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A small and simple SMS Gateway for usb-modems written in python
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The small and simple sms gateway

I am using PiSms on my RaspberryPi to send and receive sms. It connects directly to the USB-Modem and communicates with it via the virtual serial port. Because usb-modems sometimes hang, it has usb-modem-reset built in. It uses this usbreset utility to accomplish that.

NOTE: The code is not written to be highly portable, it works with 2 of my usb-modems. However I think that it is easily hackable, so i think it is easy for anyone to adapt it to other hardware. It was more important for me to keep it small and hackable (you get all these features in < 500 lines of python).


Sending and receiving SMS.

It uses my MqHelper library to publish the inbox to the mosquitto messagebus and also listens for sms-send requests on that bus.

In addition to connecting to the mosquitto messagebus it runs a small internal webserver (using flask) so you can view your inbox (last 5 SMS) and send SMS via HTTP.

How to run

cd py
# install python package dependencies if you haven't done so
sudo pip install flask
# probably needs to run as root for access to usb devices depending on your system
sudo python

Usage examples

How to send sms via mosquitto

mosquitto_pub -t '/sms/outbox' -m '{"to":"6700","msg":"GUT"}'

How to send sms via curl

curl --data "" ""
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