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Eclipse Node.js IDE

Enide: will you love me forever?


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Check Nodeclipse team blog for latest updates.

Eclipse Node IDE

Eclipse Node IDE is set of plugins for Eclipse IDE to help you with Node.js development. The core plugin is Nodeclipse-1 (sources), that is responsible for creation and debugging of Node.js applications. Other plugins list you can see during installation or below.


Install all plugins for Node.js development in one sequence, with only one restart.

Included plugins are:

  • Nodeclipse 0.3.1
  • Chrome Development Tools, fixed for debugging Node.js
  • MarkDown (*.md) Editor (Optional)
  • GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) Viewer (Optional)
  • Eclipse 3.x Color Theme (Optional, recommended with Aptana)
  • Eclipse 4.x Chrome Theme (Optional)
  • JSHint Eclipse Integration (Optional)
  • StartExplorer (Optional)
  • RestClient Tool (Optional)

For Shell Script support (see


Check out great article and watch video. (Go to 2:00 time to skip installation and see how to work within Eclipse.)

See also for


In a few words

Just import "ENodeIDE.p2f" file provided.
Also can be downloaded from Eclipse Marketplace here.

Firefox: File Save Page As
Google Chrome: Ctrl + S
Internet Explorer: File Save as

File -> Import \ Install Software Items from File


Note: if it fails for any reason, you can still install plugins that you need one by one. Just use repository location= value as update site in Help -> Install New Software.


(Skip to Configuration)

  1. Get latest Eclipse from
    Recommended is Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers Juno (4.2) SR2, that contains Eclipse web tools.

(I have also succeeded to install on


It comes already with EGit, so you already have tool to work with GitHub or any git server.


  1. Get NodeIDE.p2f and save it.

  2. Then in Eclipse File -> Import \ Install Software Items from File


  1. Select file and items you want to install.


  1. Review and confirm installed items.


After installation you have more icons in Help -> About Eclipse



Some recommended configuration (These steps are needed for every new workspace):

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Usage in pictures

Switch to Node perspective (e.g. Window -> Open Perspective -> Other ... -> Node)


Create new Node project Alt+Shift+N (File -> New -> Project ..)


Create new Express project Alt+Shift+N (File -> New -> Project ..)



The most up-to-date online help is at

IDE overview

Code assist, Outline, Markdown support



Copyright (C) 2013, by Paul Verest at for/within Nodeclipse

You can do whatever you want with this projects as long as you keep this license notice.


Current version is 0.4, the same as Nodeclipse-1. New project development home is Nodeclipse organization You can help by developing used plugins, or proposing new plugins/components.

Help needed! Please contact if you want to help or know anything helpful for JavaScript Development in Eclipse.


Reminder: This project is set of plugins, if you have question about functioning of a plugin, please look for the project contacts.

  • How do I? -- StackOverflow!
  • I got this error, why? -- StackOverflow!
  • I got this error and I'm sure it's a bug -- file an issue!
  • I have an idea/request -- file an issue!
  • Why do you? -- the mailing list!
  • When will you? -- the mailing list!

Should you report a bug, please include the following:

  • Eclipse version number (like 4.2.2 or 3.8.0)
  • A detailed description of the steps necessary to reproduce the problem.
  • The '.log' file from the directory '.metadata' in your workspace.

Eclipse Node.js IDE (Enide) by [Paul Verest]( - Question &body=I have pressed link in"c:\a.bmp")

Node.js framework developers, please help us to support your framework with Nodeclipse and Eclipse Node.js IDE.

If you want to contribute and actively work together, then [email]( - Development &body=I want to contribute to Eclipse Node.js IDE&attachment="c:\a.bmp")
Skype pverest
QQ 908781544

For Bloggers and Users of Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Weibo etc.

In case you plan to blog or tweet about the Eclipse Node.js IDE, please use the tag "#enide" in order to make it easier to find all the comments and pictures. Thanks a lot for telling the world about the project!
| 请用 #nodeclipse# #enide# 标签微博一下。
| Por favor, utilizar etiqueta #nodeclipse #enide
| ツイートする時は、#nodeclipse #enide タグを使用してください。
| Bitte benutzen Sie tag #nodeclipse #enide um zu twiten.

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Eclipse Node.js IDE - p2f and knowledge base







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