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PvP management plugin. Stop combat log, toggle pvp and much more
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Development Builds:

PvPManager aims to be an All in One PvP plugin. Meaning that instead of using multiple plugins that change/customize the PvP experience in your server you would just use PvPManager.

Some of the plugin's main features are:

  • Toggle PvP for each player
  • Stop combat logging by issuing punishments
  • Disable several actions while in combat such as fly, gamemode, blocking commands, etc
  • Stop what i named as "border hopping" which happens when a player attacks another and attempts to run away to a safezone
  • Protect new players from PvP
  • Stop spawn killing or KDR abuse by issuing a kick or other command you specify
  • Give money rewards, penalties or execute commands when a player kills another
  • Keep/Drop player inventory depending whether they died in PvP or transfer drops directly to the killer

You can find a more detailed description of all features on the plugin page.
All these features have multi world support and can be enabled/disabled according to your liking.




Copyright (c) 2019 , NoChanceSD
All rights reserved

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