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Source code has been moved to NodeOS/NodeOS

This repo will remain for reference purposses

NodeOS on Docker

Quick Start

  • One Liner

    sudo docker run -t -i nodeos/nodeos
  • or learn how to make a Custom Build


NodeOS is a Node.js based operating system, built off of the Linux kernel. The eventual goal of NodeOS is to produce images that can be run on

  • hardware
  • cloud providers like Joyent/Amazon/Rackspace
  • local virtual machines, like VirtualBox, VMWare, and KVM
  • PaaS providers like Heroku, or Joyent's Manta
  • container providers, like Docker

Core development is being done in layers, facilitated by Docker.

  • Layer-0 provides the boot loader and kernel (currently provided by Docker)
  • Layer-1 provides the Linux shared libraries
  • Layer-2 provides the Node.js binary
  • Layer-3 provides the core NodeOS additions, like the init daemon and package manager
  • Layer-4 is for customizing distributions

If you are hacking on NodeOS, you are likely building Layer-4 images. Layer-4 images can be build entirely from a Dockerfile, where as the other layers require more finesse.

Build from Source

Warning: the build process is hairy, it prob. won't work the first time. I'm working on that.

git clone
cd Docker-NodeOS