2k/fetchutils
6a4ef962d35 signal-desktop: 5.2.0 -> 5.2.1
bb35b1c1180 Merge pull request #118617 from Sohalt/spnav
0de023b4f9d rofimoji: 4.3.0 -> 5.1.0
547d8ee029b spnavcfg: config file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
6172e51fa99 spnavcfg: pidfile in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
c66caa6a90b spaacenavd: config file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
dfb36eed769 spacenavd: pidfile in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
be01cb8b97b nixos/spacenavd: run as user service
154020654c1 goldendict: 2020-12-09 → 2021-03-09, use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3
f8ed8033855 Merge pull request #123957 from TimPut/freecadSCAD
102e41b5763 Merge pull request #123861 from jonringer/bump-xdg
dfc7d100c7e twitterBootstrap: 5.0.0 -> 5.0.1
3a28f72e7b7 Merge pull request #123970 from kisik21/nix-fix-sandbox-paths
89a3768f04f qstopmotion: use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3 (#123477)
290fa04d05c fetchutils: init at unstable-2021-03-16
be7b132bf5a haskellPackages.hnix: Patch to fix broken location annotations
4c960a02843 htmldoc: 1.9.11 -> 1.9.12
15af55ebe3b caf: 0.18.1 -> 0.18.3
efee454783c Merge pull request #123981 from r-ryantm/auto-update/lab
3eb8ad22781 opentrack: init at 2.3.13
4a51f49781a vault: 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2
60dfaef8e1d fzf: 0.27.0 -> 0.27.1
04cb517e7d6 lab: 0.21.0 -> 0.22.0
79f5741e1cc kustomize: 4.1.2 -> 4.1.3
bd62071220c Merge pull request #123968 from Lassulus/nixos-generators
cc35c7fc853 Merge master into staging-next
76c2b908255 bfetch: init at unstable-2021-05-21
b9b3420febb python3Packages.pyvisa-py: init at 0.5.1
d638c6a874d python3Packages.pyvisa: init at 1.11.3
4d46cb67ad2 gh: 1.10.2 -> 1.10.3
aeeee447bcc nixos/nix-daemon: fix sandbox-paths option
af60121cf55 nixos-generators: 1.2.0 -> 1.3.0
2ac25ed56ea ajour: 1.1.0 -> 1.2.0
38d74bdf3f5 python3Packages.xmlschema: 1.5.3 -> 1.6.2
f83838a0d33 python3Packages.elementpath: 2.2.1 -> 2.2.2
2e03ce94402 pythonPackages.pysideShiboken: fix build with python 3.9
03a623970fe discord-canary: 0.0.121 -> 0.0.122
bcc99b83d03 libpoly: fix darwin build
d0755bdb5f7 freecad: add openscad file support
7968281008d python3Packages.pydicom: disable flaky test on darwin
872992ffced pythonPackages.bacpypes: 0.18.1 -> 0.18.4
7507aed4e17 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging-next
422e6e54495 brave: 1.24.85 -> 1.24.86
c563a3c131c linuxsampler: 2.1.1 -> 2.2.0
c7be0f932da ckan: 1.30.0 -> 1.30.2
dac51dfb1f8 blflash: 0.3.2 -> 0.3.3
debd4a44d41 cargo-expand: 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7
f4106dbca77 kubelogin-oidc: 1.23.1 -> 1.23.2
3b8e46b025d cni: 0.8.0 -> 0.8.1
24fda1e03f2 burpsuite: 2021.4.2 -> 2021.5.1
8c9a799bca0 ardour: 6.5 -> 6.7
f55c2cd9cd0 hobbes: fix build error
1c4571cf463 vimPlugins.bracey-vim: init at 2021-05-11
07ae0b47e3c vimPlugins: update
b74dbf111ba calibre-web: Update dependency version
6bf9e13e826 Merge pull request #123855 from marsam/update-grpc
f8f366c44cb Merge pull request #123947 from r-ryantm/auto-update/bazelisk
3f32731630f gpt2tc: 2020-12-30 -> 2021-04-24, fix build
901fb5e64e9 Merge master into staging-next
4596f603b13 bazelisk: 1.8.1 -> 1.9.0
b4fd56d50b3 moc: always use newest ffmpeg
0841bba38aa Merge pull request #123886 from sternenseemann/firefox-llvm-bintools
9971c5d1a40 Merge pull request #123939 from mweinelt/batman-adv
15edb65bae4 pr-tracker: init at 1.0.0
5d2076cb088 python3Packages.aiodiscover: 1.4.0 -> 1.4.2
9452353abf6 intel-media-driver: 21.2.0 -> 21.2.1
7ca91568615 cloudflared: 2021.5.7 -> 2021.5.9
cd49262ab26 octomap: 1.9.6 -> 1.9.7
c6913eeb39f tailscale: 1.8.3 -> 1.8.5
5b61edfe47c docs/release-notes: mention ati_drivers_x11 removal
ced04640c7a nixos/video: remove obsolete ati modules
b49bd8db30d batman-adv: 2021.0 -> 2021.1
a420acab1e1 release notes: Mention automated gnomeExtensions
71fb79ee6b2 Merge pull request #123828 from Lassulus/solanum2
454255ee58a rebar3: 3.15.1 -> 3.16.0
3ff0ef56664 Merge pull request #121809 from rvolosatovs/init/stt
b184f0b0b7f Merge pull request #123919 from fabaff/bump-ipinfo
a2379c69a42 Merge pull request #122833 from helsinki-systems/feat/prometheus-metric-relabel
b642ac7b707 gnome: Package all the GNOME extensions
849fe554d57 firefox: take LLVM tools from buildStdenv
1085727d81f gnomeExtensions: move dropped extensions next to aliases
48c16e48aaa nixos/solanum: init
12a9bd6fb8a Merge pull request #123457 from jack-michaud/betterlockscreen-3.1.0
eafe7778362 Merge pull request #123921 from acairncross/fix-nbval
e604947beba Merge pull request #123859 from AndersonTorres/new-emacs-modes
15a95d34663 Merge pull request #123870 from beardhatcode/bump/nextcloud
