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@nodebb-misty nodebb-misty released this Sep 22, 2021

Release build (patch) of NodeBB @ 2021-09-22T17:01:44.623Z

v1.18.3 (2021-09-22)

  • deps: update docker/build-push-action action to v2.7.0 (ee02771)
  • incrementing version number - v1.18.2 (0a56158)
  • update changelog for v1.18.2 (27e9282)
New Features
  • move hook to top of method (f194809)
  • add client-side static hook to fire immediately before any topic action (hint: delete action to stop default behaviour) (66eaae4)
  • allow removing multiple items from list (397835a)
  • add uid to filter:user.saveSettings (7f48edc)
  • headers for global privs #9717 (#9762) (84ff115)
  • add ACP option to require email address on new registration (006fc70)
Bug Fixes
  • deps:
    • update dependency nodebb-plugin-composer-default to v7.0.7 (9855429)
    • update dependency postcss to v8.3.7 (6ebe707)
    • update dependency autoprefixer to v10.3.5 (2568744)
    • update dependency nodebb-plugin-composer-default to v7.0.6 (#9815) (c18678c)
    • update dependency nodebb-theme-persona to v11.2.8 (#9816) (39d73d0)
    • update dependency connect-mongo to v4.6.0 (8e886c8)
    • update dependency nodebb-plugin-composer-default to v7.0.4 (8af5425)
    • update dependency mongodb to v3.7.1 (9049dcd)
    • update dependency nodebb-theme-persona to v11.2.6 (506035b)
    • update dependency nodebb-theme-slick to v1.4.13 (787306a)
    • update dependency nodebb-plugin-composer-default to v7.0.3 (732b59c)
  • fixed element shifting in ACP menu that's been bothering me for 5-ish years (31975a6)
  • #9822, use correct username/pwd (30f3877)
  • remove unused translator (2add84a)
  • ban info test (07859f7)
  • #9819, show same time info for ban (9f0e55a)
  • show local time for ban (7a2f0ae)
  • crash (c437b33)
  • remove caller from payload after hooks is done (15f9aaa)
  • bad uid reference (ce8ea6e)
  • update and Topics.reply so that plugins can modify uid (or redirect a reply to a different topic) (7777812)
  • #9818, fix totalTime calculation (c4fc7bf)
  • missing microdata in category data (1ed62aa)
  • #9812, add topics:schedule (c0a5292)
  • for subfolders (31a6d4b)
  • req.path doesn't have full url (0236ea8)
  • escape moderation note before adding to dom (75ebe78)
  • #9811, send bodyClass on 403 (40c9fca)
  • also launch docker workflow on release branches (944a798)
  • xss on flags page via ban reason (ba3582b)
  • up timeout for psql tests (896ff21)
  • redis batch (0c4b875)
  • redis processing batch+1 items every iteration (3261edc)
  • #9560, don't save post diffs if content didn't change (8b576a3)
  • #9790, get baseIndex on update for infinitescroll (6a55c02)
  • #9790, fix sorting of more than one page of pinned topics (2657804)
  • privileges added by plugins (#9802) (3ecbb62)
  • #9800, don't send all welcome test emails to @julianlam (71ed50b)
  • docker - remove sha tag (b06e8db)
  • Return QEMU back, remove platforms definition (52eace4)
  • Docker workflow tweaks (#9792) (e7f4cde)
  • browsers autocompleting smtp fields when they should not (34afb74)
  • no regex (18252fb)
  • remove async.waterfall (58ac55c)
  • remove async.waterfall (222dcca)
  • remove async.waterfall (f35a0f4)
  • allow plugins to replace og:image, or specify additional og:image (819917d)
Code Style Changes
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@nodebb-misty nodebb-misty released this Sep 8, 2021

Release build (patch) of NodeBB @ 2021-09-08T16:27:00.793Z

v1.18.2 (2021-09-08)

  • deps: update commitlint monorepo to v13 (87ba768)
  • incrementing version number - v1.18.1 (f8f80e4)
  • update changelog for v1.18.1 (0713475)
New Features
  • a slightly less ugly rewards panel (bf0c02a)
Bug Fixes
  • dashboard graph controls (a7855c4)
  • #9767 ACP change group icon fix (580a016)
  • #9781 (#9782) (0ce4b87)
  • replace logic in isPrivilegedOrSelfAndPasswordMatch to use privileges.users.canEdit (856ba78)
  • handle missing uid in deprecated socket call (cdaea61)
  • use privileges.users.canEdit for image upload priv check (e33e046)
  • errors from registerComplete (a48bbdb)
  • simplify logic for fullname and email blanking in user retrieval (getUserDataByUserSlug) (60de084)
  • lint (1e2bda1)
  • manifest error (488f097)
  • #9772, regression from 70a04bc (72710b8)
  • push back some deprecations, remove deprecated stuff scheduled for v1.18.0 (dd4e66e)
  • deprecate userData.showHidden as it is functionally equivalent to userData.canEdit (4ac701d)
  • focus on save button on plugin activation (46e5e17)
  • #9773, fire hooks properly for priv changes (#9774) (6869920)
  • deps:
    • update dependency sharp to v0.29.1 (ac6cd02)
    • update dependency nodebb-plugin-dbsearch to v5.0.3 (338f90f)
    • update dependency nodebb-theme-vanilla to v12.1.3 (0b3ea5a)
    • update dependency nodebb-theme-persona to v11.2.5 (57e54d5)
  • deprecate picture update socket call, new API routes for picture update (0a41741)
  • added test for external image via new change picture API (8cbad61)
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@nodebb-misty nodebb-misty released this Sep 3, 2021

Release build (patch) of NodeBB @ 2021-09-03T15:04:06.156Z

v1.18.1 (2021-09-03)

  • found some hooks that don't play well docgen (ae793b4)
  • incrementing version number - v1.18.0 (1e436ae)
  • update changelog for v1.18.0 (2fd9c09)
  • deps: update dependency mocha to v9.1.1 (64bac17)
New Features
Bug Fixes
  • deps:
    • update dependency autoprefixer to v10.3.4 (67b932f)
    • update dependency nodebb-theme-persona to v11.2.4 (fe18e10)
    • update dependency mongodb to v3.7.0 (31a35d7)
    • update packages to v4.2.0 (f2028d7)
    • update dependency ioredis to v4.27.9 (6052eb1)
    • update dependency mongodb to v3.6.12 (#9761) (5fa982c)
    • update dependency nodebb-plugin-composer-default to v7.0.2 (33d5120)
    • update dependency nodebb-theme-slick to v1.4.12 (1b416d7)
    • update dependency nodebb-theme-slick to v1.4.11 (65b32fa)
    • update dependency nodebb-theme-persona to v11.2.3 (6ce321e)
    • update dependency autoprefixer to v10.3.3 (91ba7cd)
    • update dependency nodebb-theme-slick to v1.4.9 (d80b378)
    • update dependency jquery-deserialize to v2.0.0 (#9744) (7f9451c)
  • determine indeterminate checkboxes (760ea9d)
  • move app.alert back into the conditionals (ca9bae3)
  • only show email confirmation warning toast on pages that it applies (1bd1cc7)
  • updated email confirm warning to be more positive (2d1380d)
  • automated tests are a good thing to have (6afeac3)
  • consistent jquery element var naming (fc0e655)
  • var to const (1272da6)
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Aug 30, 2021
feat: add als