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WIP grpc: fix static musl build #76877

wants to merge 2 commits into
base: staging-next

WIP grpc: fix static musl build #76877

wants to merge 2 commits into from


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@FRidh FRidh commented Jan 3, 2020

Motivation for this change
Things done
  • Tested using sandboxing (nix.useSandbox on NixOS, or option sandbox in nix.conf on non-NixOS linux)
  • Built on platform(s)
    • NixOS
    • macOS
    • other Linux distributions
  • Tested via one or more NixOS test(s) if existing and applicable for the change (look inside nixos/tests)
  • Tested compilation of all pkgs that depend on this change using nix-shell -p nixpkgs-review --run "nixpkgs-review wip"
  • Tested execution of all binary files (usually in ./result/bin/)
  • Determined the impact on package closure size (by running nix path-info -S before and after)
  • Ensured that relevant documentation is up to date
  • Fits
Notify maintainers

cc @

@FRidh FRidh requested a review from matthewbauer as a code owner Jan 3, 2020
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
, langGo ? false
, profiledCompiler ? false
, staticCompiler ? false
, enableShared ? true
, enableShared ? !stdenv.targetPlatform.isMusl

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FRidh Jan 3, 2020
Author Member

this is an ugly fix for protobuf #76873

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nh2 Jan 18, 2020

@FRidh Perhaps we could fix it better by removing .la files, like some packages like SDL do which say that pkgconfig is much better at handling this than libtool (which I think is true):

# We remove libtool .la files when static libs are requested,
# because they make the builds of downstream libs like `SDL_tff`
# fail with `cannot find -lXext, `-lXcursor` etc. linker errors
# because the `.la` files are not pruned if static libs exist
# (see
# and they also don't carry the necessary `-L` paths of their
# X11 dependencies.
# For static linking, it is better to rely on `pkg-config` `.pc`
# files.
postInstall = ''
if [ "$dontDisableStatic" -eq "1" ]; then
rm $out/lib/*.la
rm $out/lib/*.a
moveToOutput bin/sdl2-config "$dev"

But when I try this here for gcc9 (on master, not staging-next), the GCC build fails even before postInstall is run:

/build/build/./gcc/xgcc -B/build/build/./gcc/ -xc++ -nostdinc /dev/null -S -o /dev/null -fself-test=../../gcc-9.2.0/gcc/testsuite/selftests
/nix/store/n9acaakxahkv1q3av11l93p7rgd4xqsf-bootstrap-tools/bin/bash: /build/build/./gcc/xgcc: No such file or directory
../../gcc-9.2.0/gcc/cp/ recipe for target 's-selftest-c++' failed
make[3]: *** [s-selftest-c++] Error 127
rm gcc.pod
make[3]: Leaving directory '/build/build/gcc'


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@FRidh FRidh commented Jan 3, 2020

Does not build yet

@@ -27,8 +29,9 @@ stdenv.mkDerivation rec {
"-DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=${if enableShared then "ON" else "OFF"}"

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tobim Jan 18, 2020

This should not be necessary since the makeStaticLibraries adapter appends -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF already.

@FRidh FRidh added this to WIP in Static builds Mar 29, 2020
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@stale stale bot commented Jul 17, 2020

Hello, I'm a bot and I thank you in the name of the community for your contributions.

Nixpkgs is a busy repository, and unfortunately sometimes PRs get left behind for too long. Nevertheless, we'd like to help committers reach the PRs that are still important. This PR has had no activity for 180 days, and so I marked it as stale, but you can rest assured it will never be closed by a non-human.

If this is still important to you and you'd like to remove the stale label, we ask that you leave a comment. Your comment can be as simple as "still important to me". But there's a bit more you can do:

If you received an approval by an unpriviledged maintainer and you are just waiting for a merge, you can @ mention someone with merge permissions and ask them to help. You might be able to find someone relevant by using Git blame on the relevant files, or via GitHub's web interface. You can see if someone's a member of the nixpkgs-committers team, by hovering with the mouse over their username on the web interface, or by searching them directly on the list.

If your PR wasn't reviewed at all, it might help to find someone who's perhaps a user of the package or module you are changing, or alternatively, ask once more for a review by the maintainer of the package/module this is about. If you don't know any, you can use Git blame on the relevant files, or GitHub's web interface to find someone who touched the relevant files in the past.

If your PR has had reviews and nevertheless got stale, make sure you've responded to all of the reviewer's requests / questions. Usually when PR authors show responsibility and dedication, reviewers (privileged or not) show dedication as well. If you've pushed a change, it's possible the reviewer wasn't notified about your push via email, so you can always officially request them for a review, or just @ mention them and say you've addressed their comments.

Lastly, you can always ask for help at our Discourse Forum, or more specifically, at this thread or at #nixos' IRC channel.

@stale stale bot added the 2.status: stale label Jul 17, 2020
@stale stale bot removed the 2.status: stale label Oct 3, 2020
@ryantm ryantm marked this pull request as draft Oct 23, 2020
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