56fc40adfe5 Merge pull request #122893 from piegamesde/update-appservice-irc
630b43c77fb Merge pull request #123864 from jonringer/bump-pybids
5dbd28d7541 Merge pull request #123009 from deviant/fix-mailman-doc-links
77be0fbd819 ipinfo: 1.1.4 -> 1.1.5
455832e090d python3Packages.nbval: Skip failing tests
ea422282d68 Merge pull request #123869 from plumelo/feature/avocode-fix
9eac827b9f7 Merge pull request #122730 from johnrichardrinehart/pkgs/development/tools/wally-cli/default.nix
38b6fd832ab Merge pull request #123879 from jojosch/matrix-synapse-plugin-mjolnir-antispam
aa8e75fd2db Merge pull request #123887 from chivay/bump-karton-asciimagic
27ae58a7215 Merge pull request #123908 from Ma27/bump-grafana
908017d33b2 openconnect_pa: remove, integrated in openconnect upstream
5d05391846d Merge pull request #123823 from misuzu/test-driver-usb-boot-speedup
da4a86ac3d0 Merge pull request #123366 from dotlambda/linphone-ffmpeg
5efa447c885 Merge master into staging-next
b65a64086f8 libsForQt5.applet-window-buttons: 0.8.1 -> 0.9.0 (#122611)
68f959ddef1 Merge pull request #121825 from dotlambda/drf-jwt-init
26b8f68c2de Merge pull request #123907 from asymmetric/vimPlugins.vim-wordmotion
fc527055120 Merge pull request #123700 from humancalico/tremor-bump
5cd5b9b97fa Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging-next
fba98bad715 gitlab-runner: 13.11.0 -> 13.12.0 (#123871)
6000f420e8c nixos/znc: fixed chown not working after hardening (#123883)
86ee847aafc grafana: 7.5.6 -> 7.5.7
2a215dc423f vimPlugins.vim-wordmotion: init at 2021-04-25
9e6d402e46b vimPlugins: update
43b1fda32c5 nextcloud-client: 3.2.1 -> 3.2.1
a7de6d3c890 tremor-rs: 0.11.1 -> 0.11.2
5be91dcf84b matrix-synapse-plugins.matrix-synapse-mjolnir-antispam: init at 0.1.17
c00d0d7d2f8 Merge pull request #123791 from dotlambda/pika-backup-0.3.1
b418c1ebba7 Merge pull request #123882 from thoughtpolice/nixpkgs/update/kind
edc01ad50bc Merge pull request #123884 from marsam/update-internetarchive
289f685fda0 Merge pull request #123695 from maxeaubrey/nomad_1.0.6_1.1.0
e9cca93bf9b Merge pull request #121778 from talyz/keycloak-security
7b76e495df6 Merge pull request #121493 from evils/clementine
7a2a68316ee Merge pull request #123898 from edolstra/revert-nix-experimental
62ee635d533 Replace nixFlakes -> nixUnstable
49c22083b92 nixFlakes: Turn into an alias
21bfd3bbce1 Revert nixFlake / nixExperimental (#120141)
224df6940f0 nixos/mastodon: use rails command instead of rake
878f011d8da mastodon: migrate from NodeJS 12 to 14
199690337d2 mastodon: migrate from ruby 2.7 to 3.0
dfd9d996e23 mastodon: 3.3.0 -> 3.4.0
433a9f8f85b kubie: 0.13.4 -> 0.14.1 (#123746)
929b12e7b5b Merge master into staging-next
c455f3ccaf7 Merge pull request #123084 from Yarny0/hylafax
7cb549910c9 Merge pull request #123891 from happysalada/alacritty_fix_darwin_build
4de07e96815 alacritty: fix darwin build;
aa8753219da Merge pull request #123880 from marsam/update-ruby-packages
1085be22334 moodle: 3.10.2 -> 3.11 (#123877)
2d8a8708130 keycloak.tests: Test HTTPS support
ba00b0946ea nixos/keycloak: Split certificatePrivateKeyBundle into two options
dbf91bc2f12 nixos/keycloak: keycloak.database* -> keycloak.database.*
83e406e97ab nixos/keycloak: frontendUrl always needs to be suffixed with /
58614f84162 nixos/keycloak: Add myself to maintainers
d748c86389d nixos/keycloak: Improve readablility by putting executables in PATH
8309368e4c2 nixos/keycloak: Set umask before copying sensitive files
c2bebf4ee2e nixos/keycloak: Improve bash error handling
d6727d28e1c nixos/keycloak: Set the postgresql database password securely
d7e1537f176 pythonPackages.karton-asciimagic: 1.0.1 -> 1.1.0
d3ad6d42cad Merge pull request #123713 from Mindavi/git/cross-compilation
91f80841dc9 Merge pull request #123885 from primeos/chromiumDev
17c9c7f179a Merge pull request #123878 from dotlambda/pytube-10.8.2
6581cd7f5c2 chromiumDev: 92.0.4503.0 -> 92.0.4512.4
ac3f3a9fd06 Merge pull request #123817 from primeos/signal-desktop
bc9bb977d2f kind: 0.10.0 -> 0.11.0
879b05b3af7 python3Packages.pytube: 10.8.1 -> 10.8.2
50af5ebc0ab Merge pull request #123857 from marsam/update-terraform-lsp
5bb0fb6963f pika-backup: 0.3.0 -> 0.3.1
33dbd881ce7 Merge pull request #123872 from stephank/fix-qemu-darwin
fa4aa725084 nextcloud: add preInstall and postInstall hook calls
049ecc9716d erlang-ls: use rebar3Relx
72795f8c0bd rebar3Relx: add beamDeps support
ac9b6450210 rebar3: apply erlang/rebar3#2552 as patch
abfa43101ae Merge pull request #123856 from marsam/update-pg_auto_failover
acb7a605e21 poppler: drop patches already contained in src
44a41a2e11d qemu: fix darwin build
63542dbf0a9 nextcloud: 21.0.1 -> 21.0.2
d10236eb201 Merge pull request #123515 from savannidgerinel/savanni/1password-8.0.34-stable
