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Version History & Roadmap

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To upgrade your NodeBB, please follow the upgrade steps provided in the upgrade documentation.

This page is now outdated, please see our releases page for milstone information:

Version History / Release Notes







For a full list of issues for this milestone see


For a full list of issues for this milestone see




For a full list of issues for this milestone see



Note: v0.5.2 contains a security update, all NodeBB owners are encouraged to update as soon as possible.




This release is a security update that addresses an issue affecting all 0.4.x versions of NodeBB. Administrators are advised to update as soon as possible.



v0.4.0 (Notes)



  • Traditional Chinese (zh_tw), Slovak (sk), Finnish (fi), Brazilian Portuguese (pt_br), Turkish (tr), Norwegian Bokmål (nb), and Hungarian (hu) languages have been added
  • Translations now handled by Transifex
  • Updates to the plugin system
  • UI Fixes for the post composer
  • Single sign on packages are their own npm packages now, reducing the size of the main core codebase
  • Pagination, for those who really want pages
  • Improvements to the mentions engine
  • "Remember Me" option when logging in
  • Tweaked permission control, users with no write access shouldn't see "Post/Reply" buttons anymore. Those without view permissions shouldn't be able to see hidden forums anymore.
  • New User states (Away, Busy, Do Not Disturb)
  • Post Flagging

v0.3.0 (Notes)



  • Unread notifications are now automatically marked read when a topic is accessed (issue #219)
  • Third-party plugins can now introduce scripts into NodeBB (issue #400)
  • Privilege Thresholds can now be disabled, if desired (issue #528)
  • Better responsive handling (issues #539, #552)
  • New permissions system (issue #565)
  • System-only user groups (issue #566)
  • Ability to upload multiple images in multiple composers (issue #575)
  • Search Re-indexing is no longer open to public (issue #579)
  • Cache buster (issue #586)
  • Notification count now shown in favicon (issue #610)
  • Dropdown added to show recently chatted-with users (issue #615)
  • Socket reconnection rejoins rooms that were inadvertently left on disconnection (issue #652)
  • Language files for Spanish, French, and German
  • Bug Fixes (#396, #435, #519, #553, #557, #560, #616, #619)


v0.1.1 is contains several security fixes -- users are encouraged to upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

  • Logging out should return you to where you were previously (issue #358)
  • Fixed an issue with image uploading (issue #497)
  • New installs should no longer ask you to update the schema (issue #502)
  • Password reset is no longer available to people who have not set up email (issue #507)
  • Clicking on incoming chats now works in the /notifications page (issue #514)
  • Minor bug re: themes not switching properly (issue #517)
  • Interstitial /outgoing page now refers to the site title, not "NodeBB" (issue #518)
  • Google Analytics! (issue #522)
  • Minor improvement to the composer (issue #525)
  • Security issue re: /plugins/fireHook (issue #533)
  • Made the Register/Login link more obvious (issue #535)
  • Recent topics now have a corresponding RSS feed (issue #536)
  • Categories can now be selected via hexadecimal colour codes (issue #540)


  • Better notifications handling (issue #219)
  • Category ordering (issue #288)
  • Stylistic revamp of the category view (topic listing) (issue #333)
  • Dedicated notifications page (/notifications) (issue #336)
  • Handling of expired notifications (issue #337)
  • Updates to the admin panel (issue #338)
  • New hooks: filter:avatar.get, (issue #340)
  • Ability to disable the /outgoing page on link click (issue #345)
  • Changes to settings in the admin panel no longer require a restart (issue #353)
  • Socket disconnections are less obtrusive (issue #354)
  • Better handling of images on mobile responsive view (issue #374)
  • NodeBB now responds properly to all hostnames (issue #375)
  • Plugins can now route CSS files to be loaded (issue #383)
  • /recent/ now lists topics from the last 7 days (issue #394)
  • Fixes to the chat modal (issues #397, #434)
  • Better SEO handling (theoretically...) (issue #401)
  • More plugin hooks ([issues #402, #407)
  • Better IE9 compatibility (issue #417)
  • Theme engine now takes themes from NPM only (issue #418)
  • Header brand can now be an image, text, or both (issue #425)
  • Tweaks to the top bar (user profile) (issue #426)
  • Themes can now use static assets (images, backgrounds, etc) (issue #427)
  • The footer now only appears on the / route (issue #429)
  • Updates to the way pinned topics are handled internally (issues #433, #457)
  • Fixes to the privilege thresholds (issue #445)
  • Username login in no longer case sensitive issue #448)
  • Notification dropdown now properly handles long titles (issue #452)
  • Locally installed plugins are no longer supported (issue #455)
  • Added an "Admin" button to the top bar, for admins (issue #459)
  • Banning a user now takes effect immediately (issue #462)
  • Plugins can now be turned on and off without a server restart (issue #478)

