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USS Survey

An EDMC Plugin that logs USS and Hyperdiction details through a google form to a spreadsheet.

It also automatically records Thargoid Kills which can be views at the Canonn Lab69 Website

  • Displays nearest patrol system prioritise by least visited.

  • User can click on patrol location to view in EDSM

  • User can click on clipboard icon to copy to clipboard

  • When a user drops on a USS the USS details are logged

  • The user can manually log additional information about the USS

  • When a user is Hyperdicted the details are logged

  • The user can manually log additional information about the Hyperdiction

  • When a user arrives at a patrol destination their details are logged.

  • The patrol list is prioritised to the the nearest least visitied system is offered to the user.

  • Users are notified of breaking news or upgrade availability


Users may also report USS without dropping while they are in supercruise.


Survey Results


USS results spreadheet Old USS results spreadheet

Hyperdiction results spreadheet

Patrol Log spreadheet

You can also view the results on a the Canonn 3D Map

Canonn Map


Download the latest release, open the archive (zip) and extract the folder to your EDMC plugin folder.

To install a downloaded plugin:

  • On the Plugins settings tab press the “Open” button. This reveals the plugins folder where this app looks for plugins.
  • Open the .zip archive that you downloaded and move the folder contained inside into the plugins folder.

You will need to re-start EDMC for it to notice the plugin.


If you are using Kapersky Anti-Virus then it will probably be preventing the application from accessing the google spreadheets. Kaspersky Anti-Virus scans encrypted connections by substituting a requested security certificate with the self-signed one. Some applications like this plugin that initiate a connection reject the certificate, therefore failing to establish the connection.

You will need to turn of the encrypted connection scan

Kapersy Support Issue