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dezgeg commented Jan 9, 2017 edited

As a first step of adding some common updater script implementations, this PR adds a script to automate patching the version and sha256 fields in .nix files. It currently uses the hacky way of replacing the existing hash with an invalid one and parsing the proper hash from the error message. When NixOS/nix#1172 is fixed, nix-build --hash can be used.

Now, others have proposed (and used) different and arguably cleaner approaches than patching the .nix files, like generating separate JSON files for sources (e.g. #21734). But from a pragmatic point of view, we already have thousands of packages using the traditional "version/sha in .nix file" style, so it likely makes sense to make the tooling work with those instead of trying to convert all of them.

cc @garbas for the tp_smapi stuff and @taku0 for the Firefox/Thunderbird stuff. Also @edolstra for the general approach & locations of the scripts.

For easier testing, here are the same commits + the relevant packages downgraded: https://github.com/dezgeg/nixpkgs/commits/updater-downgraded


@dezgeg, thanks for your PR! By analyzing the history of the files in this pull request, we identified @taku0, @garbas and @FRidh to be potential reviewers.

taku0 commented Jan 9, 2017

I prefer generating separate JSON file. I should have done so for Firefox/Thunderbird. After all, we need rewrite each packages to adopt updateScript, which may not a simple task. We may need to write a web scraper to know the latest version. Compared to it, rewriting default.nix to using separate JSON file is a simple task.

@dezgeg dezgeg referenced this pull request Jan 9, 2017

add nix-prefetch-source #21734

taku0 commented Jan 9, 2017

Of course, this update script is far better than my ad hoc update script using ed.

dezgeg commented Jan 9, 2017

I think in a large number of cases rewriting the packages is not necessary and things like figuring out the latest version can be automated. E.g. if a package is currently using fetchgit to fetch a particular tag, it's very likely that an automated upgrade could just update to a newer tag in the repo. Similarly, for packages using tarballs all that might be needed is to specify meta.downloadPage and see if there are links to newer tarballs following the same version pattern.

(This is the similar logic what http://monitor.nixos.org/ used to do when it was up and I found it very useful).

- name = "thunderbird";
- sourceSectionRegex = ".";
- basePath = "pkgs/applications/networking/mailreaders/thunderbird";
+ passthru.updateScript = callPackage ./../../browsers/firefox/update.nix {
edolstra Jan 9, 2017 Member

This is an abuse of callPackage. update.nix is not a package...

dezgeg Jan 9, 2017 Contributor

Should we have the same thing under a different name? It's quite painful to duplicate the list of upgrade script dependencies four times.

+#! nix-shell --pure -p bash nix coreutils gawk gnused -i bash
+set -e
+# FIXME: It's dumb that this is needed.
edolstra Jan 9, 2017 Member

Why is this needed?

dezgeg Jan 9, 2017 Contributor

Otherwise this happens (on NixOS):

error: Nix database directory ‘/nix/var/nix/db’ is not writable: Permission denied
./maintainers/scripts/common-updater/update-source-version: error: Couldn't evaluate 'thunderbird.meta.position' to locate the .nix file!
@garbas garbas self-requested a review Jan 9, 2017

i'm not a fan of using nix-shell inside nix-shell. i would rather have this common-scripts become packages in nixpkgs (under some namespace) and which we run them using maintainers/scripts/update.nix

edolstra commented Jan 9, 2017 edited

This looks basically good to me. Having a 90-line shell script full of grep/sed magic is not ideal but that could be improved in the future. (I'm thinking that ideally, we would have nix edit-attr command that would use the evaluator's knowledge of position info in the AST. That could also be useful for editing NixOS configurations programmatically...)

edolstra commented Jan 9, 2017

@garbas I agree.

@dezgeg Regarding callPackage, I think the real issue is abstracting away boilerplate code in update scripts. We really don't want to pass in coreutils etc. in every update script. See my comment here: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/21405/files#r95163181. Such a mkUpdateScript function would presumably also have update-source-version in its default PATH.

@garbas garbas self-assigned this Jan 12, 2017
dezgeg commented Jan 13, 2017

Okay, thank you for the feedback. I've now moved this to pkgs/common-updater/scripts.nix, with the intention of placing the mkUpdateScript function Eelco proposed into pkgs/common-updater/default.nix later on. I have some ideas (and unfinished code) on the overall structure and things like common implementation for updating a fetchFromGitHub package to the latest tag in the repository that I will try to polish up soon-ish.

dezgeg added some commits Dec 31, 2016
@dezgeg dezgeg linuxPackages.tp_smapi: Use common-updater/update-source-version script
This way we have the benefit of the usual Nixpkgs style, and gain a
slight reduction in amount of code in the updater.

Also use callPackage to reduce duplication of the dependencies of the
update script and use makeBinPath to make things neater.
@dezgeg dezgeg maintainers: Add script to patch version/sha256 in .nix files
Adds a script to help automatically upgrading packages: this one can
patch name/version attributes like:
    version = "50.1.0";
    name = "bc-1.06";
... to the given version, and updates the sha256 hash to match.

Usage is:

update-source-version <attr> <new-version> [<new-source-hash>]

    - attr is the attribute path of the package
    - new-version is the version string to be patched in
    - new-source-hash is the optional sha256/etc. hash of the source.
      If not given, the script will automatically calculate it.

This is added to a subdirectory where other useful scripts can be added
in the future, like figuring out the newest version from a git repo or
GitHub releases etc.
@dezgeg dezgeg firefox, thunderbird: Use common-updater/update-source-version script
Replace the custom patching code with the common script.

Also use callPackage and makeBinPath
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