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  1. NodeBB NodeBB Public

    Node.js based forum software built for the modern web

    JavaScript 13.9k 2.7k

  2. nodebb-theme-harmony nodebb-theme-harmony Public

    Harmony theme for NodeBB v3.0+

    Smarty 15 17

  3. nodebb-theme-persona nodebb-theme-persona Public

    Persona - A modern and responsive NodeBB theme

    Smarty 91 234

  4. nodebb-plugin-quickstart nodebb-plugin-quickstart Public template

    A starter kit for quickly creating NodeBB plugins.

    JavaScript 58 91

  5. nodebb-theme-lavender nodebb-theme-lavender Public

    A simple theme for NodeBB. Check out the theming guide that accompanies this work

    Smarty 33 80

  6. nodebb-widget-essentials nodebb-widget-essentials Public

    Several basic widgets bundled together in one package including 'HTML', 'Markdown', 'Recent Replies', 'Active Users', and 'Moderators'

    Smarty 17 32


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