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@RomanKrasavtsev RomanKrasavtsev Remove deprecated methods before_filter and skip_before_filter. 1576ff0
@jeriko jeriko Fixes a bug with `redirect_back_or_to` and `reset_session` 7abc841
@toshimaru toshimaru Add `after_create :send_activation_needed_email!` so that we can get an activation email d6af20b
@igorkasyanchuk igorkasyanchuk I want to add AnyLogin gem which allows to easy change user 75e3172
@igorkasyanchuk igorkasyanchuk Updated Home (markdown) 702fe11
@kbyn kbyn Using '--only-submodules' instead of deprecated '--migrations' 6cd3cb7
@kbyn kbyn Using '--only-submodules' instead of deprecated '--migrations' a8f8af8
@kbyn kbyn Using '--only-submodules' instead of deprecated '--migrations' 09a8485
@kbyn kbyn Using '--only-submodules' instead of deprecated '--migrations' bd72c23
@kbyn kbyn Using '--only-submodules' instead of deprecated '--migrations' bea5b02
@EhsanYousefi EhsanYousefi We should validate password only when password changed or record is not persisted yet... 5ce1a5d
@sebbean sebbean should use uniform action/filter syntax 9d5fa58
@eliajf eliajf Added html.erb for the form e87dc0b
@wesyoung wesyoung Updated Testing Rails (markdown) 86bbc58
@scriptwork scriptwork Fix Typos( user.username -> ) on both view code( activation_*_email.text.erb ). af1ba26
@andrei-sheina andrei-sheina Updated Simple Password Authentication (markdown) 3cef6e0
@sirwolfgang sirwolfgang Version 8.3.x details are outdated, current version is 9.1.x b53dde2
@willcosgrove willcosgrove `--migrations` option is deprecated in favor of `--only-submodules` eb9a62e
@nekova nekova Updated Reset password (markdown) 69f0dfd
@nekova nekova When use Rails4, an error occurs "Missing host to link to! Please provide the :host parameter". so I change 'edit_password_reset_url' to 'edit_password_reset_path' 5ffcd6b
@pokka pokka Keep the data fresh is make sense and needed(especially when you use a async strategy to send email), if not so,under certain conditions your user will receive the old token. ff982a2
@arnvald arnvald add other tutorials section d31a512
@a2ikm a2ikm generating salt and encrypting password are triggered by before_validation since v0.9.0 but update_attribute skips validations 915a1fb
@mariozig mariozig Rails will error because there's no mailer layout. Add the most basic layout possible. 40aed49
@mariozig mariozig Fix typo. 44cbab2
@lukaszraczylo lukaszraczylo Destroyed Linkedin auth doesn't work (markdown) 2183358
@lukaszraczylo lukaszraczylo Created Linkedin auth doesn't work (markdown) 84f96b1
@deathwishdave deathwishdave Correct typo 4791a50
@daigot daigot password_reset_path in the edit form needs @token for params[:id] in update method 0d9b322
@psychocandy psychocandy if we're using resources in the routes then `params[:id]` is the correct token. Also we don't need `@token`. c0ea79b
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