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6b80db3 vscode: 1.30.1 -> 1.30.2
4 neutral , and 2 successful checks

nix-build -A vscode.src --argstr system aarch64-linux


ran Jan 12, 2019 in less than 5 seconds

6b80db3 by @eadwu

Build Results

The following builds were skipped because they don't evaluate on aarch64-linux: vscode.src


Partial log

Cannot nix-instantiate `vscode.src' because:
error: attribute 'aarch64-linux' missing, at /var/lib/gc-of-borg/nix-test-rs-21/repo/38dca4e3aa6bca43ea96d2fcc04e8229/builder/grahamc-aarch64-community-21/pkgs/applications/editors/vscode/default.nix:8:10

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