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Build Status License: CC0-1.0


This is a collaborative effort. The goal is to collect recipes for an eclectic mix of dishes from around the hacker community. Tell us about your favorite recipe or something you like to make with your own unique twist. Feel free to include a recommendation for booze pairing.

General questions should be directed to @mzbat or @iheartmalware.

We can't promise that all submissions will be included in the final printed book. We do plan to leave this repo up indefinitely. We intend to give any proceeds to a charitable cause.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. Fork this repository. Create a subdirectory for your recipe. Try to make the name of the subdirectory match the name of your recipe.
  2. Include a .md document in your sub dir [Github Markdown Cheatsheet] ( You can use the template file as a guide to help you in your effort. There is a markdown tutorial here
  3. Please include one or two pictures of the preparation or completed dish you think would be helpful. Keep it tasteful, save all that goatse stuff for your next lemon party.
  4. Don't forget to add your name/handle to the bottom of the credits file
  5. Do a pull request against this repo and we will merge your stuff in. Reach out to @theDevilsVoice if you need technical help.

NOTE: You are releasing the rights to your work under the included LICENSE

Who You Are

  • Include how you’d like to be credited/identified in your .md file.
  • Be sure you add your details to the end of the file.

Name of dish

  • Just like it sounds, we have to call the dish something.
    • Choose a category (also OK to add a new category)
    • Create a folder to hold your files.
    • Name it something like "myname_dishname"


  • Please include Metric and English wherever possible
  • Make a file with the same format as the parent folder, but with the .md extension
    • ""
  • Set of steps that explain how to create your dish go in your .md file.


  • Instructional and/or completed dish should be uploaded to your sub-folder in the repository.

How should the Dish Be served?

  • Temperature
  • Serving tips
  • Beer, wine or drink pairings.
  • Anything that gives it the finishing touch.

How do I get a copy of the book?

  • type "make docker" to generate a PDF
  • Try to use the #hackercookbook hashtag when tweeting about recipes and such. This is so we can find things later.
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