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Third place winner of the HackShanghai programming competition. Interview-AI is a web app that analyzes how you answer interview questions, and gives you tips to improve your speech.
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Interview AI was our project submission for the HACKxSJTU hackathon held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in May 2017. It won third place on the podium!

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Interview-AI is a web application which helps you practice your interview skills. It works by asking you a behavourial question analyzing your answer. Based on what your speech and facial expressions, it gives you a report containing the following information:

  • Speaking rate: Tells you at what speed (wpm) you were speaking and whether your speaking-rate was correct or you should increase or decrease your speed.
  • Most used words: Shows a bar-chart representing the words used most by you in your speech.
  • Emotional analysis: Shows a pie chart showing the amount of emotions(happy, sad, joy, fear, disgust, etc.) in your speech.
  • Word Cloud: Creates a word-cloud of most-important keywords and concepts of your speech
  • Facial analysis: Gives the list of emotions seen on your face while giving interview. It also gives other information like age, gender and smile.
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