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del #59352

wants to merge 866 commits into from


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commented Apr 12, 2019

(wrong upstream repo, sorry)

veprbl and others added some commits Feb 26, 2019

qt5.qtwebengine: disable platform check using patches
The previous code using substituteInPlace was broken for both 5.9 and
5.11 (latter was broken after a minor release bump). Using patches
should make things fail loudly and prevent modules/qtwebengine.nix from
being littered with version checks.

The patch for 5.12 is only tested to apply.

(cherry picked from commit 1809832)
qt5.qtwebengine: refactor more things to use patches instead of subst…

qt59.qtwebengine doesn't need those fixes (probably since the recent
minor version bump)

(cherry picked from commit ccd1bf6)
qt59.qtwebengine: fix on darwin
This ports a patch that is already used in 5.11. Also one of the
substituteInPlace call fails because a file doesn't exist.

(cherry picked from commit 0624deb)
Merge pull request #58431 from alexbiehl/alex/nix-layers
dockerTools: align generated layer archives with docker's output
(cherry picked from commit 6af3176)
monero: ->
(cherry picked from commit a0a1dc0)
monero-gui: ->
(cherry picked from commit b1d040b)
monero-gui: fix missing qml imports
(cherry picked from commit bbefa95)
kde-applications: 18.12.1 -> 18.12.3
(cherry picked from commit b16b1b3)
Merge pull request #58463 from rnhmjoj/monero-19.03
[19.03] monero: 0.13 -> 0.14
python2Packages.nevow: fix build
(cherry picked from commit 128e6c5)
tahoe-lafs: fix build
(cherry picked from commit ea5f098)
nixos/ldap: rename password file options properly
users.ldap.daemon.rootpwmodpw -> users.ldap.daemon.rootpwmodpwFile
users.ldap.bind.password -> users.ldap.bind.passwordFile

as users.ldap.daemon.rootpwmodpw never was part of a release, no
mkRenamedOptionModule is introduced.

(cherry picked from commit 0a1451a)
nixos/ldap: set proper User= and Group= for nslcd service
eb90d97 broke nslcd, as /run/nslcd was
created/chowned as root user, while nslcd wants to do parts as nslcd

This commit changes the nslcd to run with the proper uid/gid from the
start (through User= and Group=), so the RuntimeDirectory has proper
permissions, too.

In some cases, secrets are baked into nslcd's config file during startup
(so we don't want to provide it from the store).

This config file is normally hard-wired to /etc/nslcd.conf, but we don't
want to use PermissionsStartOnly anymore (#56265), and activation
scripts are ugly, so redirect /etc/nslcd.conf to /run/nslcd/nslcd.conf,
which now gets provisioned inside ExecStartPre=.

This change requires the files referenced to in
users.ldap.bind.passwordFile and users.ldap.daemon.rootpwmodpwFile to be
readable by the nslcd user (in the non-nslcd case, this was already the
case for users.ldap.bind.passwordFile)

fixes #57783

(cherry picked from commit 8817bbe)
kubernetes: 1.13.4 -> 1.13.5
Backport of #58477
(cherry picked from commit e76f30e)
nixos/gitaly: Run gitaly with procps in scope
Gitaly uses `ps` to track the RSS of `gitlab-ruby` and kills it when it
detects excessive memory leakage. See

(cherry picked from commit b90f5f0)
Merge pull request #58468 from worldofpeace/backport/kde-apps-18.12.3
[19.03] kde-applications: 18.12.1 -> 18.12.3
qtikz: fix build
qcollectiongenerator was merged into qhelpgenerator in qt 5.12,

(cherry picked from commit 0b8d40a)
dovecot: ->
fixes CVE-2019-7524

(cherry picked from commit d3ca36b)

Fixed a trivial merge conflict because some intermediate version bumps were
jetbrains.goland: 2018.3.3 -> 2019.1
(cherry picked from commit 862b211)
jetbrains.rider: 2018.3.2 -> 2018.3.4
(cherry picked from commit 68a33fc)
jetbrains.clion: 2018.3.4 -> 2019.1
(cherry picked from commit ead0e93)

@kirelagin kirelagin requested review from ttuegel and zimbatm as code owners Apr 12, 2019

@kirelagin kirelagin changed the title WIP: OPS-435 Reping nixpkgs del Apr 12, 2019

@kirelagin kirelagin closed this Apr 12, 2019

@kirelagin kirelagin deleted the serokell:kirelagin/ops435-repin-nixpkgs branch Apr 12, 2019


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commented Apr 12, 2019

It would be cool to get the buildkite-agents (multi-agent support) upstream :)

@kirelagin kirelagin restored the serokell:kirelagin/ops435-repin-nixpkgs branch Apr 12, 2019


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Contributor Author

commented Apr 12, 2019

Hm, I don’t know why we don’t have a PR for this yet, I’ll look into it ;).


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commented Apr 12, 2019

Here you go: #59358

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