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@RobinDaugherty RobinDaugherty Remove old instructions for setting mailer (was moved up in previous edit). Aug 13, 2017 e1353d6
@RobinDaugherty RobinDaugherty Fix order. Once the module has been enabled, any rails command including `generate` will fail with "To use reset_password submodule, you must define a mailer (config.reset_password_mailer = YourMailerClass)" Aug 13, 2017 612800d
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@athix athix My attempt at documenting the contribution procedure, assistance appreciated! Jul 20, 2016 10a405e
@mikestephens mikestephens Rails 4 does not allow 2 roots to be defined, so one needs `as: nil` to make the code work. May 10, 2016 ae22369
@rajiv rajiv add last_login_from_ip_address May 8, 2016 8689657
@ltcmdr927 ltcmdr927 Update https://github.com/NoamB/sorcery/issues/728 content. Mar 18, 2016 44e16cb
@RomanKrasavtsev RomanKrasavtsev Remove deprecated methods before_filter and skip_before_filter. Nov 29, 2015 1576ff0