retry randomly failing rspec example
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RSpec::Retry Build Status

RSpec::Retry adds a :retry option for intermittently failing rspec examples. If an example has the :retry option, rspec will retry the example the specified number of times until the example succeeds.

0.5.* is compatible with rspec 3.3-3.5* for 3.2 support, use 0.4.6. For older rspec, ymmv.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'rspec-retry'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install rspec-retry

require in spec_helper.rb

# spec/spec_helper.rb
require 'rspec/retry'

RSpec.configure do |config|
  # show retry status in spec process
  config.verbose_retry = true
  # show exception that triggers a retry if verbose_retry is set to true
  config.display_try_failure_messages = true

  # run retry only on features
  config.around :each, :js do |ex|
    ex.run_with_retry retry: 3


it 'should randomly succeed', :retry => 3 do
  expect(rand(2)).to eq(1)

it 'should succeed after a while', :retry => 3, :retry_wait => 10 do
  expect(command('service myservice status')).to eq('started')
# run spec (following log is shown if verbose_retry options is true)
# RSpec::Retry: 2nd try ./spec/lib/random_spec.rb:49
# RSpec::Retry: 3rd try ./spec/lib/random_spec.rb:49

Calling run_with_retry programmatically

You can call ex.run_with_retry(opts) on an individual example.


  • :verbose_retry(default: false) Print retry status
  • :display_try_failure_messages (default: false) If verbose retry is enabled, print what reason forced the retry
  • :default_retry_count(default: 1) If retry count is not set in an example, this value is used by default. Note: If this is changed from the default of 0, all examples will be retried.
  • :default_sleep_interval(default: 0) Seconds to wait between retries
  • :clear_lets_on_failure(default: true) Clear memoized values for lets before retrying
  • :exceptions_to_hard_fail(default: []) List of exceptions that will trigger an immediate test failure without retry. Takes precedence over :exceptions_to_retry
  • :exceptions_to_retry(default: []) List of exceptions that will trigger a retry (when empty, all exceptions will)

Environment Variables

  • RSPEC_RETRY_RETRY_COUNT can override the retry counts even if a retry count is set in an example or default_retry_count is set in a configuration.


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