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@@ -10,9 +10,7 @@ Once everyone has drinks at 7:30 pm, we'll do a round of introductions and then
10 10
11 11
 - [John Kelvie]( and Michael Myers of Atomizer Software will present the technical design of a game they are building with node.js, and request feedback. 
12 12
-- [David Rees](!/studgeek) will talk about [Derby.js](, a MVC framework for writing realtime, collaborative applications that run in Node.js and browsers, and compare it to [Meteor]( 
-If you'd like to give a five minute talk on something relating to node.js, send a message to [@nodedc](!/nodedc). 
+- [David Rees](!/studgeek) will overview the key concepts and features of two of the newest Node.js web development frameworks - [Derby.]( and [Meteor]( Both combine realtime data propagation with live HTML generation on both the client and the server.
16 14
17 15
 We meet once a month, usually the third Wednesday of the month. For updates, watch us here on github, follow [@nodedc](!/nodedc) on Twitter, and join the [meetup group](
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