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Uncaught exception #32

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Hi guys,

i got this uncaugth exception when starting my server. Don't want nodefly to crash the server if cannot connect to the backend. Is it a bug or i should catch the exception myself?

Some info regarding the environment:
Openshift paas
Node version 0.8.9
Nodefly agent version 0.1.40 (latest stable as recommended)

else throw new Error('not opened');
Error: not opened
at WebSocket.send (app-root/runtime/repo/node_modules/nodefly/node_modules/
at Transport.WS.send (app-root/runtime/repo/node_modules/nodefly/node_modules/
at Transport.packet (app-root/runtime/repo/node_modules/nodefly/node_modules/
at Socket.packet (app-root/runtime/repo/node_modules/nodefly/node_modules/
at SocketNamespace.packet (app-root/runtime/repo/node_modules/nodefly/node_modules/
at SocketNamespace.emit (app-root/runtime/repo/node_modules/nodefly/node_modules/
at SocketNamespace. (app-root/runtime/repo/node_modules/nodefly/lib/sockets.js:40:10)
at SocketNamespace.EventEmitter.emit as $emit
at SocketNamespace.onPacket (app-root/runtime/repo/node_modules/nodefly/node_modules/
at Socket.onPacket (app-root/runtime/repo/node_modules/nodefly/node_modules/
npm info app@0.0.9-1 Failed to exec start script
npm ERR! app@0.0.9-1 start: node index.js


Thanks for reaching out. We're now at 0.1.41 - please update and let us know if you have any further issues.

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