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Developer's Resources


This section is under construction.






(Linux and OSX)

  • Install node-inspector from npm: npm i node-inspector -g
  • Start NodeBB in development mode: (in NodeBB root dir): ./nodebb dev
    • This starts up only one fork so you don't get the EADDRINUSE error
  • In a new terminal, run node-inspector & (spins up as a background process, so if something goes wrong, use ps aux | grep node-inspector to find the pid and kill it)

This will output something like:

Visit to start debugging.
  • Press enter to get back to the command line
  • Type ps aux | grep app.js to see:
brian           79177   0.0  0.0  2432772    660 s006  R+   10:03PM   0:00.00 grep app.js
brian           79089   0.0  1.1  3763608 183804 s005  S+    9:41PM   0:04.91 /usr/local/Cellar/node/0.12.5/bin/node app.js
  • The pid for NodeBB is 79089 in this case, so just type the command kill -s USR1 79089 and you should see this in the terminal where you spun up ./nodebb dev:
Starting debugger agent.
Debugger listening on port 5858
  • Go load the address you got from node-inspector in your browser ^ (it might take a second to load)
  • Set a breakpoint somewhere (that you know how to hit) and you should be up and running!
  • Now you can also just ctrl-C to quit the NodeBB process. When you want to start it again:
  • Start ./nodebb dev again
  • Use ps aux | grep app.js to find the pid again
  • Since node-inspector is still running in the background, you just have to send a kill -s USR1 <pid> to the new pid of the running nodebb instance, and refresh the browser window that had the debugger open originally


I still get the EADDRINUSE error

  • Upgrade to node 0.12.5 (0.12.x should be sufficient)
  • If you had already installed node-inspector and NodeBB prior to upgrading to node 0.12.x, you'll have to rebuild your node packages:
    • In your NodeBB root directory, run npm rebuild
    • In your node-inspector root dir, also run npm rebuild * If you nstalled node-inspector through npm (npm install -g node-inspector), go to /usr/local/lib/node_modules/node_inspector and run npm rebuild
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