Container for JavaScript components to be used inside Eclipse
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Container for JavaScript components to be used inside Eclipse


Eclipse is great, but Java is different platform than Node.js. While Eclipse Runtime has a lot of architectural solution and features, it is huge to develop quickly and understand.

There are Node.js based IDEs that run in a browser, like Scripted.

It is possible to have Eclipse component like Editors, that are implemented using WebView. That is browser widget, that render web-based implementation. Requirement is that every such used JS component has interface to be called from Java, and some way for JavaScript to call Java code. See Apache PhoneGap (sources).

First step

First step would be light Eclipse component JSContainer, that just uses WebView. For whole IDE to work all these component hierarchies should have shared property base_address, that is address of web server. In this way, there can be easy switch from locally running web-server to some LAN or cloud server.


How to create light Eclipse RCP container for JavaScript, and HTML5+JavaScript?
Are there ready-to-use libraries and frameworks? Are there ready-to-use libraries and frameworks to include JavaScript into Java widgets?

How to develop Eclipse RCP, Eclipse plugins with JavaScript?

Examples of tools we could use

In-browser Markdown Editor