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Opal is a powerful Item & Content Management System powered by Ruby on Rails. You can use Opal for blogging, listing items, storing files/images/videos, or for powering any awesome website.
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Opal is a powerful Item Listing Application built in Ruby on Rails. It allows you to list any kind of item, from houses to video games to classifieds.


Opal is powered By Rails 3 and a bunch of other cool stuff. Here’s some of the many features found in Opal:

  • List Any Type of Item(Products, Video Games, Locations, Events, Classifieds, etc.)
  • Add extra stuff to your Items like Images, Videos, Reviews, Comments, Discussions, Custom Fields, and more.
  • Ruby On Rails 3 Compatible
  • State-of-the-Art Interface powered by HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and jQuery TOOLS
  • Multiple-User Login System with Secure Admin Section
  • Infinite-Depth Category Organization & Customizable Advanced Item Searching
  • Internationalization Support for multiple languages & locales
  • CMS-style Page Publishing & Integrated Blog
  • Easy-To-Use TinyMCE Editor with Security Filtering and Image Uploader
  • Customizable Themes with easy uploader & installer
  • Upload Images with Special Effects(Rotate, Resize, Watermark, Stamp, B&W, etc.)


Since Opal is highly customizable, you can use it for many different things:

  • Content Management System(CMS)
  • Blog
  • E-Commerce Website/Web Store
  • Image/Video Gallery
  • File Download System
  • Forum/Disccusion Board
  • Classifieds Website
  • Review Website

Opal's Default Theme - Fracture

How To Install Opal

Get Opal

Opal is available at the following places:

If you have git installed on your server, you can install it directly from Github:

git clone git://

Install Gems

Install all of Opal’s required gems using bundler:

cd Opal
bundle install 

Install Opal

Next, Run the following command(while in the Opal directory) to install Opal’s database schema in production mode:

bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production LOCALE=en
bundle exec rake db:seed RAILS_ENV=production LOCALE=en

This command will install all of Opal’s required gems(via bundler) and create the database structure of Opal inside the production database. If you leave out RAILS_ENV=PRODUCTION, everything will be installed into your development database instead. This command will also set up the default admin account, some sample items(you’ll be asked if you want to install sample Data), and other stuff to help you get started with Opal. You can also specify the LOCALE parameter to install Opal in a language other than english.

  • If you want to automate an Opal installation, or if you just want to bypass prompts(that ask you if you want to install sample data and other stuff: run this command: rake opal:install PROMPTS=FALSE)

That’s it!

You can now start Opal using the built-in Rails webserver, WEBrick…

rails s -e production

…or any of your other favorite webservers: apache, mongrel, nginx, etc.

  • To log in to Opal for the first time, the default Admin username and password is: admin.

Extra Stuff

Email Settings

Opal includes an automated email system that will send you emails whenever someone registers, creates a new item, etc.
To use this automated email system, you must configure the config/email.yml file to connect to an SMTP email server. Here’s an example of what this file should look like:

  :port: 25
  :authentication: plain
  :user_name: user
  :password: pass

  :port: 25
  :authentication: plain
  :user_name: user
  :password: pass

Plugins & Themes

You can easily extend and customize Opal with new plugins and themes. Check out Opal’s Project Page to learn more.

Community & Additional Help

If you need any more help, check out these resources:

Development & Contribution

If you’re interested in developing Opal or contributing a theme, plugin, or translation, check out the following:


Opal is Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License .


Special Thanks goes to following:

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