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Markdown Mode for Visual Studio 2010

This is a VS 2010 extension for editing Markdown files. It has (or is planned to have) a number of features to help users write Markdown files, and I use it for writing my blog.

Here is a screenshot: Markdown preview tool window, editing the Markdown Part 2 article

Here are the existing features:

  • Markdown colorization, a classifier built on MarkdownSharp that understands Markdown syntax.
  • Preview tool window, so you can see live updates of what you are typing
  • HTML colorization, for regular HTML elements (that Markdown will just pass through to the output).

Markdown.cs is released under the MIT license, which can be found in that file, as it is a derivative work of MarkdownSharp.

All other source code is released under the Ms-PL license.

Thanks to John Gruber for giving me permission to use the term Markdown in reference to this extension.

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