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Fix for first run fail of slowlog test #381

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Have added a fix for first run fail of the slowlog tests.

Please refer to the commit for the fix.

@DTrejo @brycebaril there was a minor glitch in the test code, that caused the test to fail in the first attempt. I had a running server so i was not able repro this issue before. Thanks @brycebaril for pointing out.

@nitesh123 nitesh123 referenced this pull request

Test for slowlog #295

@DTrejo DTrejo closed this in 92ac625

Thank you!

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Commits on Sep 27, 2012
  1. @nitesh123

    test for slowlog

    nitesh123 authored
Commits on Feb 20, 2013
  1. @nitesh123
  2. @nitesh123

    fix: test for slowlog

    nitesh123 authored
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  1. +12 −11 test.js
23 test.js
@@ -1588,17 +1588,18 @@ tests.ENABLE_OFFLINE_QUEUE_FALSE = function () {
tests.SLOWLOG = function () {
var name = "SLOWLOG";
- client.slowlog('reset',require_string("OK", name));
- client.config('set', 'slowlog-log-slower-than', 0,require_string("OK", name));
- client.set('foo','bar',require_string("OK", name));
- client.get('foo',require_string("bar", name));
- client.slowlog('get',function(err,res){
- assert.equal(res.length, 4, name);
- assert.equal(res[0][3].length, 2, name);
- assert.deepEqual(res[1][3], ['set', 'foo', 'bar'], name);
- assert.deepEqual(res[3][3], ['slowlog', 'reset'], name);
- next(name);
- });
+ client.config('set', 'slowlog-log-slower-than', 0, require_string("OK", name));
+ client.slowlog('reset', require_string("OK", name));
+ client.set('foo', 'bar', require_string("OK", name));
+ client.get('foo', require_string("bar", name));
+ client.slowlog('get', function (err, res) {
+ assert.equal(res.length, 3, name);
+ assert.equal(res[0][3].length, 2, name);
+ assert.deepEqual(res[1][3], ['set', 'foo', 'bar'], name);
+ assert.deepEqual(res[2][3], ['slowlog', 'reset'], name);
+ client.config('set', 'slowlog-log-slower-than', 10000, require_string("OK", name));
+ next(name);
+ });
// TODO - need a better way to test auth, maybe auto-config a local Redis server or something.
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