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Fix Remote Code Execution vulnerability on plugins install and update #5286

wants to merge 1 commit into from


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commented Dec 14, 2016

No description provided.


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commented Dec 14, 2016

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jarey approved these changes Dec 14, 2016

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commented Dec 14, 2016

A malicious user could be able to run shell commands by forcing admins to run special Javascript code like: socket.emit("admin.plugins.upgrade",{"id":"nodebb-plugin","version":"0.1.2; ls -l"})

There are multiple XSS vulnerabilities to achive that.

@julianlam julianlam closed this in e028ac1 Dec 14, 2016


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commented Dec 14, 2016

Thanks @segura2010 -- I ended up fixing this issue differently. Instead of santizing the command, we now use execFile instead of exec. Good catch!


@julianlam julianlam added this to the 1.4.1 milestone Dec 14, 2016


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commented Dec 14, 2016

If you could try to exploit it again, that would be good. Otherwise we'll release 1.4.1 by end of day, likely.


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commented Dec 14, 2016

I just checked and it is fixed :)

meulta added a commit to meulta/NodeBB that referenced this pull request Jan 5, 2017
Pull from master (#1)
* NodeBB#5223

adjust pagination so each page shows `postsPerPage` posts

* tag controller test

* Latest translations and fallbacks

* trimming composer input before doing length check in replies

* NodeBB#5223

* fixes NodeBB#5225

* fix topic creation regression caused by 576df84

* maintenance tests

* fix test

* move maintenance mode

* suggested topics test

* use global mod user for flag tests

* some more group tests

* more group tests

* account group page test

* fixes NodeBB#5228

* resolve regression caused by part of d28f7de

* fixing new post parsing to not add img-responsive to avatars

* all procs should load the js from file

* removed file.exists from getFromFile

* categories update test

* vote socket tests

* dont use hardcoded uid

* digest test

* closes NodeBB#5230

* Latest translations and fallbacks

* multiple test fixes

* allow two sections

* fixes NodeBB#5226

* Standard language codes (NodeBB#5218)

* Use standard language codes. Fallback for plugins.

* Fix transifex config

* Tab vs space here for some reason

* Remove redundancies

* config.relative_path instead of allcaps

* added upgrade script for existing users' accounts

* fixes NodeBB#5230

* linting

* remove async.series

* fix headers for new installs

encodeURI(undefined) === "undefined"

* closes NodeBB#5231

* use base_dir

* closes NodeBB#5234

* up persona

* removed incorrect markread nid

* switch to createIndex

* up dbsearch

* up markdown and composer versions

* some tweaks to the readme

* up markdown

* change pagination so its similar to GH

* fix test dont turn single pages into ...

* store pinned topics in new zset

keep pinned topics on top on different sort types

* dont mark chat notifications read if you are not in the room

* closes NodeBB#5236

* fix permalinks on pagination

* more group tests

* fix update privacy

* check deps on test

* closes NodeBB#5238

* topics unread tests

* closes NodeBB#5239

* ACP search updated to support translations

* Explanations and simplifications

* Tests for admin search, simplifications

* Use config.relative_path instead of allcaps

* Remove unnecesary admin search indexing

* Fixes, passes tests

* closes NodeBB#5241

* don't crash if plugin doesnt set defaultLang

* show chat room title in taskbar

* removed comment from Gruntfile

* closes NodeBB#5242

* test plugin static assets

* account/posts controller tests

* remove placeholder NodeBB#5242

* closes NodeBB#5245

* build js in parallel

* group search tests

* fix style

* follow tests

* more socket user tests

* remove hardcoded value @pichalite

* priv table headers

* v1.4.0

* upped composer version

* more tests

group cover upload tests
registration approval queue tests

* search socket test

* more tests

* more tests

* locking down session deletion route to admins and global mods only

* linting :shipit:

* category tests

* move post test

* updated revoke session middleware to allow self or admin or global mod invocation, tweaked tests a bit

* ZSET scores are float: parseInt => parseFloat

In Redis, scores of sorted sets can be floats – so we should use `parseFloat` instead of `parseInt` when converting from string to number.
Should not lead to NodeBB#4939 again, as `new Date()` works regardless of whether it's being passed a float or integer.