2b12bace863 Merge master into staging-next
eb202693539 Merge pull request #123837 from rnhmjoj/qute
80f883b71fc Merge pull request #123724 from johnae/qutebrowser-pipewire
01f0665aacd avocode: add missing deps
720de418f70 _1password-gui: 8.0.33-52 -> 8.0.34
9e0b82e5f2e 0.6.0 -> 0.7.0
1d5e8ebc58e 7.1.1 -> 7.2.0
ac5eb5dfe1d 17.1.0 -> 18.0.0
c60dcf051c6 1.0.0 -> 2.0.0
b32196a731a 16.1.0 -> 18.0.0
53ff3ac49b3 0.9.0 -> 1.0.0
9b29b8a2bef 0.1.0 -> 1.0.0
8223bed6f9f 18.0.0 -> 19.0.0
a761fd804fa 1.0.0 -> 2.0.0
bf75ec53f80 9.0.0 -> 10.0.0
106b2ce4b76 1.0.0 -> 2.0.0
848ca49051b 0.2.0 -> 1.0.0
aa5105f8394 6.2.0 -> 6.3.0
b01b40f4286 0.3.0 -> 1.0.0
68d3a916af1 1.0.0 -> 6.0.0
7a405ec11f7 ytmdesktop: init at 1.13.0
d2f38e49a9c Small modifications to manual-packages.nix
94d25cd555f 1.5.0 -> 1.6.0
4169de4e2c3 4.1.1 -> 4.2.0
cc811c11f7f 1.13.0 -> 1.14.0
96e0fd05297 python3Packages.pybids: 0.12.4 -> 0.13
97e35935225 python3Packages.xdg: 5.0.1 -> 5.0.2
6b15fdce86e Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging-next
d91a058e75f flexget: 3.1.121 -> 3.1.127
4a355295089 python38Packages.internetarchive: 2.0.2 -> 2.0.3
ab1302a32a5 rubocop: alias to rubyPackages.rubocop
b9c3590ee25 rubyPackages: update
b620a19ae7b Fixup shell-command-plus spurious reinsertion
0c45fe305bf elpa-packages: updated at 2021-05-21
da004087c69 melpa-packages: updated at 2021-05-21
d92d1799d92 org-packages: updated at 2021-05-20
70a5cbc2987 Rename emacs-modes to emacs/elisp-packages
788deaad9db ion: unstable-2020-03-22 -> unstable-2020-05-10
ceb8edb3698 rustup: fix darwin build
97335842d1a rustup: nixpkgs-fmt
f38ba786c1c Merge pull request #123850 from marsam/update-ncspot
22c86a04669 sageWithDoc: fix static asset deduplication
874d1aba740 sageWithDoc: update test for sphinx 3.5
cd9e8e284c7 sage: fix deprecation warning from matplotlib upgrade
211fee9c437 pull request template: cleanup (#117537)
e2b75baceaa sudo-font: 0.52 -> 0.53.1
6bad8a5633d Merge pull request #123707 from leotaku/update-netdata
4df40363489 rustup: 1.24.1 -> 1.24.2
0f8ef5f82ff metasploit: 6.0.44 -> 6.0.45
507133e9d39 sd-switch: 0.2.1 -> 0.2.2
92e5ef2735e Merge pull request #123844 from lsix/freeipmi-1.6.8
8cb96583e2d linuxPackages_5_12.rtl88xxau-aircrack: fix build
d42cd445dde Merge pull request #123618 from r-ryantm/auto-update/cloudflared
1f065cafc98 libextractor: use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3 (#123344)
2f3da3eb817 qutebrowser: 2.2.1 -> 2.2.2
16f2ed30d24 clojure: ->
aaa5b24921e agi: 1.1.0-dev-20210514 -> 1.1.0-dev-20210517
51442865316 esbuild: 0.11.23 -> 0.12.0
d6f68269def cicero-tui: 0.2.0 -> 0.2.1
44456990614 libvdpau-va-gl: drop obsolete ffmpeg_3 dependency (#123757)
644f7ba293e flyctl: 0.0.217 -> 0.0.220
354538f5075 codeql: 2.5.4 -> 2.5.5
4441869c301 dex-oidc: 2.27.0 -> 2.28.1
3bf7a41ddcc caddy: 2.4.0 -> 2.4.1
11d02ad0384 latte-dock: 0.9.11 -> 0.9.12
81283187aaa doppler: 3.24.4 -> 3.25.0
7e54c9b956d pdns-recursor: 4.4.3 -> 4.5.1
c695c26df20 liquidsoap: fix build, add missing zlib
f895299d0c7 monero-gui: ->
4d6adac3d78 polkadot: 0.9.1 -> 0.9.2
c6715f2fb82 maintainers: add malvo
cf5e5fe76db soju: init at 0.1.2
13186d18106 clementine: add stuff not found by config
54ce28e88b0 clementine: nixpkgs-fmt
ab3b7e2a12e clementine: fetch patch to fix wayland execution
af5882a94e4 freeipmi: 1.6.7 -> 1.6.8
c96586d63f4 nixos/noisetorch: init
644aff8eab1 wt: 4.2.0 -> 4.5.0
dfe77a81af9 Merge pull request #123180 from zeri42/zod-version-bump
6afabc7d4ed maintainers: add lgcl
6e2c8555ee8 Merge pull request #123777 from evils/element-wayland
b2319b086cf nixos/test-driver: use usb-ehci controller instead of piix3-usb-uhci
9ae7b7e7062 Merge pull request #123655 from evils/vnstat
d65876bd06d Merge pull request #123621 from JamieMagee/nzbhydra
075586b488b mycrypto: 1.7.13 -> 1.7.16
0cd34b70ead manim: use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3
00019c68476 cmusfm: 2020-07-23 -> 2021-05-19
ea5ae1d92ff slirp4netns: 1.1.9 -> 1.1.10
0617c9ea212 libslirp: 4.4.0 -> 4.5.0
2680cfcb591 nwjs: use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3
af0a54285ed nixos/terraria: open ports in the firewall
9b0d67c40e2 trivy: 0.18.1 -> 0.18.2
dcfb6aeb9fc ats-acc: init at 2018-10-21
dbaa9757459 nerdctl: 0.8.1 -> 0.8.2
ed2314c17e8 gopro: use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3
00d82af612f zulip-term: add notify-send to $PATH
0761e0dfe18 python3Packages.zulip: 0.7.1 -> 0.8.0
f05843956da julia-mono: 0.037 -> 0.039
8af880c70b8 Merge #123775: thunderbird*: 78.10.1 -> 78.10.2
0d5fa1cff3e Merge pull request #120622 from symphorien/duplicity-master
320bb842dab Merge pull request #122859 from symphorien/kdeconnect-buttons
e274a791edc jellyfin: 10.7.2 -> 10.7.5
9af8a86bc94 jellyfin-web: 10.7.2 -> 10.7.5
