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1.0 (not released yet)

  • Adapters (Mongoid, MongoMapper, DataMapper) are now separated from the core Sorcery repo and moved under sorcery-rails organization. Special thanks to @juike!
  • current_users method was removed
  • Added logged_in? logged_out? online? to activity_logging instance methods


  • Fixed fetching private emails from github (thanks to @saratovsource)
  • Added support for active_for_authentication? method (thanks to @gchaincl)
  • Fixed migration bug for external submodule (thanks to @skv-headless)
  • Added support for new Facebook Graph API (thanks to @mchaisse)
  • Fixed issue with Xing submodule (thanks to @yoyostile)
  • Fixed security bug with using state field in oAuth requests


  • Sending emails works with Rails 4.2 (thanks to @wooly)
  • Added valid_password? method
  • Added support for JIRA OAuth (thanks to @camilasan)
  • Added support for Heroku OAuth (thanks to @tyrauber)
  • Added support for Salesforce OAuth (thanks to @supremebeing7)
  • Added support for Mongoid 4
  • Fixed issues with empty passwords (thanks to @Borzik)
  • find_by_provider_and_uid method was replaced with find_by_oauth_credentials
  • Sorcery::VERSION constant was added to allow easy version check
  • @user.setup_activation method was made to be public (thanks @iTakeshi)
  • current_users method is deprecated
  • Fetching email from VK auth, thanks to @makaroni4
  • Add logged_in? method to test_helpers (thanks to @oriolbcn)
  • #locked? method is now public API (thanks @rogercampos)
  • Introduces a new User instance method generate_reset_password_token to generate a new reset password token without sending an email (thanks to @tbuehl)


  • current_user returns nil instead of false if there's no user loggd in (#493)
  • MongoMapper adapter does not override save! method anymore. However due to ORM's lack of support for validate: false in save!, the combination of validate: false and raise_on_failure: true is not possible in MongoMapper. The errors will not be raised in this situation. (#151)
  • Fixed rename warnings for bcrypt-ruby
  • The way Sorcery adapters are included has been changed due to problem with multiple included blocks error in ActiveSupport::Concern class (#527)
  • Session timeout works with new cookie serializer introduced in Rails 4.1
  • Rails 4.1 compatibility bugs were fixed, this version is fully supported (#538)
  • VK providers now supports scope option
  • Support for DataMapper added
  • Helpers for integration tests were added
  • Fixed problems with special characters in user login attributes (MongoMapper & Mongoid)
  • Fixed remaining password_confirmation value - it is now cleared just like password


  • Fixed add_provider_to_user with CamelCased authentications_class model (#382)

  • Fixed unlock_token_mailer_disabled to only disable automatic mailing (#467)

  • Make send_email_* methods easier to overwrite (#473)

  • Don't add :username field for User. Config option username_attribute_names is now :email by default instead of :username.

    If you're using username as main field for users to login, you'll need to tune your Sorcery config:

    config.user_config do |user|
      # ...
      user.username_attribute_names = [:username]
  • rails generate sorcery:install now works inside Rails engine


  • Few security fixes in external module


  • Activity logging feature has a new column called last_login_from_ip_address (string type). If you use ActiveRecord, you will have to add this column to DB (#465)


  • Fixed a bug in the new generator


  • Many bugfixes
  • MongoMapper added to supported ORMs list, thanks @kbighorse
  • Sinatra support discontinued!
  • New generator contributed by @ahazem
  • Cookie domain setting contributed by @Highcode


  • Many bugfixes
  • Added default SSL certificate for oauth2
  • Added multi-username ability
  • Security fixes (CSRF, cookie digesting)
  • Added auto_login(user) to the API
  • Updated gem versions of oauth(1/2)
  • Added logged_in? as a view helper
  • Github provider added to external submodule


Gemfile versions updated due to public demand. (bcrypt 3.0.0 and oauth2 0.4.1)


Fixes issues with external user_hash not including some fields, and an issue with User model not loaded when user_class is called. Now config.user_class should be a string or a symbol.

Improved specs.


Fixed #9 Fixed hardcoded method names in remember_me submodule. Improved specs.


Fixed typo in initializer - MUST be "config.user_class = User"


Fixed #3 and #4 - Modular Sinatra apps work now, and User model isn't cached in development mode.


Fixed bug in reset_password - after reset can't login due to bad salt creation. Affected only Mongoid.


Added support for Mongoid! (still buggy and not recommended for serious use)

'reset_password!(:password => new_password)' changed into 'change_password!(new_password)'


Added test helpers for Rails 3 & Sinatra.


Fixing Rails app name in initializer.


Changed the way Sorcery is configured. Now inside the model only add:


In the controller no code is needed! All configuration is done in an initializer. Added a rake task to create it.

rake sorcery:bootstrap


Renamed "oauth" module to "external" and made API prettier.

auth_at_provider(provider) => login_at(provider)
login_from_access_token(provider) => login_from(provider)
create_from_provider!(provider) => create_from(provider)


Added Sinatra support!

Added Rails 3 generator for migrations


Fixed bug with OAuth submodule - oauth gems were not required properly in gem.

Fixed bug with OAuth submodule - Authentications class was not passed between model and controller in all cases resulting in Nil exception.


Added OAuth submodule.


  • OAuth1 and OAuth2 support (currently twitter & facebook)
  • configurable db field names and authentications table.

Some bug fixes: 'return_to' feature, brute force permanent ban.


Added activity logging submodule.

Activity Logging:

  • automatic logging of last login, last logout and last activity time.
  • an easy method of collecting the list of currently logged in users.
  • configurable timeout by which to decide whether to include a user in the list of logged in users.

Fixed bug in basic_auth - it didn't set the session[:user_id] on successful login and tried to relogin from basic_auth on every action.

Added Reset Password hammering protection and updated the API.

Totally rewritten Brute Force Protection submodule.


Added support for Basic HTTP Auth.


Separated mailers between user_activation and password_reset and updated readme.


Fixed bug with BCrypt not being used properly by the lib and thus not working for authentication.


Core Features:

  • login/logout, optional redirect on login to where the user tried to reach before, configurable redirect for non-logged-in users.
  • password encryption, algorithms: bcrypt(default), md5, sha1, sha256, sha512, aes256, custom(yours!), none. Configurable stretches and salt.
  • configurable attribute names for username, password and email.

User Activation:

  • User activation by email with optional success email.
  • configurable attribute names.
  • configurable mailer.
  • Optionally prevent active users to login.

Password Reset:

  • Reset password with email verification.
  • configurable mailer, method name, and attribute name.

Remember Me:

  • Remember me with configurable expiration.
  • configurable attribute names.

Session Timeout:

  • Configurable session timeout.
  • Optionally session timeout will be calculated from last user action.

Brute Force Protection:

  • Brute force login hammering protection.
  • configurable logins before ban, logins within time period before ban, ban time and ban action.