v0.0.7 (Milestone issues)

  • Bootstrap 3 integration (issues #168, #169)
  • Release of a default theme to be shipped with NodeBB
  • Dynamically updating page URL to show post (issue #185)
  • Numerous updates to the chat module (issues #169, #208, #209, #210, #211, #213)
  • Dedicated NodeBB Theme (issue #195)
  • Topic-based notifications are automatically marked read if you go to the topic directly (issue #219)
  • Category creation (issue #228)
  • Better search results + user searching (issues #205, #229)
  • User Groups (issue #230)
  • nodebb-plugin-markdown now sanitizes HTML input by default (issues #214, #251)
  • Fixed javascript-less view of NodeBB (issue #253)
  • Dropped use of node-rss in favour of rss (issue #258)
  • Links to RSS feeds are now shown in the breadcrumbs (issue #259)
  • Maximum password length restriction removed (issue #261)
  • Better installation script (issues #264, #265, #266, #275)
  • Added Heroku support (dynamic port via the PORT environment variable)
  • Minor refactoring of saved data (issues #286, #287, #303)
  • Drag/drop uploaded images are now placed inline instead of attachment-style (issue #294)
  • Automatic updating of timestamps (issue #306)
  • CSRF fix for /logout route (issue #315)
  • Reduce unnecessary calls to Redis (re: category view) (issues #320, #321)
  • Online users' page (/users/online) (issue #323)
  • Fixed script injection bug in post content (issue #329)
  • Login and /outgoing cancelation now take you back to the previous page (issue #341)
  • Asynchronous loading of middlewares (issue #349)
  • Some changes to the admin panel no longer require a restart (issue #353)
  • Revamped reconnection notification (issue #354)
  • NodeBB now accessible via multiple addresses irrespective of base_url (issue #356)
  • Ability to bind NodeBB to a specific IP address (issue #359)
  • Topics now have a meta description tag (issue #362)


  • More user management options (bans, ip bans) (issue #125)
  • Introduction of dedicated error.log, with better logging capability
  • Fulltext search through Reds
  • Chat logs are now saved (issue #109)
  • Better page titles and notifications
  • Username mentions (issue #164) - through use of nodebb-plugin-mentions package, included with all future installs
  • Drag/Drop uploader fixes (Issues #172, #173, #174, #175, #182)
  • Favourited posts are now accessible via the user profile
  • You can no longer access a deleted topic via its URL (issue #198)
  • Lots of bug fixes, stability upgrades, and refactoring to reduce technical debt



  • Theming manager to allow third-party bootstrap themes to be uploaded/installed (issue #92)
  • Ability to add/delete categories in the admin panel (issue #93)
  • sitemap.xml for better search engine indexing (issue #96)
  • Fixed Twitter Registrations (issue #131)
  • Open Graph tags present on most pages (issue #116)
  • Improved post composer styling (issue #137, etc)
  • Various UI fixes (issue #95, etc)
  • Bugfixes and stability updates

v0.0.3 (Milestone Issues)

  • Bugfixes and stability updates
  • NodeBB can now be installed into a subfolder (e.g.
  • User and Category editing tools for the administration panel
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