a7ccfa062cc jellyfin: build from source
7ab48fedf60 jellyfin-web: init at 10.7.2
bd9341ff398 orca-c: explicitly call `preInstall` & `postInstall` hooks during `installPhase`
3d8c13ccd49 orca-c: use `postPatch` instead of overriding `patchPhase`
81fa319f6d7 orca-c: git-2020-05-01 -> git-2021-02-13
30c021fa159 Merge pull request #123744 from hercules-ci/init-ghostunnel
9262685d3b8 Merge pull request #123813 from mjlbach/matrix_nio_0_18_1
c50b59f7f10 linuxPackages.rtl88x2bu: switch to more maintained fork
4b6673216f0 ffmpeg-full: fix darwin build
9eafeb243ac pythonPackages.pysmf: fix build with python 3.9
f49504d95fd linuxPackages.rtl8821au: switch to a more maintained fork
0ae4eb262b4 delve: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.1
34a05e29f11 Merge master into staging-next
52770ccd465 Correct a typo in python-modules/mox3
108a8bde630 Merge pull request #123643 from Lassulus/solanum
2a03e9a8f41 signal-desktop: 5.1.0 -> 5.2.0
3cbc9824a35 solanum: 2020-12-14 -> 2021-04-27
8803c45998d virt-manager: add tests
d2faff3f67f Merge pull request #123816 from Profpatsch/ultrastardx-really-use-ffmpeg4
eb46753560c linux_xanmod: 5.11.16 -> 5.12.5
c8c7d0c4484 ultrastardx: really don’t use ffmpeg_3
ddb752acfcc libofx: 0.10.1 -> 0.10.2
7b361f15255 Merge pull request #123475 from dotlambda/xscast-ffmpeg
279da0abc22 pythonPackages.matrix-nio: 0.18.0 -> 0.18.1
f3bacf60ccc Merge pull request #123787 from primeos/chromiumBeta
1a6adab64f8 buildah: 1.20.1 -> 1.21.0
5017db6db01 wslu: init at 3.2.3
b5394fe57fa coordgenlibs: 2.0.2 -> 2.0.3
57c248ec73a bitcoin-unlimited: ->
3b0cf296404 Merge pull request #122642 from fitzgibbon/dev/init-gnome-inform7
274ec210155 gsl: cap MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET at 10.16
14f3686af1d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging-next
8aac6d8daf5 linuxPackages.rtl8812au: add myself as maintainer, cleanup
24f13758b9f gtk2: cap MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET at 10.16
59579ed4fa3 python3Packages.dbus-python: cap MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET at 10.16
86cf41abc15 onedrive: 2.4.10 -> 2.4.11
e27062982ee cava: 0.7.3 -> 0.7.4
f4a7efd3de1 Merge pull request #123790 from r-ryantm/auto-update/bind
2abcc9b3f9d deepspeech,stt: deprecate deepspeech in favor of stt
33b0e0d7920 deepspeech: rename to stt
520b4a84967 nixos: convert netatalk to settings-style configuration
70564a6853a helmsman: 3.6.10 -> 3.6.11
29b92903aee liblinphone: 4.5.1 -> 4.5.15
9172a9d3b6d gnome-inform7: init at unstable-2021-04-06
a5eee47d7f4 fx_cast_bridge: 0.0.7 -> 0.1.2 (#121963)
a37d157601e Merge pull request #123052 from xoe-labs/da-test-vm-innteractive-log-switch
8b5ee08d61d matcha-gtk-theme: 2021-04-09 -> 2021-05-20
e581a550941 mediastreamer: use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3
2d166601af4 rmapi: 0.0.13 -> 0.0.15 (#123672)
565c83c7a84 abcmidi: 2021.05.10 -> 2021.05.19 (#123792)
61f412a75ff Merge pull request #123781 from 06kellyjac/boundary
2f2e8a0009e boundary: 0.2.1 -> 0.2.2
a75e32a0d07 zod: add scaling factor
1d58c8b095a zod: 2011-03-18 -> 2011-09-06
d0335f16b5b bind: 9.16.15 -> 9.16.16
91f76f9fec2 Merge pull request #123752 from mweinelt/tts
a5e7467ea1b Merge pull request #123464 from FliegendeWurst/renpy-ffmpeg4
57983646b17 chromiumBeta: 91.0.4472.57 -> 91.0.4472.69
e018962dd4c skopeo: 1.2.3 -> 1.3.0
633a60c281f Merge pull request #123465 from FliegendeWurst/devede-ffmpeg4
1c9f8e4a14f Merge pull request #123721 from fabaff/bump-ipinfo
1f0fd6dbe45 i2pd: 2.37.0 -> 2.38.0
edf45520ba4 Merge pull request #123693 from mayflower/matrix-openssl
58c0175dfed jackett: 0.18.15 -> 0.18.95
dc9cb63de4c nixos/ghostunnel: init
76993d0b76d ghostunnel: init at 1.5.3
57acb6f9f7d Merge pull request #123598 from pschyska/master
76a7840f5f4 Merge pull request #117275 from hercules-ci/nixosTest-remove-nixpkgs-commit-hash
59f9ab3337d retroshare: drop (#123345)
a13af07cc27 Merge pull request #123764 from r-ryantm/auto-update/bemenu
2bab7f632d7 gh: 1.10.1 -> 1.10.2
d61cf2be364 Merge pull request #123581 from veprbl/pr/bibutils_enable_darwin
145658a40f8 Merge pull request #123638 from veprbl/pr/libAfterImage_fixes
becc715b897 element-desktop: set dbus default for firefox
602a6372a56 qutebrowser: enable pipewire/webrtc (for wayland screensharing)
c03bb4d8126 Merge pull request #108138 from Lassulus/yarn2nix_move
607a5e77245 reproxy: 0.5.1 -> 0.6.0
aaf8d15a6b2 alacritty: 0.7.2 -> 0.8.0
7a714e8ed29 qtwebengine: enable pipewire/webrtc
213cde9203c Merge pull request #108348 from rencire/add-hid-nintendo
36bdd752d61 use version number as rev for git source
f461c82d974 bump to newest mix2nix version and move elixir to nativeBuildInputs
02e934e94d0 fix typo in maintainers list
