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The June NodeDC meetup will be **Wednesday, June 27 at 7:00 pm** at Stetson's Bar and Grill, near the intersection of 16th and U streets NW. We are currently looking for people to give five minute lightning talks on anything related to [node.js](, so if you have a project to show off, a new trick, or a question to pose to the group, send a message to @NodeDC on Twitter and we'll add you to the lineup.
+So far, we will have the following lightning talks:
+- [Jonathan Rowny](!/Jrowny) will talk about [brackets](, an opensource IDE built in JavaScript/HTML that will soon incorporate node.js.
NodeDC meetups bring together people to talk about node.js, a platform for building fast, scalable network applications. Everyone is welcome, whether you're an experienced node.js developer or just interested in learning more about it and how local developers are using it.
NodeDC meets once a month, usually on the third Wednesday of the month (except this month, to not conflict with the [MongoDC meetup]( For updates, watch us on [github](, follow [@NodeDC]( on Twitter, and join [our meetup group](
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