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ERC-1484 Reference Implementation
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best-practices Update Nov 27, 2018

ERC-1484 Reference Implementation

Build Status Coverage Status

This repo contains the reference implementation for ERC-1484. The full text of ERC-1484 is available in .md format and on the Ethereum EIPs website.

Feedback on this proposal is welcomed in the official discussion forum. To contribute to or make suggestions about the reference implementation, please open a PR in this repo.

Contract Deployments

Live deployments of the current implementation are available at the following addresses:

Network Address
Mainnet (1) 0xE65fB5C8AEb0305D3A1dB0BE2297f3E00B26E8c5
Ropsten (3) 0x7191A2aD4F6f25E4C2ab6C7B2B9f7cb90905A6cB
Rinkeby (4) 0xa7ba71305bE9b2DFEad947dc0E5730BA2ABd28EA
Kovan (42) 0xe0507a63E40Ce227CbF2ed7273a01066bAFE667B

File Guide

This repo contains:

Running Tests Locally

  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Build contracts: npm run build
  • In one terminal tab, spin up a development blockchain: npm run chain
  • In another terminal tab, run the test suite: npm test
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