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@@ -616,21 +616,9 @@ Performance can be better for very large values.
I think there are more performance improvements left in there for smaller values, especially for large lists of small values.
## How to Contribute
-- make your changes on a fork
-- your code should be the same style as the rest of the code
-- add your tests to `./test.js`
-- add your documentation to `` (if needed).
-- if you think your change will make node_redis slower, run this:
- git checkout master
- node multi_bench.js > before.txt
- git checkout branch-with-your-change
- node multi_bench.js > after.txt
- ./diff_multi_bench_output.js before.txt after.txt
- and please attach a screenshot of the output (if it's not faster I recommend
- trying to make it faster!).
-- open a pull request!
+- open a pull request and then wait for feedback (if
+ [DTrejo]( does not get back to you within 2 days,
+ comment again with indignation!)
## Contributors
Some people have have added features and fixed bugs in `node_redis` other than me.

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