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I know that redis only accepts string types, but technically there's no reason not to accept those same types when passed as arguments. I've created a new method called "isPrimitive" which detects whether the passed value is a string, integer, or float, and allows any of these to be coerced to a string type.

DTrejo commented Feb 18, 2013

This change, where strings are required, was a mistake on my part that broke backwards compatibility.

Similar issue: #335.

My plan is to undo it, and only mention this in the docs. does that sound reasonable?


@DTrejo was there an issue that caused you to make the original change? I agree with the undo, though would want to make sure we aren't regressing.

@MetaThis MetaThis commented on the diff Feb 21, 2013
@@ -945,8 +945,8 @@ RedisClient.prototype.hmset = function (args, callback) {
for (i = 0, il = tmp_keys.length; i < il ; i++) {
key = tmp_keys[i];
- if (typeof args[1][key] !== "string") {
- var err = new Error("hmset expected value to be a string", key, ":", args[1][key]);
+ if (isPrimitive(args[1][key])) {
MetaThis Feb 21, 2013

Is this meant to be !isPrimitive(...) rather than isPrimitive(...)?

@DTrejo DTrejo added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 24, 2013
@DTrejo DTrejo Revert "hmset throws/errors out on non-string values. fixes #218"
Reverting because this was a documentation problem, not a problem with
the code. Performance-wise, this is faster than the approach in #345, though
it may cause users more trouble. This is okay, if someone opens an issue we
can point them to the docs.

This reverts commit b60e001.


DTrejo commented Feb 24, 2013

This should no longer give people any trouble.

Thanks for speaking up,

@DTrejo DTrejo closed this Feb 24, 2013
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