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Use colon ( : ) as separator when joining keys. #386

chakrit opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I believe : is the convention the redis community uses to namespace keys.

From my experiments, this module supports passing in an array as keys which will automatically be joined... but with a comma instead ,

Why is this? Is it because keys were joined with .join without specifying the character?

Has there been a discussion or an issue raised as to why , was picked? accidental or not?

And is there any chance of this being changed? (fixed?) Maybe in a 0.9.0, so as not to break existing users? Or maybe make it configurable via the createClient options hash?



Ah, this seems to be a byproduct of toString()-ing an array.

Saw this used in

I guess I should turns this into a feature request :/

@chakrit chakrit closed this
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