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# Makefile for my morse coder project for Raspberry Pi
WIRPATH = ~/wiringPi/wiringPi/
# Path to wriringPi files, since we need to compile against these
OBJS = softTone.o softPwm.o piHiPri.o wiringPi.o
# Make sure these are built, or add targets for them to this Makefile
WIROBJS = $(addprefix $(WIRPATH), $(OBJS))
HEADER = $(addprefix $(WIRPATH), wiringPi.h)
LIBS = -lpthread
all: morsewrite morseread
morsewrite: $(WIROBJS) morsewrite.o
swiftc morsewrite.o $(WIROBJS) -o morsewrite $(LIBS)
morseread: $(WIROBJS) morseread.o
swiftc morseread.o $(WIROBJS) -o morseread $(LIBS)
morsewrite.o: morsewrite.swift
swiftc -c morsewrite.swift -import-objc-header $(HEADER)
morseread.o: morseread.swift
swiftc -c morseread.swift -import-objc-header $(HEADER)