ed79a663599 use `teams.beam.members` to add beam team to maintainers
40da7cda407 mix2nix: init at 0.1.2
b34ab9683ce wlc: init at 1.11
99a856c4880 python38Packages.grpcio-tools: 1.37.1 -> 1.38.0
947193bd02a terraform-lsp: 0.0.10 -> 0.0.12
0d8f0cc8d4c postgresqlPackages.pg_auto_failover: 1.5.1 -> 1.5.2
2c4b1b6a755 ncspot: 0.7.0 -> 0.7.1
04e18727c4f grpc: 1.37.1 -> 1.38.0
4d6ce1c397f bemenu: 0.5.0 -> 0.6.0
725b301206e python3Packages.segments: stop maintaining the package
1dce06f8c55 python3Packages.phonemizer: stop maintaining the package
66da2a69b42 tts: 0.0.13 -> 0.0.14
5c5d56f084c python3Packages.coqpit: init at
259e3fc46f9 Merge pull request #123636 from fortuneteller2k/rtl8821cu
7fe78d4f9ef openmw-tes3mp: unstable-2019-11-19 -> unstable-2020-08-07
5c87334112e openmw: ffmpeg_3 -> ffmpeg
a9f4acc8382 Merge pull request #123736 from risicle/ris-hdbscan-disable-flaky-test
c5ef8754262 wayland: broken for darwin
6f8df056f3f Merge pull request #123677 from marsam/update-nodejs
80fcac0b311 helmfile: 0.139.3 -> 0.139.6
62b840ba3fb Merge pull request #123614 from marsam/update-pgvector
480984e6968 python3Packages.cirq: 0.10.0 -> 0.11.0
1018fa91f6f python3Packages.cirq-google: init at 0.11.0
3b56b0d384b python3Packages.cirq-core: init at 0.11.0
fe2e2b8761d Merge pull request #123734 from maxeaubrey/terraform_0.15.4
b84ce9991c7 spotdl: disable tests
4e0014145c9 python3Packages.ytmusicapi: 0.16.0 -> 0.17.1
0ef5ecddd38 python3Packages.nassl: fix build
0d6b6931b77 rubyPackages.ruby-libvirt: fix build with ruby 3.x
a173c163016 Merge pull request #123730 from fabaff/bump-aioshelly
62415602363 python3Packages.hdbscan: disable flaky tests
4aaa0593db4 Merge pull request #123660 from prusnak/octant
f06e539ef44 megacmd: temporarily remove ffmpeg dependency (#123711)
a20dd346002 ffmpeg_3: mark as insecure (#123496)
d2f2e638a94 openjfx11: use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3 (#123500)
f6d57e237a3 terraform_0_15: 0.15.3 -> 0.15.4
b0b97660af6 Merge pull request #123667 from markuskowa/upd-molcas
3d6cd4343c1 Merge pull request #123455 from jnetod/zhf-vdirsyncer
1abb2283893 Merge pull request #123473 from stephank/fix-opencl-clang-darwin
e9bfad8f6af chia: init at 1.1.5
74365e4ff1a pythonPackages.concurrent-log-handler: init at 0.9.19
134b5f5af8f pythonPackages.clvm-tools: init at 0.4.3
fe3f4115fc3 pythonPackages.clvm: init at 0.9.6
07841681efa pythonPackages.clvm-rs: init at 0.1.7
ffdf830cdde pythonPackages.blspy: init at 1.0.2
d4fdd9a19cf pythonPackages.keyrings-cryptfile: init at 1.3.4
19b3863ba70 pythonPackages.chiabip158: init at 1.0
cef1166a10a pythonPackages.chiavdf: init at 1.0.1
a8d87bf2e32 pythonPackages.chiapos: init at 1.0.1
bdad3518422 maintainers: add chia team
13484444d4b ghc-filesystem: init at 1.5.4
3f3cec6d9e0 clickhouse: ->
274a71f262b solc: make darwin friendly
b6b335f977e Merge pull request #123604 from mweinelt/esphome
27056f591da python3Packages.aioshelly: 0.6.2 -> 0.6.3
dbfdb519332 Merge pull request #123663 from prusnak/electron-aarch64-darwin
8e9d803bac9 Fix description for services.kubernetes.addonManager.enable (#71448)
68c618cba38 opensmtpd-filter-rspamd: init at 0.1.7 (#122823)
a2e7d49882c Merge pull request #123681 from markuskowa/upd-ucx
1fab055b92b Merge pull request #123669 from mweinelt/prometheus
0fb00de6a5b Merge pull request #123586 from dpausp/grafana-7.5.6
6fd00052268 ipinfo: 1.1.2 -> 1.1.4
da5310f82e2 retroarchBare: use ffmpeg instead of ffmpeg_3 (#123514)
029d53dbf93 r2mod_cli: 1.0.7 -> 1.2.0
b40b6620a01 bacon: fix darwin build
2987d66d0f9 llvmPackages_11.compiler-rt: fix build on x86_64-darwin
090f0937fbd Merge pull request #123089 from Thesola10/dduper
84afb3a1673 libidn2: fix build on darwin
5833277e952 freetds: 1.2.18 -> 1.2.21
c19709dd916 Merge pull request #123290 from eliasp/init-plasma-sdk
d2e042866e9 netdata: Remove patch which is already present in new release
4826ef3c777 metals: 0.10.2 → 0.10.3
5b1acc28de5 pythonPackages.karton-autoit-ripper: 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1
703579f722f python3Packages.cryptography: add missing libiconv build dependency on darwin
457e319a2a5 pantheon.elementary-calculator: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.1
7dda632e2b2 git: support cross-compilation by disabling perl support
8a5e4be6b6e Merge master into staging-next
3806f9c9912 Merge pull request #123269 from fabaff/locationsharinglib
21c1af4d0bd pythonPackages.fastpair : Updated version and pytest enabled
420b0fa3788 nixos/nebula: Add release notes
4751744636e hdparm: 9.60 -> 9.61
402f6906e47 dnsproxy: 0.37.3 -> 0.37.4
39606216e85 Merge pull request #123704 from mweinelt/home-assistant
3d71a65d9c1 earthly: 0.5.12 -> 0.5.13
54a5d419685 agi: 1.1.0-dev-20210513 -> 1.1.0-dev-20210514
