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Latest commit 3cc1f8d @nckx nckx hplip 3.15.9 -> 3.15.11
Keep 3.15.9 available as hplip{,WithPlugin}_3_15_9 in case this
breaks someone's printer/day job.
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apulse apulse: 0.1.5 -> 0.1.6
beep beep: set meta.platforms
cups mfcj470dw: tidy up
drivers hplip 3.15.9 -> 3.15.11
emulators retroarch: 20141224 -> 2015-11-20
foldingathome Change occurrences of gcc to the more general cc
freestyle libqglviewer: rename attrname and pkgname from libQGLViewer
frescobaldi frescobaldi: add pygame dependency for midi support
ghostscript x11: replace its usage by xlibsWrapper directly
gnuk gnuk: Add derivation for fst-01
jackaudio Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #9543 from NixOS/""
lilypond lilypond: allow build on darwin
my-env myEnvFun: use stderr instead of stdout for messages
phabricator Enabled access to binaries of needed tools, and worker daemons can be…
sails sails: don't treat warnings as errors to fix the build
screensavers xscreensaver: security update 5.33 -> 5.34 (close #10845)
seafile-shared seafile-*: 4.0.6 -> 4.4.2 (close #10755)
solfege gnome3 apps: correctly render icons
sound-of-sorting Sound of Sorting: New Package
source-and-tags drop myhasktags, current hackage version has everything my version had
talkfilters Inital Commit for Gnu Talk Filters
themes Merge pull request #10578 from simonvandel/arc-theme
uboot U-Boot: 2015.07 -> 2015.10
urbit Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #9543 from NixOS/""
vim-plugins vim-plugins: add colorschemes and colorstepper
xosd xosd: update from 2.2.12 to 2.2.14 and added meta information
misc.nix rename rubyLibs to rubyPackages
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