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@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@ The February NodeDC meetup will be on **Monday, February 20 starting at 7:00 pm*
- [Jafar Amjad](!/jafaramjad) will present on making a Node.js multplayer site, specifically one that uses a low amount of bandwidth per player and features lasers, gravity, and walk cycles via animated gif's. Check out his [early beta version]( for a preview.
+- [Ryan Roemer](!/ryan_roemer) will talk about [async.js](
We're looking for more volunteers to give 5 minute lightning talks on topics relating to [node.js]( If you'd like to share a recent project you've built on node, code, or anything else, send a message to [@nodedc](!/nodedc) and we'll add you to the lineup.
The monthly NodeDC meetups bring together developers to talk about node.js and are a great opportunity to meet other developers, learn more about node, and see some examples of how people are using it. Everyone is welcome. Stetson's is a 21+ venue, but if you're underage and want to attend, reach out to [Bonnie]( and she'll try to get you in.

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