4035ff22b2f netdata: 1.30.1 -> 1.31.0
159a7e6bf44 fixup! pythonPackages.karton-yaramatcher: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1
fd0e3970503 pythonPackages.karton-yaramatcher: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1
c1f8a15dac0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging-next
b73f621c259 blobfuse: Bump version, separately build cpplite
36d0bcdca89 xvfb-run: mark as linux-only
90e52050858 pythonnet: 2.4.0 -> 2.5.2
3165afca112 valentina: downgrade qt to 5.12
b343a40f994 gtk-sharp: fix build
7af24d098cd scenebuilder: fix build error
5e52c3706cf linuxPackages.rtl8821ce: mark broken for aarch64
ae67ae86cc9 home-assistant: 2021.5.4 -> 2021.5.5
066fb63b028 Merge pull request #123553 from DavHau/zhf-clickhouse-driver
08cad391fdc python3Packages.hatasmota: 0.2.12 -> 0.2.13
eaf59b9de36 Merge pull request #123456 from mweinelt/home-assistant-tests
aac7a911311 Merge pull request #123641 from fabaff/bump-pysonos
69202853ea8 nixos/nsd: make nsd-checkconf work when configuration contains keys
a4a35cdb0de Merge pull request #123658 from rhoriguchi/gnomeExtensions.fuzzy-app-search
446c97f96f9 Merge pull request #123355 from Ma27/bump-matrix-synapse
bbc6b503999 Merge pull request #123530 from figsoda/luaformatter
a3594e0e19a Merge pull request #123520 from figsoda/macchina
f7ed00be133 Merge pull request #123689 from prusnak/bcal
ff2f08080e0 Merge pull request #123591 from hercules-ci/update-podman-compose
74bf82a202e Merge pull request #122784 from hercules-ci/nixpkgs-init-nixos-install-tools
1cd5a7c80d0 argo: 3.0.3 -> 3.0.4
a9b5556d30f gensio: 2.2.4 -> 2.2.5
3b34293b284 gnomeExtensions.fuzzy-app-search: 4 -> 4.0.1
700ee75d227 nomad_1_1: init at 1.1.0
bb25fce9ae1 nomad_1_0: 1.0.5 -> 1.0.6
f26200f3b85 matrix-synapse: add openssl to buildInputs
6996896b488 bcal: cleanup package, enable aarch64-darwin build
07c93061aac luaformatter: 1.3.5 -> 1.3.6
a858f1a90d7 Merge pull request #123507 from jtojnar/no-flatpak-guipkgs
6cf64704297 Merge pull request #122624 from collares/pari-2.13
e392df43c9f python3Packages.zeroconf: 0.30.0 -> 0.31.0 (#123567)
c21dd339538 Merge pull request #123609 from berbiche/cagebreak-use-waylands-utils-in-test
633b9193d0c Merge pull request #123629 from dasj19/adwaita-qt-update
788306b573f ucx: 1.10.0 -> 1.10.1
3aaa5c80ab4 gh: 1.10.0 -> 1.10.1
5e7aac4bd3f Merge pull request #123670 from chivay/bump-config-extractor
04433209910 Merge pull request #123661 from chivay/bump-classifier
38646ec80d9 Merge pull request #123662 from chivay/bump-karton-asciimagic
397c3ac236c Merge pull request #123664 from chivay/bump-mwdb-reporter
4889f36592b Merge pull request #123666 from chivay/bump-dashboard
41b485f7c4a dune.nix: Include dune version in warning when dune is not supported
41c7fa448fb nixos/duplicity: add options to exercise all possible verbs
e62ec73827b Merge pull request #123674 from prusnak/trezor-suite
bfaeb1bdd7d libAfterImage: compile against libX11
0b6dcc02cd2 libAfterImage: build shared libs by default
76bf46af751 zuki-themes: 3.36-4 -> 3.38-1
40f276c07d4 openmolcas: 20.10 -> 21.02
376eabdac3c Merge pull request #123254 from rnhmjoj/ipsec
612c30ac03d trezor-suite: 21.4.1 -> 21.5.1
74b0ac3e88a vnstat: 2.6 -> 2.7
de89bddf7eb prometheus: 2.26.0 -> 2.27.1
a44c74b37ff pythonPackages.karton-config-extractor: 2.0.0 -> 2.0.1
e80e36702b5 pythonPackages.karton-dashboard: 1.1.0 -> 1.2.0
7d97cbdacf9 pythonPackages.karton-mwdb-reporter: 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1
9fcdd5557a8 electron: enable aarch64-darwin build (for electron 11+)
c61d3ab21bc pythonPackages.karton-asciimagic: 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1
dce2a7a763d adwaita-qt: 1.1.4 -> 1.3.0
a13dd7dde74 pythonPackages.karton-classifier: 1.0.0 -> 1.1.0
7013a0f2791 runc: 1.0.0-rc94 -> 1.0.0-rc95
f99ff01e70b octant: enable aarch64-darwin build
a6b4be87755 Merge pull request #123526 from fabaff/bump-gdu
7973682137c Merge pull request #122686 from fabaff/fix-requests-http-signature
96d42f122f7 Merge pull request #123248 from r-ryantm/auto-update/gitlab-pages
ac659d17023 Merge pull request #122534 from r-ryantm/auto-update/jackett
9613c8c0f38 Merge pull request #123652 from fabaff/bump-brother
5bbdc24b2a9 Merge pull request #123597 from hercules-ci/issue-123572
9784a04d665 python3Packages.requests-http-signature: 0.1.0 -> 0.2.0
d33553a4cca Merge pull request #123223 from fabaff/cleanup-flask-appbuilder
14f54a8b3c6 tests.trivial: Add meta
8bb4cc751eb podman-compose: hash nitpicking
82f5c64af70 kdeltachat: unstable-2021-05-16 -> unstable-2021-05-18 (#123575)
41d85072845 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2
d7692cd0d12 linuxPackages.rtl8821cu: switch to a more maintained fork
