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Opal is a powerful Item & Content Management System powered by Ruby on Rails. You can use Opal for blogging, listing items, storing files/images/videos, or for powering any awesome website.
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Hi! Welcome to the Readme for Opal!

Opal is a powerful Item Management Application built in Ruby on Rails. It allows 
you to list any kind of item, from houses to video games to hotdog vendors. When you 
install Opal, you tell it the name of the items you're going to be listing
(example: houses), and that's it! After that, you can create any number of items and 
show them off using different Item Objects. 

	 List Any Type of Item(Products, Video Games, Locations, Events, Classifieds, etc.)
	 Infinite-Depth Category & Subcategory Organization
	 Customizable Themes with easy Uploader & Installer
	 Multiple-User Login System with Secure Admin Section
	 Create advanced custom fields for your items with input checking
	 Built-In RSS feed generator
	 HTML5 & CSS3 Powered Interface
	 Integrated Blog
	 CMS-style page editing & Infinite-Depth Subpages
	 Easily integrate ads & custom code
	 Advanced System & User Activity Logging
	 Approve Items & Plugins other people create
	 Built-In, Easy-To-Use TinyMCE HTML Editor with customizable HTML filtering
	 User-to-User Messaging & Automated Email Notifications
	 Customizable User Groups
	 Enable/Disable Plugins(Images, Comments, Reviews, Files, Discussions, etc.)
	 Import & Export Items
	 jQuery TOOLS powered interfaces and tabs
	 Easily Install 3rd Party Plugins(Events, Flash, Testimonials, etc.)
	 Anti-Spam CAPTCHA Security
	 Tons of Other Customizable Settings!

  - Read the file INSTALL for more details. It's pretty easy!

  - This app does require the Rmagick(1.15.12 or better) gem to function. Some
    photo effects(watermarking, polaroid) only work well with version 2+
  - Like most Ruby on Rails applicatoins, Opal also requires some type of
    database(mysql, sqlite, etc.).

How to use Opal
  - After you install Opal, you can run your application on the web using your 
    favorite webserver: apache, mongrel, webrick, or nginx. To log in to Opal for 
    the first time, the default Admin username and password is: admin.   
     - Username: admin
     - Password: admin
    From there on, start adding your new items, change your setting and have fun! 

Opal User Guide
   - If you'd like to learn more about Opal and how to use everything in it, check out
   	 the Opal Wiki at:

Enjoy Opal! Visit our site: to let us know
about anything you're curious about or if you see any bugs/problems! We're constantly
trying to update Opal to make it better. We can't do that if we don't know what everyone 
wants, so if you see a feature you'd like, let us know, that's what we're here for!

Opal Item Management System - Copyright 2007-2010 - Hulihan Applications
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