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CoffeeScript 1 198


forked from sockjs/sockjs-node

WebSocket emulation - Node.js server

Updated Feb 13, 2012

JavaScript 1 278


forked from theturtle32/WebSocket-Node

A WebSocket Implementation for Node.JS (Draft -08 through the final RFC 6455)

Updated Jan 17, 2012

JavaScript 1 1,383


forked from request/request

Simplified HTTP request client.

Updated Jan 4, 2012

JavaScript 1 4,705


forked from expressjs/express

Sinatra inspired web development framework for node.js -- insanely fast, flexible, and simple

Updated Jan 2, 2012

JavaScript 1 476


forked from felixge/node-formidable

A node.js module for parsing form data, especially file uploads.

Updated Dec 29, 2011

ActionScript 2 376


forked from gimite/web-socket-js

HTML5 Web Socket implementation powered by Flash

Updated Dec 27, 2011

JavaScript 2 4,775

forked from socketio/

Realtime application framework for Node.JS, with HTML5 WebSockets and cross-browser fallbacks support.

Updated Dec 16, 2011

JavaScript 1 25


forked from cloudhead/journey

liberal JSON-only HTTP request routing for node.

Updated Dec 9, 2011

JavaScript 1 9


forked from 3rd-Eden/FlashPolicyFileServer

A simple Flash Policy File Server for node

Updated Oct 29, 2011

JavaScript 1 35


forked from davidcoallier/node-php

Node.js interfacing with PHP-FPM through FastCGI

Updated Oct 1, 2011

JavaScript 1 2


forked from jussi-kalliokoski/btoa-atob

Command line utility to convert files to base64 and vice versa.

Updated Sep 15, 2011

JavaScript 1 490


forked from tobie/ua-parser

A JS port of Browserscope's user agent parser.

Updated Aug 20, 2011

JavaScript 2 52


forked from davidpadbury/node-highcharts

A sample of generating client side charts on the server using node

Updated Jun 17, 2011

JavaScript 1 1


forked from kriskowal/narwhal-node

An old and busted implementation of a Node embedding for Narwhal.

Updated Apr 5, 2011

JavaScript 1 10


forked from thirtysixthspan/waterunderice

Resumable, asynchronous file uploads using WebSockets in HTML 5 compliant browsers

Updated Nov 29, 2010

JavaScript 1 8


forked from kriskowal/narwhal-lib

Narwhal's pure-JavaScript standard library as a package usable on other CommonJS engines.

Updated Jun 1, 2010

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