ea87fc7c63b Merge pull request #123623 from dasj19/gnome-podcasts-dependency
1341338ad41 Merge pull request #123627 from fortuneteller2k/bump-ena
dd0afe0aa29 Merge pull request #123380 from cideM/fix-RcppArmadillo
684158897d9 tinyproxy: 1.10.0 -> 1.11.0 (#122757)
f3ad74ab76f gdu: 4.11.1 -> 4.11.2
3ea04685ce6 Merge pull request #122556 from davidtwco/sphinxcontrib-actdiag-nwdiag-seqdiag-init
f131787bb67 Merge pull request #121708 from talyz/replace-secret
f6e4e2ff413 python3Packages.flask-appbuilder: 3.2.3 -> 3.3.0
380b52c737e nixos/keycloak: Use replace-secret to avoid leaking secrets
88b76d5ef9b nixos/mpd: Use replace-secret to avoid leaking secrets
3a29b7bf5ba nixos/mpdscribble: Use replace-secret to avoid leaking secrets
7842e89bfcd nixos/gitlab: Use replace-secret to avoid leaking secrets
38398fade12 nixos/discourse: Use replace-secret to avoid leaking secrets
27f8f6956a1 replace-secret: Init
1d826752814 python3Packages.pysonos: 0.0.48 -> 0.0.49
7cefeafb114 Merge #122934: krita: add breeze-icons
529e32ba474 python3Packages.pysonos: 0.0.46 -> 0.0.48 (#123537)
060749d44bb Merge pull request #123632 from fortuneteller2k/rtl8814au-broken
3ec06bc2eb2 libAfterImage: don't use weird mmx flags
68cfba1ac69 libAfterImage: unvendor dependencies
f4e14c17968 Merge pull request #123508 from stephank/fix-spacenavd-darwin
9a417aebd64 Merge pull request #123506 from stephank/fix-spacenav-cube-example-darwin
3ef6d5d77cf Merge pull request #123620 from michojel/megasync-no-ffmpeg
4e045f313b5 linuxPackages.rtl8814au: move to a more maintained fork
9d57d41c175 linuxPackages.ena: 2.4.1 -> 2.5.0
5b4915fb7a7 Merge pull request #110927 from Izorkin/fix-qemu-ga
8990f68de32 gnome-podcasts: removed cmake from dependencies
1a1beb12165 nodejs-15_x: drop
7b4478eb4a8 nodejs-16_x: 16.1.0 -> 16.2.0
3e8eec9329c nodejs-14_x: 14.16.1 -> 14.17.0
bd02b3a5680 plasma-sdk: init at 5.21.4
76a63de3dc1 kodi-retroarch-advanced-launchers: take `lib` arg
3396ba048de nzbhydra2: refactor
b275ddd6a1b megasync: temporarily remove ffmpeg dependency
761f95efa6a Merge pull request #123431 from r-ryantm/auto-update/cog
706cdcf5982 deno: fix darwin build
f86e5fa0bc1 cloudflared: 2021.5.6 -> 2021.5.7
58ddbfa71dd Merge pull request #118395 from jwygoda/grafana-google-oauth2
d904c14b349 sequoia: 0.24.0 -> 0.25.0
f705d66eaf3 pythonPackages.stem: fix build with python 3.9
12319aa7180 etherape: 0.9.19 -> 0.9.20
5e2cedfae37 nixos/tests/cagebreak: use wayland-info instead of wallutils
b76684aff76 Merge pull request #122719 from NixOS/haskell-updates
667950d4e8b silicon: fix build error
35220510333 hackage2nix: Mark failing builds broken
29c7d3c40a1 Merge pull request #123602 from jonringer/mark-ati-broken
721c8ab3074 haskell.compiler.ghcHEAD: disable Hydra build on aarch64-linux
e3f825bdc21 texlab: fix darwin build
12103ae09fb t-rec: fix darwin build
6be9a813633 esphome: 1.17.2 -> 1.18.0
3f170880861 Merge pull request #123450 from mweinelt/platformio
035434d8d51 vscode-extensions.hashicorp.terraform: 2.10.2 -> 2.11.0
7117588d266 linuxPackages.ati_drivers_x11: remove
7000ae2b9a6 Merge master into staging-next
4e211c1b09e Merge pull request #123584 from r-ryantm/auto-update/kodi-pvr-iptvsimple
a8f71f069fe Merge pull request #123006 from mweinelt/postgresqlbackup-startat
a46bf010969 Merge pull request #123596 from remexre/master
c6dde9d0a16 Merge pull request #121268 from FlorianFranzen/bacon
4c798857e2b Merge pull request #100274 from hax404/prometheus-xmpp-alerts
90b400677b9 Merge pull request #123541 from stephank/fix-xcd-darwin
56e44391ca5 Merge pull request #123545 from stephank/fix-websocat-darwin
03c092579a3 prometheus-xmpp-alerts: apply RFC 42
35406647fd0 tests.trivial: Avoid evaluation and ${pkgs.path} dep
a43542f2b38 Merge pull request #123552 from stephank/fix-tensor-darwin
813b889fbb5 lispPackages: add --pure to README
d00a9f089b7 lispPackages.generic-cl: init from Quicklisp, lispPackages.trivial-arguments: init from Quicklisp, quicklispPackages: regenerate
c0b364323a9 wally-cli: 2.0.0 -> 2.0.1
8bc4cb7a2e2 Merge pull request #123587 from r-ryantm/auto-update/kea
7f29e5fbcfd Merge pull request #123570 from stephank/fix-heimdall-darwin
a3e558285f0 Merge pull request #123562 from stephank/fix-starspace-darwin
255de2ca302 gh: 1.9.2 -> 1.10.0
82ffc8e6610 Merge pull request #123560 from stephank/fix-sunwait-darwin
81c7dd1dae5 podman-compose: 0.1.5 -> 0.2.0pre-2021-05-18
52833ef8c09 Merge pull request #123365 from dotlambda/opencv-ffmpeg
31e84311660 kea: 1.9.6 -> 1.9.7
2a7c5c78b77 maintainers: add zeri
48eba07cdd3 kodiPackages.pvr-iptvsimple: 7.6.4 -> 7.6.5
1dbb8fa2be2 wagyu: fix darwin build (#123547)
3ac820e157f tachyon: fix darwin build (#123558)
ac582ccd61d grafana: 7.5.2 -> 7.5.6
