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ignore me #87421

wants to merge 1,508 commits into from

ignore me #87421

wants to merge 1,508 commits into from


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tbenst commented May 9, 2020

Things done
  • Tested using sandboxing (nix.useSandbox on NixOS, or option sandbox in nix.conf on non-NixOS linux)
  • Built on platform(s)
    • NixOS
    • macOS
    • other Linux distributions
  • Tested via one or more NixOS test(s) if existing and applicable for the change (look inside nixos/tests)
  • Tested compilation of all pkgs that depend on this change using nix-shell -p nixpkgs-review --run "nixpkgs-review wip"
  • Tested execution of all binary files (usually in ./result/bin/)
  • Determined the impact on package closure size (by running nix path-info -S before and after)
  • Ensured that relevant documentation is up to date
  • Fits
worldofpeace and others added 30 commits Apr 10, 2020
We need the pipewire service to actually use this.
Tested with g-c-c Sharing.

(cherry picked from commit 94eb65a)
(cherry picked from commit 0e08798)
See inline comment; this is currently broken and not going to continue working
on python2 without significant effort, so mark it python >= 3.6 only.

CC @NixOS/nixos-release-managers

ZHF: #80379
(cherry picked from commit f9bc195)
[20.03] nginx-sso: 0.24.0 -> 0.24.1
(cherry picked from commit ba50a7a)

[20.03] release notes: Explain how to run nginx master as root
[20.03] python3Packages.nose2: 0.9.1 -> 0.9.2 and fix build for ZHF
The new wording does not assume the user is upgrading.

This is because a user could be setting up a new installation on 20.03
on a server that has a 19.09 or before stateVersion!!

The new wording ensures that confusion is reduced by stating that they
do not have to care about the assumed 16→17 transition.

Then, the wording explains that they should, and how to upgrade to
version 18.

It also reviews the confusing wording about "multiple" upgrades.

* * *

The only thing we cannot really do is stop a fresh install of 17 if
there was no previous install, as it cannot be detected. That makes a
useless upgrade forced for new users with old state versions.

It is also important to state that they must set their package to
Nextcloud 18, as future upgrades to Nextcloud will not allow an uprade
from 17!

I assume future warning messages will exist specifically stating what to
do to go from 18 to 19, then 19 to 20, etc...

(cherry picked from commit a1efbdb)
As discovered by flokli.

(cherry picked from commit 9cddcac)
nixos/release-notes/rl-2003.xml: add highlights
[nixos-20.03] pingus: 0.7.6 -> unstable
(cherry picked from commit ab1c67e)
(cherry picked from commit 5c72e84)
(cherry picked from commit 68db99a)
(cherry picked from commit cff5adc)
thepeg: 2.2.0 -> 2.2.1

A minor bugfix

(cherry picked from commit 7cbffa0)
(cherry picked from commit e7ca19f)

brave: 1.5.115 -> 1.5.123
According to my analysis the last critical fix went into v5.4.23, I have
confirmed this by running WebGL over night and haven't seen a single
i915 GPU hang. Lets remove the notes from the release notes.
nixos/relrease-notes/rl-2003.xml: remove section on intel GPU workaround
[20.03] firefox: 74.0.1 -> 75.0 and releated updates
vscode vscodium backports [20.03]
nixos/doc: Document breaking change to Haskell dev shells for 20.03
(cherry picked from commit f2eeeb8)
(cherry picked from commit 6b5186c)
@tbenst tbenst closed this May 9, 2020
@tbenst tbenst changed the title <!-- Nixpkgs has a lot of new incoming Pull Requests, but not enough people to review this constant stream. Even if you aren't a committer, we would appreciate reviews of other PRs, especially simple ones like package updates. Just testing the relevant package/service and leaving a comment saying what you tested, how you tested it and whether it worked would be great. List of open PRs: <>, for more about reviewing contributions: <>. Reviewing isn't mandatory, but it would help out a lot and reduce the average time-to-merge for all of us. Thanks a lot if you do! --> ###### Motivation for this change ignore me May 9, 2020
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