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Xenograte Community Toolkit (XCT)

Xenograte is a platform that allows you to manage and orchestrate worker processes, and easily design the flow of data shared among them, on one server or across multiple servers.

Xenograte Community Toolkit (XCT) provides you with a Command-line Interface and other required resources to build, test, and debug those worker processes, in Ruby, on a single machine. You can then weave these worker processes together into powerful integrations and automations.

Quick Start

  1. Getting Started
  2. Building a Xenode
  3. Building a Xenoflow
  4. Command-line Interface (CLI) Usage

Please refer to the Wiki for complete list of resources


We invite you to follow the development and community updates on Xenograte:


The Xenograte Community Toolkit is open source and we encourage you to contribute! The community is yours to grow so if you have built cool new Xenodes or Xenoflows that you want to share with the rest of the community, have suggestions for improvements, or if you found a bug that needs to be fixed, feel free to fork the projects and do a pull request. Please review the contributing guidelines for details.

The Xenograte community belongs to its users and it will be built from the bottom up, so every bit of your contribution will help to grow this community, be it sharing Xenodes, submitting a bug, providing feedback, discussing problems to solve, etc. We are certain that everything you do will benefit everyone in the community down the road!