4b14908706f python3Packages.sequoia: fix build by providing correct libclang output
7a674b03b4f Merge pull request #123540 from stephank/fix-yapesdl-darwin
ca669d438fb Merge pull request #123543 from stephank/fix-cc65-darwin
b0e2820ae21 ocamlPackages.luv: 0.5.7 -> 0.5.8
e21b6189341 Merge pull request #123550 from stephank/fix-trunk-darwin
ab205c5de10 vimPlugins: restore aliases
b75ce20dfa4 bibutils: enable on darwin
8c5fd78d0b9 bibutils: support static builds
50028940ce6 Merge pull request #123568 from stephank/fix-jumanpp-darwin
0f2364e7c21 Merge pull request #123565 from stephank/fix-sqlar-darwin
de88b4b677d Merge pull request #123559 from stephank/fix-svd2rust-darwin
abbbeaf42a9 Revert "libgcc: use glibc major and minor version but not the patch level"
a459e511746 glibc: restore version passthru
0f03634ad78 Merge pull request #123461 from danieldk/spacy-3.0.6
84078e61654 sqlar: fix darwin build
21d7a60cefe Merge pull request #123566 from stephank/fix-spnavcfg-darwin
5d22db3c5e8 stdenv/darwin: add bootstrap tools for aarch64-darwin
a4c431da35f Merge pull request #123531 from mweinelt/terminals
4731287e190 heimdall: fix non-GUI build on darwin
06b0d82dd45 jumanpp: fix darwin build
de8dbb21fbf pin to icu68
56f0c92fadf pyicu: 2.6 -> 2.7.1
92d0a489e0d spnavcfg: fix darwin build
503669d23a6 Merge master into staging-next
7c0c956a57d starspace: fix darwin build
73b982e6219 Merge pull request #123518 from tollb/fix/spice-vdagent-gmemdup-deprecation-build-error-20210518a
ca46ad37626 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging-next
755fa6d3b3c sunwait: fix darwin build
a30a3e3cab8 svd2rust: fix darwin build
6bebadb1715 python3Packages.pyatmo: 4.2.2 -> 4.2.3
af3505ca328 clickhouse-driver: unbreak
7fe17847a2a tensor: fix darwin build
5c3b09aecb8 trunk: fix darwin build
ed95b50a7bc Merge pull request #122492 from MetaDark/ccache
58959f9d2da Merge pull request #123485 from r-ryantm/auto-update/cargo-release
8e713d34d87 websocat: fix darwin build
e726f8034fc cc65: fix darwin build
6be706bbe5d Merge pull request #123503 from stephank/fix-samblaster-darwin
ca1e28f2827 Merge pull request #123499 from stephank/fix-rig-darwin
f877d110221 Merge pull request #123495 from stephank/fix-prometheus-unbound-exporter-darwin
a088175a267 Merge pull request #121546 from superherointj/package-firebird
1a1867b9e93 Merge pull request #123505 from stephank/fix-simple-http-server-darwin
037e51702ec nixos/services/foldingathome: Add an option to set the "nice level" (#122864)
be1e5f9698b haskellPackages.futhark: use python3 instead of python37
2865e9837c0 Merge pull request #123504 from stephank/fix-silicon-darwin
fdca59b107e xcd: fix darwin build
47a1b5e57fe yapesdl: fix darwin build
7458dcd956c Merge pull request #75242 from mkg20001/cjdns-fix
2c6cb5334e3 starboard-octant-plugin: 0.10.0 -> 0.10.3
7d9b6264b4a ocamlPackages.containers: 3.0.1 → 3.4
c7e74545ee3 haskellPackages: fix eval of configuration-nix.nix
6205c47b025 rxvt, mrxvt, eterm: Mark vulnerable to unexpected command execution
d6c64b2816f rxvt-unicode: 9.22 -> 9.26
40f26dfd652 Merge pull request #123532 from mkg20001/blessfix
f4c038f0302 haskellPackages: disable failing doctests on aarch64
3e6d8a74afc lxqt-build-tools: fix darwin detection
f7a112f6c44 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging-next
de83b9baffa Merge pull request #122712 from AndersonTorres/adoption
cbaa1c8a598 haskellPackages.hw-prim-bits: restrict to x86
a9a5465f849 haskellPackages.inline-asm: restrict to x86
d189df235ae Merge pull request #122241 from dotlambda/znc-harden
e0e6ce7385d spice-vdagent: fix build error with glib > 2.68
7409f9bab37 services.cjdns: add missing, optional login & peerName attribute
903665f31c5 nixos/self-deploy: init (#120940)
6ca9ae4e06f Merge pull request #123528 from dasj19/gnome-podcasts-update
21ac35737ef bless: 0.6.2 -> 0.6.3
c4a2f86ebef Merge pull request #123521 from mkg20001/gtk-2-fix
1473a2bf1a5 python3Packages.flufl_lock: fix darwin build
362ca085100 Merge pull request #123448 from mweinelt/phosh-pam
6dcd2949f03 Merge pull request #123516 from r-ryantm/auto-update/find-cursor
f95953424c9 haskellPackages: add some arm-related issues to unsupported-platforms
84f49ed51fd haskellPackages.iniline-asm: only test on x86
d640ce886a8 haskellPackages.{blake3,seqalign,crc32c}: restrict platforms to x86
a3fd86a3ba0 haskellPackages: disable some more failing doctests on aarch64
27cc2b105f9 home-assistant: enable tests for components with packaged dependencies
c53ab92c047 python3Packages.pyflume: 0.6.4 -> 0.7.0
344573771e7 home-assistant: pin pylast at 4.2.0
a1a1a6b1dfa home-assistant: pin pyopenuv at 1.0.13
89631e4df2b gnome-podcasts: 0.4.8 -> 0.4.9
1a1ae37287e pythonPackages.v…
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