* tag tests

* fix post move test

* notif controller test

* closes NodeBB#5254

* tweak gitignores, closes NodeBB#5250

* closes NodeBB#5251

* Use async instead of Promises

* Fix Translator to work with namespace paths

* Translate skins and themes fully

* Key through search results

* closes NodeBB#5249

* closes NodeBB#5259

* Avoid encoding HTML in Twitter social share text

* Fix linting error

* closes NodeBB#5262

* convert topic title to string

* up'd tjs

* fixes NodeBB#5263

* closes NodeBB#5271

* fix lint

* parallel startup

* show seconds in logs

* closes NodeBB#5273

* up composer

* change group membership methods

* meta/settings test

* Escape and ignore `%` and `\,` in translator args

* Restructure and rename translator tests

* Add tests for translator static methods

* Escape arguments in `Translator.compile`

* Fixes for dev-ing on windows

- Change `nodebb.bat` to simply run `node ./nodebb` with same arguments
- Fix `npm test` for windows

* mongo: set scores as float instead of int

* sneakily adjust database/sorted tests to include float scores

* Check if href exists before accessing it (NodeBB#5281)

I got a lot of errors in Firefox 50 `TypeError: $(...).attr(...) is undefined  nodebb.min.js:25167:24` which points exactly to that line I’ve changed.
Since HTML5 `href` is not a required attribute of an `a` tag. We have a couple of links without `href` and every time you click it you will get this error.

* Check password length on setup

* Fix tabs

* closes NodeBB#5276

* add cid to widgets.render

init date pickers in widgets ACP

* filter:middleware.render

* fix hook

* use build module instead of forking

* missing ;

* request travis to build  now too

* new hook, action:user.delete

* fix ajax 404 err when base url isn't root (NodeBB#5285)

* passing in arguments to npm instead of command string, closes NodeBB#5286

* closes NodeBB#5287

* closes NodeBB#4563 closes NodeBB#4569 closes NodeBB#4566

* closes NodeBB#4544

* notification tests

* tag tests

* more tag tests

* meta.configs tests

* closes NodeBB#5290

* what, does Travis not like 4-space indents?

* escape labelColor, icon, cover:position, validate toPid

* up composer

* up mongodb

* ability to filter search by tags

* moved next() of out try/catch

* up themes

* Incremented version number

* `admin/advanced` translations

* `admin/appearance` translations

* `admin/development` translations

* `admin/extend` translations

* Translate dynamically added admin content

* `admin/general` translations

* Translation bootbox wrapper

- Replaced minfied bootbox file with unminified one since it's minified at build anyways
- Removed existing override
- Made translator more verbose in dev mode; it now warns about missing translations

* `admin/advanced` JS translations

* Bootbox wrapper improvements

* ACP menu and title translations

* `admin/extend` JS translations and misc

* `admin/general` JS translations and misc

* ACP search and title improvements

- Search uses translated titles if available
- Use `advanced` for `development` route titles
- Remove route title from showing up in results
- Highlight matching part of result title
- Don't show empty result contents when only title is matched

* `admin/manage/categories` translations

- Fix privilege table headers so bottom borders align
- Fix `/admin` route to show Dashboard title correctly
- Translate ACP category management and privileges templates
- Translate ACP category management JS
- Remove unnecessary translates in JS
- Fix bootbox wrapper to work with translations containing html

* `admin/manage` translations, misc

- Translate Manage templates and JS
- Change `translator.translate -> .html` into `.translateHtml` where fitting
- Translate `admin/partials/download_plugin_item`


* Fix ajaxify loading default language translations

* ACP Translations

* rooms.getAll test

* fix tests

* fix missing semicolon

* post tools test

* up persona

* allowing timeago timestamps to be in the future

* up persona: new quick reply option

* add missing return, fix tests

* Add missing translation

* up persona

* closes NodeBB#5300

* no need to check for logged in status in ACP

* fixes `npm test` on windows

* dont add tid to :tids:posts if its pinned

* closes NodeBB#3973 closes NodeBB#5303

* Fix ACP title issues

* updating to 2017 (was looking for a reason to test auto-update of

* up composer

* prevent crash if topic is not found

* use different path for installer files

* Incremented version number

* closes NodeBB#5307

* Update ACE editor to latest

* Update ACE editor to latest

* organize dbal sorted code

* fix redis union

* refactor app.js/start

* fix requires

* move bookmarks

* remove old upgrade code

* fix dupe code

* fix missing ;

* refactor post tools

* fix tests

* up themes

* use dot instead of spec for tests

* remove double-click to mark all notifications read

* closes NodeBB#5314

* fix minSchemaDate in upgrade.js

* Let global mods change user avatar

* Confirm before removing user and group cover picture

* Delete cover position data when cover photo is deleted

* Use scrollStop in chat (NodeBB#5326)

* Add missing translations

* Add more user tests

* Add more user tests

* Fix ACP title bug with hashes (NodeBB#5331)

* closes NodeBB#5333

* messaging refactor

* added logo to .gitignore so it doesn't get updated by test runner

* Fix selection

Tweak to allow the shift + click behaviour for the checkboxes while still letting the browser behaviour work

* fix indents

* Update Chart.js dependency version

Update Chart.js dependency to fix chart issue on category analytics page.

* fix typo in language file

* fixed grammar in admin-manage-categories string

* Latest translations and fallbacks

* update arabic language.json

* Latest translations and fallbacks

* fix language codes, @pichalite

* up persona

* allow multiple tags
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