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This is a Question2Answer client for Android. If configured properly, it will allow you to interact with your Question2Answer site.

This app is still in beta - please visit the support thread here:

to discuss.


  • Step 1: (Webmaster) Install the Question2Answer XML-RPC plugin from
  • Step 2: (Webmaster) Activate and configure above plugin via Admin->Plugins and Admin->Permissions
  • Step 3: (App user) From the main screen menu, click "Login" and enter your website (root path, e.g., username, and password and click "Login". You can also register a new user by entering the website and clicking "Register", which will take you to the site.

Once you have completed these steps correctly, you should be able to interact with your Question2Answer site via the app.


  • download questions, answers and comments at once, for instant switching
  • ask new questions
  • post answers to questions

Technical Details

This software is free and open source, under the GPL v3 license, for more info please visit:

Source code for this app is available on GitHub:


0.1 - First release


  • Gideon Greenspan for Question2Answer
  • Koushik Dutta for URLImageViewHelper
  • Jake Wharton for ActionBarSherlock