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NodeBB Developer Wiki

Welcome to the NodeBB Developer Wiki. The vast majority of documentation can be found at our documentation portal -

Questions and comments? Please visit our community forums at Report any issues to this project's issue tracker.

Helping out the NodeBB Project

NodeBB is an open source project, and will forever remain free. Here's a number of ways you can help us, even if you aren't a programmer.

  • Like and share our content on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter and perhaps tweet #NodeBB is most awesome forum software @NodeBB
  • Update this wiki! ;) We need everything from development/design tutorials to user friendly how-to guides.
  • Tell everybody about NodeBB, including your grandparents and their cats.
  • Submit a pull request, or two, or three..
  • Build a new theme
  • Write a plugin
  • Keep the link back to us on the footer of your own NodeBB :)
  • Blog about us! Give the gift of SEO juice this Christmas
  • Help Translate NodeBB - It's a really simple translation tool and you don't need to know how to code.
  • Join our community and give us a hard time about bugs and missing features
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