A GUI interface for CCMiner, created for mining Garlicoin (but should work with other CCMiner compatible cryptocurrencies)
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GarlicoinMiner by Nmoleo Software


GarlicoinMiner is a GUI interface that runs on top of CCMiner and shows the user information like GPU temperature and load, and makes it easy to start and stop mining.

BTC Donation Address: 1BZUhggPRsPuudRTHiKNF9gWt4sjv5ui1s

ETH Donation Address: 0x12c81BE0c4515bf4c65BD2959ECB4b69BaD136c5

LTC Donation Address: LZNtvq73ZZgCkw59H2dKFDwcQQVLdQBXwc

GRLC Donation Address: GMmusFXsZ8aeWCGjVgTLZywVwrXgSdJ627

Setup Instructions:

  • Extract the files from the downloaded zip folder
  • Move them to a folder (for instance, C:\Garlic)
  • Download CCMiner from this link: https://github.com/lenis0012/ccminer/releases/tag/2.3.0-allium
  • Move CCMiner to your Garlicoin directory (e.g. C:\Garlic)
  • Run GarlicoinMiner
  • Click File > Configuration
  • Input the settings you want to use for the miner The default settings use my preferred pool, the GRLC Bakery, and my GRLC address (donations are welcome!)

Use Instructions:

  • Press Ctrl+M or "Start/Stop Mining" to turn the miner on or off