An interactive Glossary which is powered by React, Redux, Babel, and webpack.
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This application is an interactive English-French glossary using React, Redux, webpack, babel, and eslint. It can hide duplicates and alphabetically sort JSON data by either the French or English word.


Quick start

npm install
npm run server

Program notes

  • The application is split into glossary and link (button) logic.

  • The glossary has the following file structure: App.js > GlossaryContainer.js > GlossaryTable.js > GlossaryEntry.js

  • The link(button) logic uses this file structure: App.js > Links.js > GlossaryLinks.js > Link.js > GlossaryLink.js

  • The entrypoint is exported to App.js, which serves as a container for the glossary and filter manipulation buttons.

The redux state can be represented as the following object:

let initialState = {
  glossary: {
    words: words,
    visibleWords: words,
    toggleDuplicates: "SHOW_DUPLICATES",
    toggleAlphabetical: "SORT_NONE"

Instructions for challenge


For this test

  • Fix the GlossaryTable component to display french words
  • Add actions and reducers to modify the store
    • Sort words by english
    • Remove duplicates (a duplicate occurs when both english and french words of two elements are equal)
  • Add bootstrap styled buttons to trigger the custom actions you created earlier

After completing the tasks please submit the completed project back in a .zip without version controlled or temporary files.


This test assumes some familiarity with web developer tools. It is also open ended in some areas - we want to see how you might approach each of the given tasks.

If you are not familiar with these tools, see the resources below and remember that we don't emphasize a time limit.