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a talk on some more advanced topics regarding nojpa
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NoJpa Spring integration

Spring configurations


  • Parser (Locator)
  • Printer

Json Serialization

  • all curl localhost:8080/people
  • a user curl localhost:8080/people/Writer%20a
  • the books: curl localhost:8080/people/Writer%20a/books -> see the writer, not annotated reference
  • assign an address curl --data "street=Sesame" localhost:8080/people/Writer%20a/address
  • see the street (@JsonInclude) a user curl localhost:8080/people/Writer%20a
  • assign a book to another author curl --data "book=Title aa" localhost:8080/people/Writer%20a/books

NoJpa Internal data presentation

MySQL tables

very model much relationship

  • 1..n with aux table - automatic or manually (weight of a reference?)
  • 1..n with back reference
  • n..n with manual aux table

Table and field names

  • shot in the foot with sql keywords

Solr documents

  • flat documents curl http://localhost:8080/solr-debug
  • "schemaless" solr schema
  • field name generation curl http://localhost:8080/solr-log-fields

NoJpa in a cluster

Invalidating others caches

  • ObjectCacheRemote
  • cluster configuration
  • nojpas will communicate with each other directly

synchronized across multiple jvms

  • GlobalLockService - locking on a String representation of a model object or a random string
  • GlobalLockService.LockedExecutor
  • curl localhost:6061/cluster-lock/Writer%20a
  • curl localhost:6062/cluster-lock/Writer%20a
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